US Racing Expert

From the Betting Gods stable comes a horse racing tipster with a twist: the selections are from across the pond!

Emails are arrive at breakfast time, which is around midnight Eastern time, Wednesdays through to Sundays. They contain the selections, a stake plan, target odds and recommended bookies. There is also a writeup to justify the selection. Don’t worry the tipster uses east America racetracks, so racing concludes at a reasonable time if you want to follow these live.

Results were recorded using the advised prices. Use of the exchange was a non-starter as neither Betfair nor Betdaq offered markets for most of the venues.

Things were going along very nicely but has hit the skids the last few weeks. This may be weather related.

With -23.68 points, -£236 to our £10 per point standard, before £20.99 per month subscription, I am going to classify this service a neutral in the hopes that the initial performance is more representative than the final few weeks.

The service does seem to get quite a few placed horses. I didn’t record each-way results but each-way betting on the higher odds selections could improve overall performance.

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US Racing Expert

This was the final week, unfortuantly we couldn’t close on a high.

Week 13: Bets 16, Wins 2, Profit -9 (£-90.00)
Overall: Bets 298, Wins 63, Profit -23.68 (£-236.80)

The Bookies Enemy

From the Betting Gods stable, The Bookies Enemy is a horse racing tipster costing £37 per month.

Emails are expected mid-evening to catch the early bird prices, so this service doesn’t lend itself to Betfair. I recorded results to BSP, with 2% commission deducted, anyway as well as the advised price. Note that I do not adjust for BOG as this is a bookie perk.

The email contains the staking plan and some suggested bookies as well as a write-up justifying the selection, so all you need do is place the bets as soon as the email arrives.

The service closed at 11.6 points up, £116 using our standard £10 per point. This just covers the subscription costs. As you can see from the chart below, performance has been very hit and miss.

As suspected, with -23.76 points (-£237) Betfair isn’t an option to BSP. You may be able to grab some higher odds, but mid-evening liquidity will be an issue.

After 13 weeks and once subscription costs are included the service has trod water and therefore attracts a neutral rating. Of course, you could use higher stakes than £10 but we don’t assess systems that way.

You can get The Bookies Enemy here.

The Bookies Enemy

That’s a wrap for this service, and a good closing week with a winner at 25/1 and a high-priced place.

Week 13: Bets 13, Wins 2, Profit 17.6 (£176.00), , BSP 2.29 (£22.90)
Overall: Bets 210, Wins 35, Profit 11.6 (£116.00), , BSP -23.76 (£-237.64)

Tee and Serve Tips

I was looking forward to reviewing this service as I like golf betting; yes, it has long losing streaks, but the high odds usually mean that golf betting can be very profitable. I was less sure about the tennis as I haven’t reviewed a tennis service before.

Selections are received by email around breakfast time for the tennis and mid-evening for the golf, and contain the selections, staking plan and recommended bookies. I recorded results using the advised prices in the email and using Betfair (minus 2% commission) where possible. There are many doubles and other accas and Betfair doesn’t have all the markets; particularly the 2-ball and 3-ball bets on the golf was very hit and miss. Realistically you could not follow this service solely on the exchanges.

I was looking forward to a decent performance given this graph of last year. Unfortunately, the service hasn’t got close to this performance.

Tennis was doing its best to cover the poor performance from the golf, but had a poor week close to the end of the trial. Whilst a bit static, the tennis closed with a small loss and attracts a neutral rating.

 I am very disappointed with the golf service with -170 points. Each-way bets on the outright winner markets may have helped, but these bets were advised as win bets, so that is what I recorded. This component is a definite fail, and means that the whole service fails too. An admission here; most of the golf betting in 2-ball and 3-ball betting. Here you bet on x to beat y and z, for example Otaegui to bt Smith/Ritthammer. Where x had the same score as either y or z I recorded this as a loss; i.e. in this example Otaegui had to have a lower score for the round than either Smith or Ritthammer and I recorded ties as a loss.

With -10.12 points on tennis (-£101 to our standard £10 per point) and -170.73 points on the golf (-£1707) for a combined loss of 180 points (-£1800) before subscription costs of £37 per month this service is a fail.

You can Tee and Server here