Cleeve’s Cheltenham Yankee

Put your bookmaker to the sword with Cleeve’s free Cheltenham Yankee.

4 winners in Cleeve’s free Cheltenham Yankee returns over 5,000/1

Cleeve are proven Cheltenham experts, last year their free antepost Yankee returned 5 points profit with a winner and two places. This year they’re aiming to do even better.

Cleeve’s 2018 Festival record:

  • 26 bets over the 4 days
  • 4 winning selections (inc. @ 33/1)
  • 7 each way placed horses
  • 42% of bets returned a profit
  • £685 profit to £20 stakes

Download your free Yankee here

Free Betting Angles Make 809 Points Profit!

Not just one resource, but an entire collection of effective reports and video tutorials for profiting on the horses.

For a strictly limited time, you have the opportunity to receive all six of these angles, absolutely free:

  • Which trainers to follow from February onwards to make 245.68 points level stakes profit.
  • The horses to bet against to start winning 9 out of every 10 bets placed.
  • How to generate 158.65 points from National Hunt racing.
  • The four step creation process you can use to build your own profitable betting angles.

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TIG Trading

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a guy by the name of Dwayne Dowman who told me:

“For the past 6 years, I have worked for three of the Uk’s leading FX brokers, leaving as the head of UK business. I ended my institutional career in July 2018 to pursue my own goals of running a successful Forex training group/service. Having witnessed exactly how 96% of retail traders lose money, whilst liaising and working alongside the 4% of winners, there really is no one better placed than me to be able to teach clients how to trade successfully.

I know there is a lot of talk in this world and it is certainly full of both naysayers and also less than straight individuals, which is why I have backed up my claims with a 4 month verified and proofed history of trading my system.

My FX Book

I have witnessed thousands of retail traders blow accounts and use some horrendous techniques whilst trading. I have also witnessed those who know what they are doing return profits consistently. My 3 Phase trading approach creates the foundations necessary to join the elite traders and revoke all common themes of the losing majority.”

I was intrigued enough to arrange a meeting with Dwayne and you can see my short interview with him here:

He is running a weekend training on 23rd/24th March and you can find more details here:

TIG Trading

Gold Standard Bank

I know a number of you are buying enough Profit Packages to get a Masternode this week, as I am, and it occurred to me after various conversations with readers that even if you’re not going for a Masternode or Full node, the Profit Packages alone already have a built in profit as soon as you buy them.

Let me explain.

I was helping several readers work out what Profit Packages they needed to buy to get enough KCB to get to the magic 1m or 3m KCB number. And as they are buying before the bonus drops on Friday, whichever package they buy comes with a certain percentage of free bonus tokens.

For example, as I write this a €25K package comes with 64% bonus tokens, so you actually get €41,000 worth of KCB tokens for €25K. Now, here’s the clever part…

Even if you were not buying enough for a Masternode and you just wanted to make a quick profit, you will be able to sell your KCB as soon as the Mainnet goes live in September. So you’re looking at a €16,000 profit just on the KCB’s, just from buying a Profit Pack.

But that’s not all… you also get Gold with your Profit Pack. For example, with the €25K pack you get 160g of gold worth around €7000 included which again you can liquidate whenever you like.

Seems like a no brainer to me, even if you just want something to make a good return on this year, at whatever spend level you can afford.

Remember though that the bonus levels drop this Friday so if it’s something that interests you, get in this week to get the maximum profit out of it.

You can buy Profit Packages here (Join as Affiliate)

The K-Phone Launch in Dubai

On 30th March, KaratBank will be launching the world’s first Voice over Blockchain (VoB) Smartphone in Dubai.

Before you e-mail me to tell me there are already blockchain smart phones out there… those are just smart phones with built in crypto wallets. The K-Phone actually makes its voice calls over the blockchain making it decentralised and perfectly encrypted.

This is a world first and they have even patented the technology.

It also includes a removable private wallet to store and move your crypto’s on the move, and is satellite enabled, as well as Wi-Fi, SIM etc meaning you will be able to use it pretty much anywhere on the planet (or in space?).

Of course the profits generated from this phone, which could be absolutely astonishing as telecoms is possibly one of the most lucrative businesses on the planet, will be used to procure more gold to back the GSC (KCB + KBC), which you will own by buying a Profit Pack! At some point every single GSC will be backed with 1g of gold (current value around €44 each). Imagine that!

I will be going to the launch so if any of you have plans on being there, please do let me know as it would be good to meet up and say hello.

You can buy Profit Packages here (Join as Affiliate)

Six Nations

With the equine flu shutting down UK racing until at least the middle of next week, why not have a look at making some money from the Six Nations tournament?

I mentioned this service last week and here are the results from last weekends games:

Package 1: 17 points profit.

Package 2: 28.56 points profit!

It’s safe to say that members had a fantastic Week 1 and with England beating Ireland, Phil’s pre tournament tips are looking seriously good and returning BIG profits.

I’ve been getting great feedback from people that joined the live webinars and these results are just the start of what they aspire to achieve by the end of the tournament.

The £1.00 trial is still available for Week 2, however the profit guarantee can no longer be offered (understandably).

Also, they have now dropped the prices accordingly:

Package 1 is now £48.00

Package 2 is now £96.00.

The next LIVE Webinar is tomorrow, Saturday, and they have released the Weekly Tips today.

You can join here.