Loves Racing

Loves Racing is now open to new members at special discounted re-launch prices but these discounted prices are only available for the next few days.

With top class racing tomorrow from Newmarket and York, Brett will have his selections out to new members later this afternoon. If you want to get on early and grab the stand out prices and join Loves Racing at a discount price then today is the best day to join.

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Here is a quick recap of what you get when you join today.

Loves Racing Main Service Bets (+328.61 since Nov 17) 

These are the selections that come as the result of years of experience and hours of form study. You will be on some classy horses and some big priced winners. These are the main stay of the service and most bets will be at the weekend in the top class races.

Festival Bets (+200.92 since Mar 18)

For the Festival Bets Brett puts aside a separate bank and goes after the big priced under the radar horses that he sees as having huge potential. Brett’s members have been on two winners at 50/1 already this year that have come from his Festival Bets.

System Selections (+50.74 from 3 month proofing)

New for 2020. Brett has been persuaded to include these with the service to fill those quite mid week days when there is no top class racing to go at. The selections have been proofed for three months and in that three months produced 50 points of profit at Betfair SP and 116 points profit at early prices.

All in all this package will ensure that you have something to bet on most days with plenty of bets at the big festivals and weekends. Long term profit is assured.

Loves Racing has been tracked, reviewed, tested and passed by all the main sites and has some excellent feedback from long term happy members.

Sign up now and you can get access to all three services for under a fiver per week.

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Loves Racing

If you registered for Brett Loves free horses to follow list last year you will know they were highly profitable and you won’t need any further persuasion to confirm your address again to get the 2020 list.

Here’s the link

If you weren’t lucky enough to get on board last year, then read on…

I’ve got a freebie for you today from one of the best flat racing tipsters in the UK right now.

I’m talking about Brett Love of Loves Racing.

Brett started off life as a professional footballer with the Baggies (West Bromwich Albion)

When that career was cut short by injury Brett turned to the family business of pro gambling and more recently tipping.

Brett is a real flat expert and is a real judge of a thoroughbred.

For you today Brett has put together his list of horses nailed on to win in the coming weeks.

These are horses that Brett has highlighted from his hours of race watching, form reading and tipping.

To get your hands on the list and get notified when they run –  click here

The list is full of top class horses that will be contesting the best races this season, and winning.

As with previous lists, the most profitable approach is to back each of them on their next three runs and remove them from the list once they have won.

Those that registered for this free service last year are sitting on a 90 point profit at Betfair SP. 

Register here and Brett will give you the full list and notify you of each qualifying run.

Profit Squad

The majority of you will be familiar with matched betting. You place a bet with a bookie and lay it on the exchange so that one of your bets always wins. You won’t make a profit from these bets but you will receive a free bet for placing them from which you can make a profit.

You repeat the process above with the various betting offers available from bookmakers on a daily basis and you make a profit. Simple.

However, there is so much more to matched betting than simply claiming free bets and you’ll find many people who have been doing matched betting for years have adapted and include advanced strategies and methods in their daily routines.

So, how do you connect with these experienced bettors and where do you learn the strategies to help you make a profit after claiming all of the free bet offers?

Well, many of these experienced matched bettors are members of Profit Squad. Profit Squad is a matched betting site that offers a lot more than standard matched betting. As a member, you’ll learn advanced strategies, loopholes and other ways of generating an income from home in your spare time. Some Profit Squad members even do this on a full-time basis!

Profit Squad have a 14 day membership which costs just £1 that will give you a taste for what is on offer and as an added bonus, we’ve been able to arrange some exclusive discounts for those of you who are looking to join for a little longer. Both result in savings of 35% compared to paying monthly!

Quarterly Membership for £34.99 – Use Promo Code CASHMASTER90

Annual Membership for £139 – Use Promo Code CASHMASTER365

Simply enter the promo code when registering and the discount will be applied (you’ll see a link on the registration form saying ‘click here to change your discount code’.

> See What Profit Squad Has To Offer <

If you sign up, be sure to connect to Discord via the button on the dashboard of the members area. This is a real-time private chat application for Profit Squad members where you can discuss strategies, available offers and learn from the pros!


Last Chance to Join or Upgrade!

I hope you had a chance to look at my previous post about the flash share giveaway bonanza happening on Wednesday. If you’re not already a paying member of ABC then you need to upgrade to a paid subscription by 11pm UK time tomorrow. And if you’re thinking of upgrading your current subscription to the Premium subscription, even just for one month as I have done, then again you need to do that by tomorrow.

If you are not sure how to do that then just drop me an e-mail and I’ll show you what to do.

And remember, as a paid member you’ll also be getting shares next month in Vulcan industries which went public a few weeks ago, plus shares in Smart Trade App, TECS Group, Global Shakers and Rockster. It’s a hell of a portfolio and if they were the only shares you ever acquired, I think you’ll end up very pleased that you did. Besides, they come with a built in, instant gain of up to 13.97%!

If you’ve been meaning to do this, and putting it off, do it now. Get in for this month and then take a view whether you wish to continue your subscription or not. If you go for the Premium membership for this month, you are free to downgrade to a Pro or Standard subscription whenever you like. You can even pause your subscription and start it up again at any time.

Personally, I’ve just been paying the Standard subscription for the last few years and have acquired a lot of shares over time without really noticing. And many have more than DOUBLED in value with some of them even growing FOUR times and FIVE times more than the purchase value.

But this month I’ve upgraded to the Premium Subscription because I want the maximum allocation available with this special flash share giveaway on Wednesday.

You can join here, right now

Passive Expert Review

Passive Expert is a completely passive online earning opportunity that invests company profits into a portfolio of financial and crypto related trading and arbitrage programs and then pays it’s customers a cash back bonus of up to 1% per day out of company profits. As Passive Expert put their funds to work in a diverse spread of income producing strategies, risk is reduced significantly and the failure of any particular strategy within the portfolio doesn’t impact the whole fund.

Payments are made daily until 125% of original purchase price is returned.

What you actually purchase are advertising packages that allow you to advertise your business on their platform, but owners of these Ad Packs also receive the daily share of profits generated by the company.

The company is completely transparent and the owner, Lee Merritt, is available to talk to either online, by telephone, or even in person!

I’ve tested the platform for three months and have been paid every day without fail. The advertising platform is really effective, so if you have any websites you wish to promote, either as an owner or an affiliate, then it’s worth using this platform even without the cash back bonus. The fact that you get 125% of the cost of your adverting paid back makes this a no brainer for any business looking to increase traffic.

Of course you don’t need to make use of the advertising if you’re only interested in the passive income opportunity. Simply buying an adpack means you’ll be making a 25% profit on the cost of your ad pack over time and you can buy as many ad packs as you wish. Also, if you re-invest some of your profits, the compounding effect can be really quite dramatic.

You can see a video of my progress so far here:

I’m happy to approve Passive Expert and will continue to use this for the foreseeable future.

You can join for as little as $10 here