The final two days produced 6 selections, of which 2 were winners. This brings the two-month test to a close and enables me to form some conclusions.

The service is well run: the selections are clear and arrive on time each day & a further mail is sent in the evening or the following morning detailing the outcome. My own spreadsheet tallied exactly with these, though there were a few discrepancies in returns due to me getting slightly different odds. They are also accurately recorded on the website. However, the overall results for this period were disappointing, bearing in mind the hefty subscription each month, as you can see below:

P/L Overall -8.28 pts
Strike Rate 50.85%
Av Odds 2.03
ROI -3.5%

There are usually about 4 or 5 selections a day and they are very varied: we had tips from Football, Tennis, Snooker, Darts, Horses and Rugby with average success from all of them. The benefit of this is that if you have a bad day on the horses or the tennis, hopefully one of the others will restore the balance and in fact, it’s rare to have a fully losing day. However, while I believe this means that you are unlikely ever to lose much money with this service, the opposite also applies, since it’s also rare to have a day without one or more of the selections losing and taking the edge off your profit. In short then, this is a service which won’t lose heavily and unless it hits a real winning streak, is unlikely to make a fortune either. It is not a bad service, so doesn’t deserve a Failed rating but in the absence of any marked sign of profit during this period, I am going to suggest a Neutral rating for the moment, with perhaps another review at the end of May to see if it has returned to its previous form.