22 point profit in my first week

There has recently been a plethora of betting services which claim to offer selections generated by AI (artificial intelligence). I have subscribed to a couple of AI horse racing services only on the basis that they sell their subscriptions through Clickbank, meaning there’s a cast iron 30 day money back guarantee. The idea during this period is that you would be advised to paper trade, or use very low stakes. Where the marketing tells you that, with the guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose by signing up, that is only true if you don’t back the selections using real money. It is very obvious from both these services that the pre-signing up results are in very stark contrast to the results after subscribing, and as I’m not naming them here, the conclusion anyone would come to is that the earlier results were made up.

I had an agreement with another AI service, AI Football Accas, to run a review of their results for Cash Master. I started receiving their bets a week ago, and thus far it’s been impressive. The very first acca I received was 5 legs at 6.41, and ALL OF THEM WON. I have also received 2 winning trebles and a four-fold. So in one week, I’ve received nine accas and four of them have won, at average odds of 6.6. They claim to have some successful monster accas generated by the system. Bets are easy enough to get on with any bookie. Those of us who are gubbed can usually find one or two bookies who will take our money, and of course, bookies love accas because they profit greatly from them.

Two of my successful accas were yesterday, where there was one unsuccessful acca, with only one game out of the ten letting it down – and had a VAR decision not gone against us in the losing bet, it would have been a 100-1 acca.

22 points profit in one week certainly keeps me interested, and I will be reporting back on this after the three month review.

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