This month I’ll be testing a backing system with a difference!  The system is called All By The Book and is a mathematical approach to backing – somewhat different to the bulk of the systems that I have looked at over the past few years.

The system comes as a slim 9 page PDF file. There is no additional fluff – the eBook just cuts straight to the chase, explaining the method and providing two variations on how to apply it. The book also contains a link to a resources page containing a video that fully explains the system and a spreadsheet that you can download to ease some of the calculations.

The system is somewhat time dependent (i.e. the results will differ depending on when you take a look at the relevant data) and a suggestion is made to start looking at the qualifying races at about noon. However, it would be possible to monitor all of the qualifying races right up to the off, looking for the right conditions under which bets should be placed.

The system works in such a way that your liability is kept very low so, for the purposes of the trial, I shall be betting a total of £100 per race.

The system is such that I cannot go into details, nor can I list the full results each day. However, I will list the number of potentially qualifying races together with the number of fully qualified races (i.e. those on which bets were placed) and the daily profit.

Results for Monday 26th April

Qualifying races: 11
Fully qualified races: 10
Daily profit: £29.84
Cumulative profit: £29.84

Note – today I was able to check the qualifying races a number of times throughout the day and so the number of fully qualified races was quite high. Most days I will not be able to do this, so the number of fully qualified races will be dependent upon the time that I do my checks.