Final Review

As the name suggests, this system identifies horses to back on the All Weather tracks. The rules are easy to follow and it takes around ten minutes to identify a selection although obviously you are only looking at the all weather meetings so you’re not doing this every day.

Ive found the author to be quick to respond to e-mails and he seems keen to help if any is needed, although I doubt anyone would struggle with this one.

The claimed strike rate is around 25% with the longest losing run to date being 13, so he recommends level staking only, one point per bet using a twenty point bank.

I used a notional £2000 betting bank, staking £100 to win on each qualifying selection. If more than one horse qualified in a race, I backed them both.

In three months the system made a profit of £1766, which is an 88% growth on the bank.

This is a nice relaxed betting system. A few bets a week, usually at good odds too so it’s one that you can enjoy watching the race, even if the thing loses, because you can be pretty sure you’ll get a decent priced winner soon enough.

There were a lot of second and third placed selections too so I believe this may be worth looking at from an each way perspective although I’ll need to do some sums to see if it’s worth it. It might even be worth backing in the place market just to cover the back bet.

Do I recommend it?

Well, put it this way, it’s currently £30. It makes a decent profit and it’s fun too. Even when it goes up to £47 it’ll be worth it. I certainly recommend adding this one to your betting portfolio.

It won’t make you rich and it won’t keep you occupied all day, but if you enjoy a punt on the nags and you want a nice easy system that takes up little time but lets you make a pretty decent return at a relaxed pace then this is the system for you.

I’ll do another update on this a few months down the line but it’s certainly one I’ll be putting my money on.

You can get the All Weather Backing System here:


Update 11th May 2011

This system continues to perform well and has made another £3,322 since we last reviewed it. There aren’t a huge amount of bets but the high strike rate and good odds of the winners means you can stake reasonable amounts on these selections and enjoy watching these horses run. It should be part of your betting arsenal as it doesn’t take long to do and is clearly profitable.

Sam McCallon, the author, only wants to sell 300 copies of this system and has just 13 remaining. He is closing his site this week (in fact it was supposed to close on Monday but I asked him to keep it open until the weekend) so if you want a copy of the system then now is the time to get it.

You can get the All Weather Backing System here: