Digitex Ltd, currently solely owned by founder and CEO Adam Todd, will convert itself from being privately held to be majority owned by its community of traders. Adam will rescind 80% equity ownership of the company in order to decentralize the exchange’s ownership and introduce a system of decentralized governance by blockchain.

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Golf Betting Expert

We tested and approved this service after it made £1,151 profit to £10 stakes in 3 months.

The service continues to deliver the goods, making over £11,000 so far and right now they have a great offer:

“Normally joining my service would set you back £29 per month. After a year, you’ll have parted with nearly £350 to receive my tips. And I know that’s a lot of money before you’ve hit any winners and before I have proven myself to you.

That’s why until 12th June, I’m slashing the prices and giving you the opportunity to become a member of my service at a hugely discounted rate with savings of up to £259 to be had.”

Until 12th June you can get a whole year of tips for just £89.

Check it out here


Rollover Update

We reviewed and approved Trends Experts earlier this year and at the time I mentioned that David Leslie, the proprietor, also ran a Tote Scoop 6 service.

David has had great success with the Scoop 6 including when he won a share of the largest jackpot ever paid… a staggering £3.2 million, so you can see exactly why he is so qualified to run Club PlayScoop6. The Club focuses exclusively on the Scoop6, and places just one bet a week – a syndicate style perm on the Scoop6.

Club PlayScoop6’s form experts spend hundreds of hours a week analysing every Scoop 6 race, starting when the 5 day decs come out on a Tuesday, something that the normal punting public who have busy working lives just can’t do. This work results in large “syndicate style” perms covering many thousands of lines, something that significantly increases your chances of winning.

I’m impressed by that the fact that the team’s Scoop6 selections produce 4 or even 5 winners out of the 6 races on a regular basis, and these can be used in your own bets, perhaps as an add on to the advice received or even combined in forecasts & tricasts… something that has produced winning dividends of over 2,000/1.

Club membership costs absolutely nothing, and something that I think is a nice touch… there is no obligation to play every week, just when you are feeling lucky!

Well, this week might be a great time to have punt. Have a look at what David is saying about it:

  • This Saturday’s rollover jackpot will be over £½ million. A £20 (plus admin) Scoop6 Plus share for example, could return around £3000.
  • Scoop6 Plus shareholders get access not only to our perm selections but also to our full selections shortlist which includes those we can’t afford to include in our perm. That list often produces 5 or 6 out of 6 winners including at high prices plus winning forecasts and tricasts – like one paying £1274 to £1 unit stakes just 2 Saturdays ago.
  • Our entries – regularly £4-5K, reduce the odds of winning by 1000s.
  • We won the Scoop6 jackpot at this year’s Cheltenham Festival and since then, have won a share of the Place Fund in 6 of 13 entries.
  • We’ve also previously had large Place Fund wins – £24,636 last December and a previous win of the entire Place Fund.
  • Our revised selection method, in place since Cheltenham, is yielding 36% more winners and 2½ times the previous number of Place Fund wins.

You can play Scoop6 here

Angel Business Club Global Convention

Get 20 FREE Gold Dividend Units

On 22nd June 2019, you can go and see for yourself what Angel Business Club is all about. They hold their annual global conference on that day in London to celebrate their 4 years in business.

If you have not already bought your ticket, you should definitely do it now as they are currently giving away 20 Britannia’s Gold dividend fund units to anyone that purchases a convention ticket.

This convention will be unique with 12 CEOs sharing their journey and exclusive news.

As long as you are at least a free member of the club you can buy tickets for the event and see first hand how valuable their projects are.


To buy tickets to the event, click the link below, remember you must be at least a free member to purchase tickets so the link will not work until you’ve joined: