Roulette Reaper – End of Trial Review

Roulette Reaper is a software package designed to help you “reap” lots of profits from online roulette systems.

The software can be downloaded and tried for free. You can use the software 10 times before you have to purchase a licence, so there is nothing stopping you from trying it out. The software itself is pretty standard. Spins are recorded and bets are advised as necessary. The software actually just keeps a log of losing runs on 5 different strategies (e.g. Red/Black, Columns, Thirds, etc) and then uses a progressive staking plan as the losing sequence continues.

As can be expected with these types of systems and, in particular, this type of staking, the stakes can rise pretty quickly. Roulette Reaper actually employs two different staking plans – one for the strategies that pay 2:1 and another for the strategies that pay 3:1. In both cases you can be betting very high stakes in order to win a very small amount (for example, during the test I was betting $256 in order to win $1).

The software also includes a list of “approved” casinos – and after a long losing run, it automatically suggests that you move to a new approved casino to carry on playing. Of course, this is where the money is made as signing up to the casinos in question results in a large affiliate payment being made to the software vendor. In certain cases, these affiliate payments include a % of the losses that you make when playing at that casino!

The software itself is actually quite good – it is well written and stable in operation. It’s easy to use and the information shown is very clear, so following the required bets and staking is a breeze.

However, it is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to win at roulette in the long-term, so my advice would be to use the software once at a series of different casinos (make sure you sign up at the casino web sites NOT through the software). Make a quick profit and then retire whilst you are ahead. Do not aim to make large profits as you will find that losing sequences come along all too often.

Overall I am giving Roulette Reaper a neutral rating – the software itself works well, but I cannot advise long-term use as you will inevitably lose money. Used in the manner described above, you might just scrape a quick buck or two.

You can get Roulette Reaper here:

Tyche Windfall and Chrysos System – End of Trial Review

The test of the Tyche Windfall and Chrysos System was announced as a long-term test way back in January 2010. Well one year on, I think I can claim that I gave the system a thorough test. How many tests do you actually see on review websites that last anything like as long?

Let’s remind ourselves of what I said when I introduced the long-term test….

Another product from the same stable as Winners To Losers, TAPS (The Alternative Punters Syndicate) brings us the strangely named Tyche Windfall.

The Tyche Windfall system is a backing system and arrives as a protected eBook containing easy to follow instructions. The criteria are fairly straightforward and can be checked in about 15 minutes using the Racing Post web site. For those who want to take the pain out of the selection process, there is an associated email service where the tips are sent to you on a daily basis.

If you subscribe to the associated email service, then you also receive selections for another backing system called the Chrysos System – the details of which have never been published.

Staking can be done at level stakes, or using a progressive plan. The recommended method is the progressive plan with the initial stake set at 4% of the daily starting bank. Stakes are ratcheted, so do not decrease on a loss.

Both tests were conducted with a £500 starting bank and employed the progressive staking plan.

12 months on, the tests produced the following results:

Tyche Windfall
No. of bets: 280 (+20 non-runners)
No. of winners: 94
Strike rate: 34%
Start bank: £500.00
End bank: £1075.59
Profit: £575.59
Bank increase: 115.1%
ROI: 5.9%
Highest bank: £1592.97
Lowest bank: £355.31

Chrysos System
No. of bets: 256 (+7 non-runners)
No. of winners: 78
Strike rate: 30%
Start bank: £500.00
End bank: £683.31
Profit: £183.31
Bank increase: 36.7%
ROI: 3.1%
Highest bank: £813.71
Lowest bank: £78.99

As you can see, both systems produced a profit over the lifetime of the test, but it is clear that you have to have patience and the ability to deal with long sequences of losers, as the bank can drop to perilously low levels. However, faith in the systems was ultimately rewarded with a decent return on investment.

Remember, the Chrysos System only comes as a bonus system to the subscribers to the email service, but you have to balance the increased profitability against the costs of subscribing to the service. At the time of writing this is pretty much break-even. However, the email service does come with the added advantage of removing the effort involved in finding the selections every day!

The email service is run very efficiently and professionally. The guys at TAPS have consistently delivered the daily emails on time and without missing a beat. Any questions you might have are dealt with switftly; overall customer service is very good.

Based on my experiences to date, I would give these systems a definite thumbs up and add them to the APPROVED category.

You can get Tyche Windfall here:


UPDATE July 2011

Six months on from our review of this system and things are looking even better. This is another system that clearly works well over the long haul, as it did during our initial twelve month test.

If you remember, The Tyche Windfall system made a profit of £575.59 from a £500 starting bank (115% return), and the bonus Chrysos system made a profit of £183.31 (37% return).

