Tomorrow evening (6pm, UK time) the Angel Business Club are making a very exciting announcement on a recent investment they’ve made. They want as many people to hear about this as possible and so they are giving a cash incentive to get people on the webinar. They are going to give away €100 FREE CASH to one lucky attendee (picked at random).

There’s no obligation, all you have to do is be on the webinar. Seats are free but limited, so it’s first come first served. To attend the webinar if you’re not already a member, first sign up for a FREE account with the Angel Business Club and then book yourself a seat.

Once you’ve registered your free account, login and you’ll find a link to the webinar on the calendar in the back office. It’s that simple and you could win €100 cash. What’s not to like?

See you on the webinar tomorrow and good luck!

You can register a free account here