Easy Football Profits

Easy Football Profits (Update)

I am not following this service, so this update is using the official results.

I finished the trial at the beginning of August, suggested that systems A (up 15.45 points at the time) and C (up 18.6 points at the time) were worth following. Both systems are pre-match, so you can place your bets and get on with other things.

The two in-play systems are B (up 5.1) and D (up 6.92).

It is a little difficult to delve in to the data, but if I am reading the data correctly, System A had a loss of 2.7 points in August and broke even in September still leaving this system up 12.45 points (£124.50 at £10 per point). System C was +2.3 points in August and -13.45 points in September, so is still in a profit +7.85 points (£78.50 at £10 per point). Whilst, unfortunately, system A and C have not kicked on, they are still 20.3 points up since I started the trial (£203.00 at £10 per point). This system was approved on the back of these two systems and therefore, overall, my approved status isn’t going to change.

Can’t say how many points System B lost, but August and September were bad months. It was only just in profit, so these loses must have taken it deep in to negative and, therefore, possibly removing it from the portfolio. The system worked well in 2015 and 2016 so may come back in to consideration. System D had small profits of +3.11 (August) and 0.95 (September) for a combined total of 10.98 points (£109.80 at £10 per point) and may be worth considering.

I would have liked to see the systems kick on, but, to be fair August and September are very early in the season for most of the European leagues. Looking at the posted data, the final three months of the year are usually very profitable for systems A (27.05 points in 2014, 50.2 in 2015 and 43.4 points in 2016) and C (56.45 points in 2014, 63.05 in 2015 and 44 points in 2016), so I will leave myself a reminder to look again at this service mid-January.

You can try Easy Football Profits HERE

Target Tips

Week 8: 21 selections (8 wins) for a profit of 23.50 points (£235.00 at £10 per point)

Overall: 163 selections (47 wins) for a loss of 27.37 points (£-273.70 at £10 per point)

Sequence Lays

Week 8: 12 selections for a profit of 4.08 points (£40.80 at £10 per point)

Overall: 81 selections for a profit of 36.17 points (£361.70 at £10 per point)

Sports Spread Betting

Week 7: 12 selections (6 wins) for a loss of 291.15 points (£-291.15 at £1 per point)

Overall: 82 selections (41 wins) for a profit of 422.85 points (£422.85 at £1 per point)

A rather nasty correction. Late goals Sunday (-130 points, mainly thanks to Everton that accounted for -90 points),  and loads of non-runners at Worcester (-90 points) doing the damage here. A reminder that sometimes bets lose.


Platinum Winners

Week 8: 9 selections (1 wins) for a loss of 26.84 points (£-268.40 at £10 per point)

Overall: 104 selections (19 wins) for a loss of 48.73 points (£-487.30 at £10 per point)