Mirror Trading International

We all need to let off steam now and then but I recently watched a video with a lady that clearly had had enough. It’s definitely worth watching if you’ve been sitting on the fence about this particular profit opportunity. I know I was.

I’m referring to Mirror Trading International, a passive trading service based in South Africa that has had it’s fair share of controversy.

I actually joined this service a couple of months ago but have been delaying doing my initial review video while I watched all the fireworks going off around it.

It was the video that actually helped me make up my mind about proceeding. You’ll understand when you see it.

I’ll be doing monthly updates on this one.

And here’s the rant:

You can try MTI here

KBC – What you need to do now

If you got involved in the Karatbars ICO in 2018, or purchased anything from Karatbars since then, it’s likely you now own some KBC tokens.
The KBC hard fork is happening now which means your KBC will be converted to the new bespoke G999. But this won’t happen automatically. There is stuff that you need to do and you need to do this as soon as possible.

I know a lot of people leave everything until the last minute but if you do that then it’s likely you’ll lose your KBC so please watch the below video right now, or as soon as possible:

The 10 Golden Rules of Successful Betting

Recent evidence shows that while most punters claim to be winning on the horses, the yearly millions of profits won by the major bookmaker chains tell a different story. Is the average punter making a profit at all?

So how can we all truly win and turn a profit in our battle with the bookies? The key is to learn to bet like a winner. Allow Nicky Doyle (aka Bet Alchemist) long time professional winning punter share his winning golden rules of successful betting. Nicky has the betting game figured out to his advantage and so can you too!

Download the “10 Golden Rules of Successful Betting” to learn:

  • A proven formula for winning more on horse racing.
  • 2 rules your betting must have to maximize your profits
  • The single biggest factor that impacts betting profits, and how to nail it!
  • 10 golden rules for generating value bets, and how to give your betting a jump-start immediately after you read this eBook.
  • Plus much, much more!

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Trainer Track Stats For Free

As we move into autumn and the leaves start falling from the trees, thoughts gravitate to those hardy heroes of the jumping game.

The big guns will soon be stretching their legs, many of them with Festival targets six months down the track.

And, to celebrate the changing of the racing seasons, how about a brilliant, proven winner-getter?

TrainerTrackStats (TTS) has been the jump race fan’s punting bible since it was first published in 2006 for the 2006/7 jumps season.

Back then, David Pipe won more races than any other (134 – he was 32nd last term with just 33 winners from 361 runners); Willie Mullins trained 79 winners in Ireland, 23 behind Noel Meade (he trained 210 last campaign, Meade 57); and Gordon Elliott had no winners from 30 runners in his first full season training in Ireland… but he did saddle the Grand National winner in England!

Meanwhile, TTS rewarded its followers with £1,207 profit (£20 level stakes, BSP) in that inaugural run. Their initial investment? £57. The following year, the profit returned was £1,936 to the same staking. And so it’s gone on for more than a decade…

Fast forward to 2020 and, incredibly, TTS is available for no charge.

Download your copy of TTS here

So what exactly is TrainerTrackStats?

Well, if you’ve not heard of it before – where have you been?! – it is, as the name suggests, a guide to the very best trainer/track combinations in Britain.

While most of the trainers have a negative profile overall, there are places they like to target with specific types of horse. Trainers, like all of us, are creatures of habit: what has worked for them in the past is what they look to replicate in the future.

The guy behind this, and the original creator of the format back in 2006, Matt Bisogno, has whittled over 800 candidate trainer/track combinations down to just 78. That small subset form the top table in this free report and are expected to provide an average of one to two bets a day throughout the season.

It’s all free for just the next few days, and you can get your copy below.

What are you waiting for?!

Download your copy of TTS here