Well this year it’s been performing even better, having already made £1,378 profit (again with a starting bank of £500 at the start of this year), and Chrysos has made £385.

Of course had you started with a £1000 bank or more, these profits are very noticable.

So this system is definitely staying in the Approved category.

You can get Tyche Windfall here:

Roulette Reaper

Once again today highlighted an interesting point as I went 8 bets without a win, leaving me with the appetising prospect of placing a bet of $256 (or a total sequence of $511) in order to win a single $ profit. Had I not been operating in test mode, would I have had the cohonas to actually place the bet (or indeed the one before it)?

Thank goodness for test mode.

Day 4

Starting Balance: $1869
Finishing Balance: $1946
Profit: $77

Total Profit: -$54

Longest losing sequence: 12
Highest individual stake: $256
Highest sequence liability: $511

Tyche Windfall and Chrysos System

Time to wrap up the last few results of a full year of following both the Tyche Windfall and Chrysos System.

Results for Monday 20th December 2010 – Sunday 16th January 2011

Tyche Windfall
28/12/2010 11:30 Lingfield – Saddlers Bend – LOST (-£55.00)
30/12/2010 12:35 Lingfield – Negotiation – LOST (-£55.00)
30/12/2010 12:35 Lingfield – Edgeworth – LOST (-£55.00)
30/12/2010 12:35 Lingfield – Urban Space – LOST (-£55.00)
30/12/2010 13:05 Lingfield – Super Frank – LOST (-£55.00)
31/12/2010 13:00 Lingfield – Talenti – LOST (-£55.00)
01/01/2011 14:30 Southwell – Boogie Star – LOST (-£55.00)
02/01/2011 14:35 Southwell – Ours – WON @ 4.97 (£207.44)
03/01/2011 14:10 Southwell – Elusive Warrior – LOST (-£55.00)
03/01/2011 14:35 Wolverhampton – Apache Ridge – WON @ 3.8 (£146.30)
04/01/2011 12:40 Southwell – Ingleby Arch – N/R
04/01/2011 16:00 Kempton – Final Verse – LOST (-£55.00)
05/01/2011 17:05 Kempton – Caprio – WON @ 4.6 (£188.10)
06/01/2011 13:50 Southwell – So Is She – LOST (-£55.00)
06/01/2011 17:10 Wolverhampton – Slatey Hen – WON @ 6.4 (£282.15)
07/01/2011 13:10 Lingfield – Kipchak – LOST (-£63.80)
07/01/2011 16:10 Wolverhampton – Elhamri – LOST (-£63.80)
08/01/2011 11:50 Lingfield – Mighty Clarets – LOST (-£63.80)
08/01/2011 11:50 Lingfield – Dream Of Fortune – LOST (-£63.80)
09/01/2011 13:40 Southwell – Dunaskin – LOST (-£63.80)
11/01/2011 12:50 Southwell – Ingleby Star – LOST (-£63.80)
12/01/2011 18:15 Kempton – Talenti – LOST (-£63.80)
13/01/2011 13:00 Southwell – Residency – LOST (-£63.80)
14/01/2011 18:10 Wolverhampton – Cobo Bay – LOST (-£63.80)
15/01/2011 13:15 Lingfield – Faithful Ruler – WON @ 2.99 (£120.62)
16/01/2011 13:55 Southwell – Silk Bounty – LOST (-£63.80)

Period P/L: £-243.39

Starting Bank: £500.00
Final Bank: £1075.59
Overall Profit: £575.59

16 selections. 5 winners, 10 losers and 1 non-runner.

Period P/L: £55.71

Starting Bank: £500.00
Final Bank: £683.31
Overall Profit: £183.31

Final thoughts to come tomorrow.

Roulette Reaper

Today’s venture turned out to be a slightly extended session as I got involved in a particularly nasty run right at the end of the session. Up until that point, the session had been looking very promising with a $66 gain about to be banked, but the last set of spins resulted in me reaching the maximum bet before securing a win.

Actually the maximum bet allowed by Roulette Reaper was not the same as allowed by the Casino and, theoretically, I would have been able to make 1 or 2 more bets before maxing out.

Anyway, what was looking like a good day, turned into a bit of a stinker!

Day 3

Starting Balance: $2101
Finishing Balance: $1869
Profit: -$232

Total Profit: -$131

Longest losing sequence: 12
Highest individual stake: $128
Highest sequence liability: $301

To be honest, I think I’ve pretty much experienced all that Roulette Reaper is going to show me, so I’ll run it only for a couple more sessions then call it a day.