If you were considering purchasing Assured Soccer Profits – giving you access for a one off payment of £89 to the entire ASP Membership site for as long as you want it, you should do so very soon. At some point over the next 2 to 3 days, Assured Soccer Profits, without question one of the absolute best soccer trading products out there, will be closing down.

It is closing so that new arrangements can be put into place to cater for some development plans John has and, when it re-opens, the access price at that time will be reset to a minimum of £97 (possibly more – decision yet to be made). This is not a sales bluff to move you into action, John has given me the heads up on this as a long-term fan and supporter of ASP. If you want ASP at the existing price, then use this link now to get it before it closes and the existing price goes forever.

When ASP re-opens again at the higher price, is, as yet, unknown. What is known is that it will close for new member sign ups very soon. So if you want ASP at £89 rather than at the increased price (at least £97) when it comes back, now is a good time to act, don’t put it off and make it more expensive for yourself.

John has promised that, if you are already a member, you will continue to have access as normal, fear not. And you will not have to pay another cent for continued access to what you already have. If any additional service is added that does involve extra cost, this will be clearly listed as “an extra charge” service for all members to see when it is introduced and taking any such extra service will, of course, be optional.

If you do not know it, ASP is a correct score soccer trading programme. Everyone who has taken the time to learn it (there is a huge amount of material on site) has and continues to make money using it. I cannot impress upon you too strongly just what great value ASP is and there is no question that, unless you are one of those people that cannot abide putting any effort into making some money, then this is for you. Even at whatever price ASP comes back at, it is hard to imagine many products and/or services out there that come anywhere near it for value.

In a World Cup year you can bet your boots that John will be considering a lot of additional material so membership value this year can only get better. Here’s the link to go to the site: