An absolutely horrendous weekend for this service has knocked it back into negative territory.

But it has to be said that I’m not sure you’d have got the bets on in the first place. I received the selection email at 5.52pm on Sunday evening with a total of 17 bets kicking off at 6pm.

That’s really cutting it fine, 8 minutes to to shop around to find the best price and then place 17 bets. On top of that, these are not straight result based bets, they’re for point spreads, so you have to navigate bookie website menus to find the correct bet.

I had an issue with this service earlier on in the trial where I received a selection email the day AFTER a game had been played. I took this up with the Betting Gods admin and they told me they had a one-off error where some emails were delayed. I accepted that and, as it turns out, the bet was a loser so I recorded it as normal because there’s a good chance many customers would hace received it in good time.

We haven’t experienced these issue with any other Betting Gods services, so I assume it is down to this tipster alone.

The NCAA and NFL bets this weekend lost about 18 points and leave the trial period standing at a loss of 6.3 points