I have a stunning offer on a bit of a blast from the past. And this is all to do with a system we approved a very long time ago. In fact, it is now 10 years since a football trading system called Assured Soccer Profits first fell under our radar and I am pleased to say that the system still works as well today as it did back then.

In fact, arguably, since Betfair made a slight alteration to their correct score markets a few years ago, it could be said that it works even better now. But before you rush off to buy the system, it is important to understand what Assured Soccer Profits is, and what it requires for you to use it effectively.

You will need a Betfair account and a few hundred quid in your Betfair bank to make the most of this one and It is a trading system and that means that if you are attached to the “place a bet, await the outcome” type system, then this is not for you. You need to monitor the game on Betfair to get the most out of this and be ready to adjust your position in play. There are, of course, websites and tools that can alert you to the action happening in a game so you don’t have to literally sit there glued to the market but it is an “in-play” system.

On the upside though, once you have mastered ASP it is a “for-life” system that you can use over and over having paid just the one joining fee and, the value in the package is still beyond belief even when you pay full price. The only people who ever lose with ASP are those that do not give themselves time to master it before committing funds and those that do not follow the rules of engagement.

To help celebrate the fact that this system has survived a ten-year period and still looks good, I have negotiated two special deals. The best one runs from now until the end of August 2021 and then a second offer will run for a period of time thereafter.

Both deals are simple “money-off” coupons acquired by entering an exclusive Cash-Master code that you enter in the order form at the time of purchase. The all-important coupon code that, right now, will get you £30 off of the normal price until 31st August 2021 is CMA217PUWF9SF

You must enter that code exactly as written (or copy and paste it in) when you buy your lifetime access to the ASP system otherwise you will pay full price. There is a direct link to the website below.

Please note, this product coupon will not work with the Clickbank purchase link so remember to use the first “Click To Buy Now” link at the bottom of the ASP Sales Page.


After the end of August and for a limited time thereafter there will be another code that will reduce the price (although not by as much) and I will publish that code when the current one expires.

This £30 off coupon code will expire at midnight on the 31st of August and there will be nothing I can do to extend this (so please don’t ask).

At Cash-Master we loved this system when we first reviewed it and we still love it now and it helps that the man behind it is a long-term friend and a totally solid guy who still reacts within an amazingly short period of time to support requests. He is also the guy that first introduced us all to a Betfair-based lay the draw system back in 2003. A system that still makes money for its users today some 18 years later!

Along with the totally up-to-date getting started videos, a new video on why the system still works well after 10-years and full system manuals inside the members’ area, there is also plenty of extra “archived” content that has been built up over the years that you still get access to.

Here’s that code again: CMA217PUWF9SF

Don’t miss the deadline!