This is your last chance (less than 12 hours to go) to get shares in Vulcan Industries PLC before their planned float on the stock market, which should happen tomorrow, Monday 1st June. Move fast and you can secure up to 5,000 shares, totally free.

You will have heard about the returns flotations (IPO’s) can generate for private shareholders.

For example, Sequoia, a venture capital firm made 343 times it’s money on Google, before it was available to the public via the stock market. Then there’s Snap where early investors made 250 times return on their money before it went public and there’s also Softbank who made, get this, 4,000 times it’s money by investing in Alibaba before it was available to the public.

Do you see the pattern? If you get shares in a company BEFORE it floats on a stock market, you can make a lot more than waiting to buy shares after they have floated.

That’s precisely the opportunity given to members of the Angel Business Club. Tomorrow we expect to see Vulcan Industries list on the stock market and this will be the 3rd company the Club has invested in to have floated.

Today is almost certainly the last chance to get in BEFORE Vulcan Industries floats on the stock market. The brilliant thing is, you also get a 14 day money back guarantee from the Club, meaning you can’t lose!

Here are the details