ATM-FX is a new trading system from Keith Cotterill, the brains behind The Ultimate Forex Predictor. You get a 62 page manual and a CD containing video tutorials showing you exactly how to set everything up and get going.

Unlike TUFXP, ATM-FX doesn’t require any standalone software or data feed subscriptions as it all runs using IG Index and their Advanced Charts. The advanced charts are free so long as you place at least two trades in a month.

Once set up, you save the chart as a template and it’s just a matter of loading up the chart each morning and waiting for the correct signal.

The trade signal is easy to spot and everyone using the system should get the same trades if trading at the same time.

The manual is very well written and contains everything you need to know assuming the reader knows nothing about trading. This means anyone with any previous experience can skip great chunks of the manual and just get to how to set up the chart and what is the buy/sell signal.

Like any trading system, it really needs a good few months of results to tell if it’s any good or not but for the purpose of this trial I’ll run it for a month then do a review on how easy it is to use and how profitable it’s been, but then I’ll probably carry on with it and give monthly updates from then on.

To keep it as simple as possible I’m going to paper trade it at £10 per pip, aiming for a profit target of 20 pips per day after the spread. once the profit target is reached I’ll quit for the day. I will also quit for the day if I have two losing trades in a row.

I won’t be able to show screenshots of the chart because that would give away the settings, so I’ll just report on each days profit and loss.

On to today and the first trade was a winner making 20 pips

Todays Profit: £200

Total Profit: £200