+EV Golf Pro Live Q&A

Watch now to discover…

  • Three problems with normal golf betting that Ian’s approach fixes

  • His independently verified track record of 29.40% ROI – plus why profits could be even better going forward…
  • What independent reviewers think of Ian and his ‘out there’ golf betting approach…

  • And then Ian’s answers to all the great questions you asked him about his unique approach!

  • After that, we gave you the chance to be one of the founding members of his new Bet Chat-backed tipping service, +EV Golf Pro… this includes being able to get your first month for just £1.

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Inside Man Live Q&A

Join pro football bettor Adam Cheng for the Inside Man Live Q&A at 7PM on Tuesday 1st August to discover…

How ‘The World’s Best Football Bettor’ made £817,617 and 28p from football betting in the last 9 years – and bumper profits for his Inside Man members!

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Here’s some of Adam Cheng’s – ‘The World’s Best Football Bettor’ – greatest betting hits…

  • Personally made £817,617 and 28p over the last 9 years betting against the bookies full time…
  • Including pocketing £73,000 in a single month
  • Made members of his Inside Man service 141 points in just three football seasons (at an ROI of more than 10%), which to £100 stakes is £14,100
  • Supported his wife and two kids 100% from betting for the last five years (even longer if you include his time as a bookmaker!)…                
  • Made money in one way or another from the betting markets since he was a teenager – so for the last three decades!

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The Value Machine – FAQ’s

It’s been a very busy few days over at The Value Machine and Kieran (the man who invented The Value Machine) has been getting a mountain of questions. He sent me the answer to those questions this afternoon and I thought I’d pass them on to you,

Here goes:

Q.Will it work if I only have Betfair?

A. Yes. If you run The Value Machine during the day and take advised price or near to it in the live Betfair markets, you will make decent profits in the long term. 

One user made a profit of 370 points in the space of 4 months just betting at SBK at an ROI of 7.8%. 

Additionally, if you focus on higher priced selections where the markets are not as efficient, you can make substantial profits at Betfair SP. 

For, example, if you had backed every selection advised at a price of 20.0+ over the last 2 years you would have made a profit of more than 850 points at an ROI of 12% after commission!

Q. I’ve only got a few bookmakers accounts. Will I be able to make it pay?

A. Absolutely. Kieran tells me of a customer of The Value Machine who made more than £16,000 profit in 6 months just following the selections at Bet365!

It can be done with a very restricted number of bookmaker accounts!

Q. How many bets does The Value Machine find a day on average?

A. It depends very much on how often you run it and the settings you use.

You can easily customise it to find you just 2 or 3 bets a day at very short prices with a high win strike rate. Or you can leave all the settings loose and run The Value Machine multiple times a day to find very large numbers of selections and get your turnover right up.

Basically, you can set it up to fit your betting style exactly.

And don’t forget, whatever you do, you can get the selections delivered automatically via Telegram alert!

Q. When is the optimum time to run The Value Machine to get the best results?

A. Whenever you are free! The Value Machine will find value bets from around 6 in the morning through to half an hour before the last race.

Q. Will it win every day?

A. No – sadly, nothing does! If you are looking for something that wins every day in the betting world – you are destined to be disappointed.

It won’t win every week either (but it will most weeks!) However, looked at over the long term, these type of value selections will always make a profit.

Now, I don’t want to scare anybody but…

Kieran is monitoring the user numbers carefully to ensure that the system can cope and that he himself can cope with the level of customer service required.

It’s getting close to the optimum number of users now and on current projections Kieran won’t be able to keep this offer open any later than this weekend.

He may even have to close it sooner than that.

If you have any interest at all in trying this out, I’m afraid you will need to be quick.

Trial The Value Machine for just £8 here

On Course Profits

Issue 104 of On Course Profits magazine has been published to 21,900 registered subscribers.

This month’s issue includes…

  • Dave Renham has an angle for profiting from LTO handicap placers.
  • Ben Aitken shares systems to exploit unexposed handicappers
  • Extra places II – are all those extra place offers from the bookies as good as they look. John Jackson has done the maths and shares a spreadsheet to save you having to do the same.
  • Clive Keeling shares a lay system with a 90% strike rate and a longest losing run of 4 over the last 10 years

That’s just the beginning all in all there are 60 pages of systems and research that will help you find more winners.

If you’re not yet subscribed click here to download issue 104 for free:

On Course Profits

The Value Machine

If you’ve been following along with the goings on over at Make Your Betting Pay this week, you’ll be well aware that my colleague, Kieran Ward, is releasing some subscriber spaces on his game changing Value Machine software.

So what is The Value Machine?

The Value Machine is web based software that enables anybody, regardless of experience, to identify value priced horse racing selections at the click of a button.

The Value Machine has had a group of loyal subscribers since it was first made available all the way back in 2016. Since that time, The Value machine has been tweaked, refined, improved and upgraded on several occasions.

Here is the overall performance from backing every single selection identified since he added telegram alerts in July 2021 (which made it a lot easier to track a benchmark performance):

Bets: 62,587

Wins: 10,001

Profit/Loss: +6220 points

Profit on Turnover: 9.94% 

If you had backed these selections to just £10 win stakes since July 2021, you would have made an astounding profit of £62,200! 

That’s an average of more than £2591.67 profit every month. To £10 Stakes.

There are very few if any methods out there that can come close to those figures.

Best of all, Kieran has put together an incredible deal to ensure that it will be affordable for everybody to give the software a two week test drive.

Plus it comes with a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee!

It’s a complete no brainer, get it here