A Racing First

A nice profit from the 6 wins recovering from the blip last week.

Week 9: Bets 14, Wins 6, Profit 4.9, BSP 5
Overall: Bets 108: Bets 38, Wins 16.505, BSP 16.92

Text Winners

With only 2 wins from 12 selections, this service had a rare losing week.

Week 8: Bets 12, Wins 2, Profit -2.8, BSP -5.14
Overall: Bets 114: Bets 40, Wins 21.23, BSP 29.15

Cheek Pieces

Another poor week. I feel for this service, the selections have good write-ups and Neil obviously knows his stuff, but his selections are just not performing for him.

Week 9: Bets 13, Wins 2, Profit -6.05, BSP -5.58
Overall: Bets 126: Bets 21, Wins -17.18, BSP -15.04

NSH Racing

A cracking week jumps this service back into the black. No high odds winners, but several wins where more htan 1 point was staked.

There was a day this week where the selections were not available by the published “available by 10:30” deadline. I did give it an hour before assuming that there weren’t going to be any selections. I noticed the next day that the selections did eventually get posted, but too late; I try to run these as if I was betting the selections and I would have bailed out on the day if I was a real-money punter, so this day was unrecorded.

Week 10: Bets 21, Wins 8, Profit 17.55, BSP 26.13
Overall: Bets 242, Wins 73, Profit 3.75, BSP 27.91

This is the other Pro Betting Club service I am monitoring, and the subscription for this service also expires in 10 days. The next update will be after the subscription expires.

Donkey Lays

A nice recovery from a rough start to the week which was down 6,76 points heading into Thursday.

Week 10: Bets 27, Wins (Win Market) 0, Wins (Place market) 13, Profit 0.11
Overall: Bets 191: Wins (Win Market) 3, Wins (Place market) 122, Profit 23.63

The way subscriptions work with Pro Betting Club there are only 10 days left of this trial, so I’ll delay next week’s update until the trial expires.