LEAP INTO PROFIT 2020 with the Horse Racing Predictor Masterclass

Pre Registration is now open for this unique opportunity to attend the HRP Masterclass event. Due to the nature of the event and to give attendees the best experience, places are limited.

This is a unique opportunity to transform your betting performance by joining an elite group of players who are earning serious money each day.

If you would like to meet Gav and The HRP team in the flesh and get direct tuition on how to sky rocket your HRP success then the HRP masterclass workshop is something you won’t want to miss.

This is the ideal chance to become versed in every single aspect of The Horse Race Predictor. In comfortable surroundings you will have access to the knowledge and wisdom of Gav Summerhill and meet fellow HRP members.


Gav will be exclusively unveiling a totally new system and betting methodology ONLY for people who attend this programme. Place Acca Gold – we believe just this one system will bring you more profit, more easily and more enjoyably than ever before!

Again it must be emphasised that places are limited and are offered on a strictly “first come first served” basis. To ensure your place, don’t hesitate, book now. Pre Register

The event will include refreshments and lunch on both days.

Location is largely central (Sheffield) and within easy striking distance of car, coach or train travel.

Full details of venue will be given upon successful payment and using the link on this page will get you a £150 DISCOUNT on the fee.

You can register here.

The Target Man

Wow that’s some start! 40% strike rate at average odds of 2.83. Over £400 using the stake plan, in the first week!

Week 1: Bets 15, Wins 6, Profit 19.38 (£193.75), BSP 24.87 (£248.70)
Using Stake Plan: Profit 40.63 (£406.30), BSP 46.91 (£469.10)

The Target Man

I am starting a review of The Target man, a horse racing tipster from the WAP Tipsters stable. The service costs £41 per month or £87 per quarter.

Boasting an impressive 140+ points since May 2019, +170 to BSP, this looks like a fabulous service. There has not been a losing month so far.

What you get is an email mid-morning (9ish) containing a small number of lowish odds selections, typically 2 or 3.

A stake plan is included which works off a 300-point bank. Level stake betting is recommended at 5 points. So, I will record level stakes using 5 points and also record profits using the stake plan. I will use the advised odds in the email but won’t use BOG as this is a perk that is offered at the bookmaker’s whim. I will also record using BSP with 2% commission.

As normal with Cash-Master I will convert points to cash using £10 per point. You’d need a real bank of £3,000 t stake at this level.

6pt Plan

Although only a small loss this weeks, it stops the recovery we were experiencing 🙁 Hopefully this restarts next week.

Week 10: Bets 16, Wins 3, Profit -£ 3.13, BSP Profit -£ 4.24
Overall: Bets 165, Wins 32, Profit -£ 32.33, BSP Profit £ 5.62

The Bookie Smasher

Lots of wins again, a little down on the average of the first 3 weeks resulting in a loss.

Week 4: Bets 60, Wins 24, Profit -13.96 (£-139.60)
Overall: Bets 216, Wins 114, Profit -13.88 (£-138.80))