I mentioned this ICO in March but if you’ve didn’t get involved then you might want to take another look before the end of today as the ICO ends today.

Unlike some other ICO’s we’ve covered here, this one couldn’t be easier to get involved. There are no complicated wallets to set up, no weird and wonderful brokers to submit KYC’s to, no moving funds from brokers to wallets to ICO’s etc.

You can buy tokens in this ICO with a simple debit card, in minutes, and with a minimum purchase of just £10.

Assetereum is an ERC20 Token backed by real assets to give it an intrinsic value. There are six types of assets: Real Estate, Crypto-mining, Crypto-trading, Commercial Energy brokering, an online shopping platform and investing with social enterprise start ups.

These assets not only give the coin its base value, but they can also generate ongoing revenue streams. Part of this income is then paid as profits to the token holder, and the rest reinvested back to the asset to increase the portfolio, which should then increase the value of the coin.

They are currently sponsoring The World Seniors Snooker Championship and it will be the first time a cryptocurrency is being awarded as prize money in a major sporting event. As a result two of the major players, Stephen Hendry and Joe Johnson, are now ambassadors for Assetereum.

This is a UK based company with real premises you can visit, directors you can talk to, and existing businesses you can check. It already has two profitable businesses on and offline, future opportunities already in place and highly skilled personnel.

There are no crypto wallets needed as your tokens are stored onsite and there are bonus coins available dependant on how many you buy. As long as you hold tokens you will earn a share of the profits from all six assets.

So if you’ve ever wanted to make money from real estate, or crypto mining, crypto trading, utilities etc. but never thought you would have enough to cash, knowledge or experience to get into it, then this could be for you. Everything is done for you and you just get paid a share of the profit.

You can buy Assetereum here