The Wholesale Formula – Special Offer Closing

One final post about the Wholesale Formula before the this special promotion closes at 8am on Wednesday 12th here in the UK. As a reminder the Wholesale Formula only normally opens once a year, and that is usually in January or February. This is a special promotion in conjunction with a company called Rapid Crush, who are very well know in the Amazon selling world.

Register Here For the Last Chance Live Webinar

There is a final live webinar on Monday evening at 9pm here in the UK. If you have any further questions unanswered about this opportunity, and are interested to find out more then you should attend if you can.

Why is this a Special Offer of The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula regular price is $2497. This is the only time they have co-promoted their training. Rapid Crush are know for their genuinely fantastic Bonus packages. This time is no different and their Bonus pack for this offer is worth as much, or more, than the core training and provides a great start to setting up the business.

So much so that whilst I already had access to this product, I have actually bought it again to get all these bonuses as it will save money!

The Bonuses include:

  • Done For You Wholesaler Website – Value $999.95
  • Manage by Stats software – Value $719.64 / year
  • Sellermail software – Value $719.64 / year
  • Listing Level Up Training – Value $3125
  • Keyword Radar training – Value $3125
  • Brand Bait Custom Template – Value $2000
  • PPC entourage software – Value $564
  • Margins Software – Value $582
  • Search, Find, Buy training program – Value $1997

Total Value of this one-off Bonus package is $13,832.23 in the first year.

When you invest in The Wholesale Formula, if you aren’t overjoyed with your results, you can get every penny of your investment refunded back if you request it within 30 days of your purchase…

NO QUESTIONS ASKED – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you love it, stay and if you don’t you will quietly and promptly be returned your money.

Simple as that.

To See All The Bonus Information and Checkout Click Here

The Wholesale Formula Webinar Replay

Just a follow up after the Wholesale Formula Training that ran live on Tuesday. The webinar replay is now available, so you can watch it on demand without registration. I have spoken to a number of friends and readers as I thought I would cover a few of the most common questions that have been raised to me.

Is this another “get rich quick scheme?”  No, certainly not. The Wholesale Formula is run by a couple of guys, Dan & Dylan, from a small town in Kentucky, USA. They were actually helped a lot by the guy who delivers the webinar, Jason Fladlien, to develop their own successful amazon business about 6 or 7 years ago. They now have a multi-million dollar business as third party sellers on Amazon.

Is this Guaranteed to be a success?  No. But then neither I, or anyone, can give guaranteed success for anything because some people will be given glorious information and then fail to take action.


Is The Wholesale Formula a proven system?  Yes…. absolutely! Dan & Dylan started The Wholesale Formula as a way of giving back and giving others a helping hand. They now have a large and thriving community who are following their method. At their live event last year they had 421 there who, between them, had sold over $520,000,000 dollars (yes over half a billion) of products between them.

Is The Wholesale Formula reliant on you being the next Richard Branson or Elon Musk…an entrepreneurial genius, to make it work?   No. It is a system, a formula, that you can follow and if you apply the system can create an ongoing, and growing, income.

Does this process take shed loads of time to operate?   No. There is a need to learn the process initially of course, but most people start The Wholesale Formula whilst holding down their regular job. As their income grows then they can decide to scale or not. Many people doing this have then even outsourced the few days-to-day tasks and are effectively bringing in passive income every month, courtesy of Amazon.

If we are in the UK can we do this? Yes, absolutely, and there are many people doing just that. It took me about 2-3 hours to get everything set up so that i can sell in the USA. I can of course sell in the UK as well.

Success for one person may be to clear $2,000 per month PROFIT

Success for the next person may be to clear $20,000+ per month PROFIT

The truth is that if you can get success with one simple product then why can you not replicate that over and over again, utilising the most awesome selling machine on the planet… Amazon… to help you?

Please give yourself the opportunity to find out more, watch this training and then come to a judgement. Most people I have spoken to end up watching it more than once to get their head round all the information. The replay is available for just a few days so I would recommend taking a look.

Watch The Webinar Replay Here

The Wholesale Formula Webinar

“I’m going to tell them everything.”

That’s what webinar presenter, Jason Fladlien, promised to do for everyone attending the webinar at 8pm (UK) today. His goal is to give away every step for free because, and I quote: 

“If I make the audience a bunch of money for nothing, then maybe they’ll come back later and spend some of that money with me.”

Fair enough. The training is on the best way to sell on Amazon in 2020 and it starts at 8pm here:

You Can REGISTER Here For The Wholesale Formula Webinar

…and the only thing you have to “pay” is attention!

Consider this… Nearly one out of every four dollars in the USA, and pound sterling here in the UK, spent online flows through Amazon. More people in the USA are prime members than go to church, or own a gun, or vote.  Is it possible to find a product on Amazon that ekes out a measly 8 to 10 sales a day? Well, if you can… and if that product puts £6 in your pocket every time it’s sold… you’re making over £20,000 in pure profit per year.  Many people based here in the UK sell on both (the USA) and here at home. For most people, an extra twenty grand is the difference between struggling to get by and truly living a life on your terms.

Plus, who says you have to stop at one product? 

Amazon wants, wishes… practically begs you… to sell more than one product. But that’s your choice of “how much” – depending on the lifestyle you want. Here’s the best part – if you go after products everyone else steps over, the game becomes so much easier. What everyone misses is just how gigantic Amazon is. The most obscure products that 99% of us have never heard of can easily sell several units per day and make thousands of dollars per week. This training is only available for a limited time so it’s important you can act now. This gets my strongest endorsement because I’ve been behind the scenes on this and have seen how powerful it is first hand. There are certain products Amazon is practically begging you to sell that its user base can one-click purchase, on their phone while in the bathroom, and they’ll pay you well for these products. Why are they so eager? 

Because their multi-hundred million person customer base is looking for these products and leaving empty handed.

Help Amazon help their customers and profit in the process.  It’s all shown to you here:

You Can REGISTER Here For The Wholesale Formula Webinar

The Wholesale Formula

Something a bit different for Cash-Master readers today, but something that has a proven track record and incredible results over the last few years. It is something that I know works, and I have met many people over the last few years who have had their lives transformed by it. What are we talking about? Read on to find out…

“Work is a necessary evil to be avoided.” – Mark Twain

Smart man!

This current Coronavirus pandemic has thrown most of us into a spin, especially anyone reliant on one form of income, and that income has affected your ability to work. Not a problem though for Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. Amazon’s stock price has just hit an all time high. Shoppers around the globe are turning to Amazon, and that means that Amazon needs you.

You may not have known that the vast majority of Amazon products are actually sold by people like you and me. An even more amazing fact is that 1 in 5 of those sellers sell more that $1 Million of products every year. This is how you can sell the most boring, overlooked, mundane products online, but become extremely excited and passionate about it! Let me tell you the story of a guy named Raul who tried every scheme under the sun to get financial freedom. I met Raul at an Amazon Selling conference in Las Vegas 2 years ago.

He had failed every time. 

He started selling some very boring products in a field he knew nothing about and had zero previous experience in… and he started bringing in money. Not a lot at first, just a few grand a month. But he was only putting in a few hours of work.

While “doing it by the numbers”

You may be aware that selling products on Amazon is, according to USA Today & many other publications, the best way to earn a living online. What most aren’t aware of is that Amazon publishes its data, so it’s 100% accurate. You know exactly how well each product in each category is selling. This number is updated every hour of every day. If you look a little deeper, there are all sorts of other definitive data that can inform you exactly of what products you can sell on Amazon that require the least effort to start making sales. To be clear, we’re talking a handful of sales a day, not a million. 

Raul went from selling his product part time on Amazon, while working over 40 hours a week as a critical care unit nurse, to full time over the course of a year. He went from a couple of grand to a couple more, to low five figures per month to mid five figures a month within 18 months.

As long as you do it in the very specific Wholesale Formula way, you could also grow an amazing Amazon business. There is a free webinar tomorrow, Tuesday 5th, where Jason Fladlien, an Amazon selling expert will share a step-by-step demonstration with you. If this is totally new to you, but it sounds interesting please take a look, I think you will find it very interesting.

Secure your Seat for the Webinar on at 8pm this Tuesday 5th May Here

If you would like to read more about this now, grab this eBook

Download the eBook here

Where is Cryptocurrency going next? The Realistic Trader

A quick update while I am away holiday as it has been a little while since the last post about the Crypto Course from The Realistic Trader.

Since the last post the value of all Cryptocurrencies has dropped quite substantially. If you have not  yet invested is this a good time to get in, or do you feel relieved that you haven’t? For those of you with some investment in this asset class are you anxious, or are you thinking this is amazing and investing further while the costs of these assets is so low? My position has always been to be as informed as I can be. As well as all the course material provided by Siam Kidd (The realistic trader) there is a very vibrant Facebook Group community with regular posts and updates by both Siam, and the group members.  How does everyone feel at the moment? Well, very mixed is the answer!

If you had decided to invest in December 2017, during record high prices, your portfolio of investment would be 60-70% down now…… requiring a big swing round to get back to break even. There are clearly people in this position who are feeling quite desperate! However, if you had invested about 1 year ago from now you would still be up. This is the volatility of cryptocurrencies, and is why any investor should think about investing risk capital only. Those who got into the market even earlier are still way up on their initial stake.

I have followed many of Siam’s recommendations during the market moves, and while my portfolio has dropped in value the number of tokens/coins I have has risen, which puts me in a better position when the market rallies. I could not have done this without his knowledge.

Many believe that we are currently at the bottom of the market, with many factors all coming together now to allow institutional investment, and Wall Street and co are about to jump in. If that is the case then in a year or two from now the current prices we are seeing could look like chicken feed! Could this be the perfect time to dip your toe in the water before you miss out?

There is a lot of rubbish written about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by people looking to make headlines. However, crypto is here to stay and I read, and research, a lot about it all. I still feel that this crypto course is the most complete I have come across, especially for the complete novice, to inform you enough to make your own decision about how / if / when to invest.

You can try The Realistic Trader here