A couple of days ago I mentioned some video updates about the Angel Business Club.

You hopefully spotted last week that the Club has made an investment in a company called Titan Group, in the UK.

Titan is a facilities management company i.e. they look after air conditioning, fire safety, electrical and mechanical installations etc. on big sites for example Chelsea Football Stadium. The business is growing fast and plans to continue acquiring multiple small businesses as it grows. Their most recent acquisition was Pulse Engineering Services (UK) Limited.

Thanks to the power of the crowd, the Club has secured an investment in Titan Group at just £3 per share (they have been recently valued by an independent auditor at £7 per share!). If you are an active member of the Club you will have received more shares in Titan yesterday. The aim is that Titan will float on the London Stock Exchange, possibly as early as the end of July. If they achieve this, in short, that means Club members would have doubled their money within 8 weeks.

If you join the Angel Business Club as a full paying member you’ll get Titan shares in your back office too.

It works out at just 3 Euros a day (£2.80, $3.20 USD) to be a member of the Club and every week you’ll receive free shares in great businesses just like Titan, plus every month you’ll receive Brtiannia’s Gold Dividend units which will entitle you to a share of the gold cash dividend pay outs from the greatest gold salvage operation in history.

You can join here