2 Minute Trader

We tested and approved this service last year after making £386.11 in five weeks. To remind you, this is a horse racing arbitrage system (you back and lay the same horse) that costs £79.96 per month. During the evening before racing you get selections for the next day with the odds you should try to get and odds below which you should not bet. You have to be reasonably quick to get the best odds, and you are recommended to setup email alerts on a smartphone.

At some point, before the race starts, you lay the bet off. The service provides a calculator so you can calculate your stakes.

We bet at £50 stakes but bear in mind since we are trading, laying off the selection the next day, we’re not risking £50 but locking in a profit (or a smaller loss).

So how has the service performed since we completed the review on 11th September last year?

Well, in the twelve months from 12th September 2017 to 11th September 2018 it made £2,546.67 profit.

It’s up to us when we place the lay bet, and had we layed off at the ‘optimal’ time for each bet that figure would be an incredible £8,295.57! However, of course we never know what the optimal time is going to be until after the event, and this is why ‘back tested’ results are meaningless for this kind of service.

Having said that they do recommend an optimal time for placing each lay bet but for the sake of clarity, I’ve reported the results based on placing the lay bet at 20 minutes before the race for every race. This can be achieved easily by anyone, either doing it manually or using a betting bot to place the bet for you.

Using the same criteria, the profit from 12th September this year to 13th December is another £466.98 bringing the total profit since the end of our trial to £3,013.65.

Had we been able to attain the optimum lay time that would be £9,514.47!

You can try 2 Minute Trader here

Banker Bets

Long-term success in betting can require adaptation and after three great years the original Banker-Bets service fell on hard times over the past year, so they decided it was time for a change.

Key changes to the new and improved Banker-Bets 2.0 include a larger recommended starting bank for increased comfort and safety as well as the addition of bets in the double chance, draw no bet and Asian handicap markets.

The initial results are outstanding with 37 wins, 6 losses and 5 void bets since November 1st, providing 24.75% growth to starting bank at a healthy ROI of 10.31% in just 6 weeks!

A 75% discount is available off the first month of all new subscriptions, meaning you can try out the new and improved Banker-Bets 2.0 for a full 30 days for only £6.75.

There’s a wide variety of subscriptions available on the page and the first one for £9.95 also includes the Value Picks service.

So if you’re only interested in the new and improved Banker-Bets 2.0 just scroll down the second row and and choose from the “Banker-Bets Only” subscription options.

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Racing To Profit

For the first time since it was created in 2016, Josh Wright at Racing to Profit is opening the doors to his Members’ Club to the wider racing public. Most of his members have been with him since the start, but he’s decided there’s room for a few more.

60-day money-back guarantee – you get a full 60 days to see if Josh can transform your experience of horse racing, making it much more profitable and even more enjoyable.

Inside his club you get :-

– Profitable systems that have won followers +£1110 to £5 bets so far this year.
– Big race tips that have won his members +£750 to £5 bets
– Become part of a friendly community of racing fans, sharing ideas and posting their own profitable tips and systems.
– Access to an unbelievable concentration of unique information that will help you find your own winners and make even more profit from racing.

Josh has created a unique way to experience horse racing and you can get full access for the next six months, working out at around £4.95 per week.

There’s only 200 spaces available so don’t delay. And don’t forget about the 60 day money-back guarantee!

“Not only do you get the thorough daily insights from Josh himself, but the contributors to the blog are also worth their weight in gold. I pay a quarterly subscription. Each time I have done so, I have seen my money returned and then some within days. This last time, within 1 evening. Of course it’s not some magical fairy tale land where each horse mentioned wins. That being said, the quite staggering highs definitely outweigh the short-term lows. Whether you be a casual punter (as I am) or a hardened race fanatic, if you are looking to further your education in the game, searching for long term profit (which is key) or just the sheer excitement of when one of their many amazing collective days of tipping all comes together, then I could not point you towards Racing to Profit quickly enough” – James M

You can join Josh and his loyal followers HERE