Wednesday 20th January

20 pips made before 7am

Profit today: £200


Thursday 21st January

The first trade went 19 pips into profit this morning then the market reversed and signalled a change in trend so moving the stop to break even was a sensible precaution.

The next qualified trade made the 20 pips before 8am.

Profit today: £200


Friday 22nd January

20 pips made by 6.30 am

Profit today: £200

Total Profit: £1000

This system comes with access to a members only website with an extensive video (about an hour and a half long) which goes into detail about trading this method and includes pointers on what to look for in a potential good trade and what to be wary of for potential bad trades. The video is done by a guy called Neil Spare who, fortunately, has a voice and manner that doesn’t send you to sleep. I actually found the video very useful. Whilst the system itself has a mechanical entry point, it’s worth paying attention to certain factors outlined in the video as it will help you stay out of bad trades.