ATM-FX is a new trading system from Keith Cotterill, the brains behind The Ultimate Forex Predictor. You get a 62 page manual and a CD containing video tutorials showing you exactly how to set everything up and get going.

Unlike TUFXP, ATM-FX doesnt require any standalone software or data feed subscriptions as it all runs using IG Index and their Advanced Charts. The advanced charts are free so long as you place at least two trades in a month.

Once set up, you save the chart as a template and it’s just a matter of loading up the chart each morning and waiting for the correct signal.

The trade signal is easy to spot and everyone using the system should get the same trades if trading at the same time.

The manual is very well written and contains everything you need to know assuming the reader knows nothing about trading. This means anyone with any previous experience can skip great chunks of the manual and just get to how to set up the chart and what is the buy/sell signal.

This system comes with access to a members only website with an extensive video (about an hour and a half long) which goes into detail about trading this method and includes pointers on what to look for in a potential good trade and what to be wary of for potential bad trades. The video is done by a guy called Neil Spare who, fortunately, has a voice and manner that doesnt send you to sleep. I actually found the video very useful. Whilst the system itself has a mechanical entry point, it’s worth paying attention to certain factors outlined in the video as it will help you stay out of bad trades.

I traded the method for four weeks aiming for a profit target of 20 pips per trade and quitting for the day if I made 20 pips. This mean’t that if the first trade of the day won, then I would quit. If the first trade lost, I would take another trade. If that won then I would take one more trade and quit regardless of the result. If it lost, I would quit for the day.

The pip results were as follows:

18/1 +20
19/1 +20
20/1 +20
21/1 +20
22/1 +20

25/1 +20
26/1 +20
27/1 +10
28/1 +20
29/1 +20

1/2 +15
2/2 +20
3/2 +20
4/2 +20
5/2 +20

 8/2 +20
 9/2 +20
10/2 +15
11/2 +20
12/2 -72

Total: 288

As you can see, almost every day resulted in hitting the 20 pip profit target. Three days started with a losing trade followed by two winners making 10-15 pips on the day and only one day, the last day, had two losing trades.

I finished the month trial with 288 pips profit which, at £10 a pip level stakes, is £2880. Not bad at all considering the vast majority of days were finished before 9am.

I really do think this is a great trading product. The manual is written for a complete novice and the video tutorials make setting it up quick and easy. Once set up, all you have to do is open IG Index in the morning, load up the chart that you have already set up and saved, and wait for a qualifying signal. Once you see it, the entry point for the trade is easily calculated and away you go.

I see no reason why the chart set up couldn’t be used on other trading platforms and I imagine the method would work on any currency pair too, although I only tested it on GBPUSD five minute chart.

The product also comes with full support and I found replies to my e-mails were prompt and helpful.

All in all I would say that this has to be the best entry level forex system I have found to date. It’s good value, it’s easy and it works. Ok, it doesn’t have audio alerts like tufxp and you will have to watch the charts to spot the trades but since most of the days trading is done and dusted within the first hour or two, that’s no great hardship considering the income you can generate with it.

If you’re looking for a way to make a pretty decent income from trading using a mechanical system that consistently identifies winning trades then ATM-FX is the one to buy.

You can get ATM-FX here: