Cleeve Racing – Ten To Follow

I hope you are as excited about the coming flat season as I am, it promises plenty of excitement and chances to bag some profit along the way.

An early season winner is Cleeve Racings annual Ten to Follow guide. This quality guide is always an interesting read and steers clear of the usual suspects to focus on 10 horses which are going slightly under the radar and bound to give you better value.

The best thing is it’s totally FREE so you’re onto a winner straightaway! Download the guide and add the horses to your tracker so you’re alerted every time they run, you can then assess whether they have optimum conditions and are a betting proposition.

Win draw or lose it will add another dimension to your season and once again it’s totally free so get your copy while it’s still available.

Impulse K1 Voice Over Blockchain Phone

If you want to lay your hands on the latest piece of smartphone technology, on the earliest possible date of delivery, at either no cost or no cost plus extra currency back in your hands there is a limited time window to do it.

Here are the deals:

1) BEST DEAL !! Spend €4,000 (euros) get the K1 Impulse Voice-over-Blockchain phone and €12,000 (euros) back in currency. Yup, spend €4k and get €12k back AND get a Karatbars VIP business position for FREE!

2) Spend €2,850 get the K1 Impulse and €4,275 in currency back.

3) Spend €1,750 get the K1 Impulse and €1,750 in currency back.

4) Spend €1,250 get the phone and €1,250 in currency back… still a good deal because you get the phone for free.

In all cases this is a pre-order deal (that’s why it is so attractive), the phone is likely to arrive in either October 2019 or maybe late September. So whilst you will get an invoice/receipt (that will be on site immediately after purchase for you to download and keep), you will not get the goods for a few months.

The phone comes in 3 colours (army, carbon or gold). They all look really good but I especially liked the gold.

The currency is KCB coins to the values stated and you will be able to exchange these for USD, EURO, GBP etc. in October 2019 through the Karatbit Exchange. Yes, really, and it is quite possible that if you hold on to these babies a little longer they could be worth much more.

So it really is an amazing deal.

The K1 Impulse phone is incredible. It comes with military grade security, it is totally private and everything you do on it is encrypted. It can be linked through satellite, so useable, literally, anywhere on Earth and, of course, all the normal smartphone stuff comes on top.

It really is the smartest smartphone you will be able to buy. And Karatbars International has the intellectual property on the encryption software and the patent on all the fancy bits including the incredible Cryptodata software.

But best of all, no matter how you look at it, no matter what you think, regardless of what your inner brain is telling you, it is FREE and, amazingly, package 1 and 2 will also give you real profit back too.

I bet you’d order the latest iPhone all day long if Apple paid you three times the money to buy it, right?

Click here for the K1 IMpulse Initial Brochure

Yes you have to join Karatbars – yes it means filling out a little online form and doing a little ID checking stuff but we all have to do that all of the time these days. It takes a few minutes, that’s all. Even a bookmaker wants that from you just so he can take your money!

So just click the link below, go in as affiliate as that gives you more choice – make sure you use an email address that you can get emails to because you will have to click a verify email link. Gmail are generally the best for this. Then do the KYC and order the phone (you’ll find it under Product Purchase > K1 Impulse Phone).

That’s it – simple!

You’ll have the most sophisticated phone on the planet and €12,000 too if you go for Option 1!

Go here to get your phone on pre-order

Profitable Investment Education

Recent research has produced the following FRIGHTENING results.

A person aged 65 with £100,000 pension pot could currently receive an annual annuity income of £3,400. If you divide this by 365 days in a year, you get a daily income of £9.31, between you and your partner.

Try living on this sum of money now, to get used to how it feels (assuming you have £100,000 in your pension fund). Ask yourself what quality of life will £9.31 a day buy you both? Even if you have £500,000 in your pension pot at these returns, is that going to be enough? £46.58 a day between you.

Are we sleepwalking headlong into a major personal financial catastrophe or is it time to take action?

With the PIE strategy a £100,000 pot could return £30,000 per year, even more if you were more active with it. With £500,000 you could be looking at a £150,000 pa income, or £410 per day before tax.

This takes just 10 minutes a month to operate, so it won’t eat into your retirement activities at all, or your work life if you’re that way inclined.

The strategy isn’t difficult, or complicated, and there are no age barriers to getting started.

“Hello to you both, I know it is a long time since I last sent you an update… Nevertheless since 16th March last year to date my account has improved by 44%, however this is only with 10 trades. Best wishes. David”

David is in his eighties and returned 44% in less than a year!

Of course, if you wish to be more proactive with the strategy, then the profit is there for the taking:

“Took £100 profit per contract out yesterday. Only sold them late on Thursday and bought back Monday lunch. That’s 30% in less than 48 hours!

Steve enjoys some rather juicy profits by trading more actively.

You can learn this strategy on a one day masterclass either in London, or in South Yorkshire. Here’s some feedback:

“I attended a seminar at a London hotel run by Glynn and Paul. The layout was very impressive and the whole thing was very well run.
The object was to explain their concept on trading in options. I had no knowledge of “options” let alone that they could be traded. The idea was brilliantly explained and over the morning session of some 3 hours it made perfect sense.
The afternoon session was manly spent on doing tests on the large screen by various members of the group. I liked the idea and signed up to the system.
I received two large beautifully detailed manuals explaining the system in detail. What appealed to me were the various types of system you could choose depending on your own preference.  I have always tended to the safe side so I picked a very safe approach and operated strictly to the suggested details in the manuals. I can truly say that I never lost money by following implicitly what was laid down in the manuals. I dare say by taking a different approach I could have made more money but I am perfectly happy as I am.

Both Glynn and Paul are available by phone or e-mail as back up but by following the manuals, you do not have to contact them often. In closing I would not hesitate to recommend the PIE system to anyone. – Ron Syme”

They are running a masterclass on 18th April in South Yorkshire and this is one of only three they are running this year.

If you can’t make the masterclass but want to learn the strategy then you can purchase the Home Study course that can be downloaded and viewed at your leisure. Purchasing the home study course comes with the same level of support by both telephone and e-mail, plus it entitles you to attend one of the live masterclasses in the future, should you wish to, at no extra charge.

Glynn and Paul have been teaching this method for seven years now and have received some amazing feedback over the years, details available on their website below:

The HRP Automiser

When HRP guru Lieutenant K posted his amazing quad results (see below) members were keen to jump on board his very profitable Quads train. However, some members, especially those who cannot be in front of their computers all day, have found this difficult. Not anymore!

What if you could play the Quads just by opening a piece of software?

…The HRP Quads can be played on true autopilot with The HRP Automiser!

“This is absolutely dynamite. I feel privileged to have been asked to test!!! I have been using the software as asked with just the quads. I didn’t think it would be this easy. The HRP Automiser surely is as close as it gets to a license to print money! People are going to go crazy for this. I am lol. I will feedback more tomorrow with my steady bank growth 🙂 Thanks again.” – HRP Member (Volunteer Beta Tester)

Firstly a quick recap of the Quad results 15th October – 28th February:

Start: 15th October
Total Bets: 750
Winning Bets: 722
Debit Bets: 28
96.27% strike rate

Profit from a 100pt start bank
+373.84% as of 28th February

LATEST UPDATE: +425.60% as of 21st March

Want to start achieving the same kind of results without any work?

You can! – Once you have the HRP Automiser software running you will literally have to do nothing apart from watch your betting bank grow with results like the above. How good is that?

How is it possible?

  • The HRP Automiser dynamically gets and loads the quad selections for the day without you having to do anything.
  • The HRP Automiser automatically places the quad selections at the Betfair exchange at the right time and with the right stake without you having to do anything.
  • The HRP Automiser then collects the results, calculates the next selection and updates your profit. All without you having to do anything.

Remember: “The Quads” are just 1 of 5 methods you can play with the HRP Automiser. You can elect to use a single method or even play with all 5 simultaneously. Simply toggle the on/off button for each method. (see image below)

Fig 1: Select which methods you want by toggling the On/Off switches.

Fig2: The days Quad selections will automatically appear.

Fig 3: The Quad Selections are automatically placed exactly at the right time.

When is the HRP Automiser released? 

Masterclass members are set to be issued with the software at the Masterclass event on the 6th April along with full training.

There are just a few places remaining so if you have been thinking of booking your place but have been sitting on the fence then now is the time you need to take action:

What if I cannot attend? If you cannot attend for whatever reason but would still like to secure your access to The HRP Automiser and HRP training then click below:

More MasterClass and HRP Automiser updates will follow.

Profit Squad

Take a look at these screenshots from the ‘February Profit Round-Up’ thread on the ProfitSquad forum.

As you can see, members are reporting five-figure profits and that’s just in one month!

There are many more like this with several members posting profits in the thousands!

So how are all of these members making so much profit??

ProfitSquad provide members with a number of money-making strategies which give you, the player, the edge over the bookmaker or casino. There’s no tipping or punting bets and by simply choosing the correct bookmaker offers which have a Positive Expected Value (+EV), you can return a profit.

Primarily, Profit Squad are a matched betting service. You will probably know what matched betting is so I won’t go too deep into that but it’s basically turning free bets from bookmakers into real withdrawable cash by covering all outcomes of a bet. It can be extremely profitable, even if you already have accounts at all of the bookmakers.

However, Profit Squad offer SO much more than standard matched betting. They’re experts in extracting value from casino offers as you can see from the profit examples above. They also offer a number of other unique money-making strategies which can make you worthwhile profits each month.

You can try ProfitSquad out for 14 days for just £1. That’s unbelievable value! They’ll even give you a refund within 14 days if you’re not satisfied!

Can you really afford not to give ProfitSquad a go for £1?


As an added bonus, I’ve arranged an exclusive promo code which will give you 30 days access for just £4.99. That’s a discount of over 70%! Simply change the promo code to CASHMASTER when registering and the discount will be applied!

£1 for 14 days or £4.99 for 30 days, the choice is yours! Both are extremely good value!

Click here to get started today and join hundreds of other members in beating the bookies & casinos. It could be the best decision you ever make.