Supreme Trading System

Supreme Trading System Review  

Hi All.  

Well, Ive been using this system for 4 weeks now and it’s time to give it my review. It’s quite simple:-  


Okay, so your gonna want a little more than that. As Ive already said, it’s a nice idea being given horse to watch for possible trades but the selection process is sooooooo simple, hardly any thought has gone into it at all. Ive worked out how they get the selections using the Racing Post website the night before. It’s not fair on the developers for me to say how they get these selections but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to work it out and it must take them 2 – 3 minutes. I don’t think this is adequate information to make a decision that these selections may steam down in price.  

On top of that this system has driven me crazy to do. Ive been setting my alarm clock on my mobile (coz I can set multiple times) to go off 1 hour before each selections off time, 10 minutes before the off and then 2 minutes if I trade on it. It doesnt sound so bad in theory but trust me it drives ya mad. IF you make a profit it will be tiny. I say if coz Ive had some serious losing days as you probably read in my last blog.  

Ive also tried long term trading on some of the selections but again Ive hit some serious losers wipping out a few days profit.  

I have to say it’s a handy piece of software for traders but not worth paying for. You can get a trading calculator for free at:-  

It does the same thing and it’s rather good as it opens a tiny window and you can select it to lay first or back first.  

So, all in all I have to give this system a thumbs down. It’s a nice concept but I not surprised it didnt work as it’s by developers who regularly release products that havent been tested in the long term, many of which Ive tried and blogged here.  

So until I blog something else. Bye for now and happy betting.

André   🙂

You can get Supreme Trading System here:


Supreme Trading System

Hi All.  

I have to be honest I starting to go a little crazy with the alarm clock going off telling me it’s time to get to the computer. I start cooking, alarm cloak goes off, take a mouthful, alarm cloak goes off, sit down on the sofa to watch something and just as I starting to get into it guess what, THE ALARM CLOAK GOES OFF! Araghhhhh!!  

Ive been trying the long term trading again. Some days are successful and some are not. On Wednesday I had my worst trade yet. At £100 on the back price of 1.74, the price shot up quickly to 4.60ish and hovered about there all day losing -£62.17. Ouch! Lucky I paper trading. Yesterday wasnt much better.  

Ive worked out the selection process the developer uses to get the selections. I wont give it away coz thats not fair on them but it’s very simple and must take them all of 2-3 minutes a day.  

Next week will be my last week of testing this system, thankfully, and I’ll be giving my review.  

til next Friday.


Supreme Trading System

Hi All.

There have been some big losing trades this week which means if I was reading with real money I’d actually now be at a loss. That would be two weeks really annoying, antagonising, frustrating, stressful work for nothing. Thank goodness for the concept of paper trading.

I give some credit to the developers as I havent traded on all races due to other commitments and I think the idea of being given horses that are likely to steam (go down in price) is brill. Unfortunately in reality it doesnt always go as planned.

Ive been playing with selections i.e. trying long term trading. Placing a back bet about 9:30am and then laying 1 hour before the off or 2 minutes before the off if the price has drifted (gone up in price) hoping the price has moved back down. Again, this is sometimes profitable but yesterday and the day before I had some big hit losing trades.

I wondering with all the people who have bought this system and all trading on the same selections how much this is effecting the price movements and therefore are we really getting true value for money with regards to the prices.

til next Friday.

Supreme Trading System

Hi All.  

I havent been blogging this system everyday as there hasnt been much to report. I thought it would be better just to update you all once a week on a Friday.  

I have to honest, I thought the Supreme Trading System was a good concept but so far I disappointed. The idea is to check a race an hour before the off, then 10 minutes before the off and if the price has gone down (steaming) then place a back bet to do a trade. Most of the time the selections prices seem to have gone up (drifted) in this time span, therefore they have been no trades.  

There has been a few winning trades but very little profit has been made. Ive only had a couple of losing trades so that I quite pleased about.  

I finding running this system a bit of a nightmare. Basically I setting the alarm clock on my mobile 1 hour before each off of each race and then 10 minutes before each off, and then 2 minutes before the off if Ive placed a trade so that I can trade out (place my lay bet to green up). So you can imagine with the alarm going off every few minutes it gets a bit crazy keeping an eye on all the different selections. On top of that Ive got my other systems to keep an eye on and place bets. I think my head is ready to explode. Ill probably be a nervous wreck by the end of the 30 day test.  

til next Friday.  🙂

Supreme Trading System

Hi All.

André here again.  🙂  For the next 30 days, not only am I being tested for my own Value 4 Racing selections (thanks Les by the way) but also I will be testing the Supreme Trading System Software.

For those of you who have been following the blog for a while will know Ive tried trading before, more than once I’d like to add, but didnt have much success. Well I did but then one trade would go pears up and wipe out my profit, which had taken a few days to build up. Ive still thought the concept of trading on horses is great; it’s just a case of finding method that works.

I cant check all races but I will be as busy as possible with this system Mon – Fri. At least we will get a rough idea if the software is any good. Basically, you load up the software in the morning and it gives you some potential steamers (thats horse whos prices are expected to go down on Betfair). You then look at these horses/races 1hour before the off on Betfair, then 10 minutes before the off, and if the price is steamer place a back bet. At 2 minutes before the off you check the price again and place your lay bet which will hopefully lock in a profit no matter what the outcome of the race (known as greening up). Of course, your only make a profit if the horse continued to steam in.

I tried this system on Friday but I found that the selections had steamed from the morning to the hour before the off, but in the next hour they all drifted out (the price went up on Betfair) so a no bet day.

Today there are 3 selections to keep an eye on.