Golf: How To Win Betting In 2022

The Smart Betting Club (SBC) guys know about profitable betting using tipsters, and one of the best ways to make money betting in recent times has been on golf.

To showcase just how potent golf betting can be, they have published a free 34-page guide that can show you exactly how to profit from the sport in 2022.

Titled ‘Golf: How To Win Betting In 2022’, it’s one of the most comprehensive betting guides for golf that I’ve personally ever read and sets the gold standard in tipster review content as usual.

You may well enjoy reading their reviews on the golf betting tipsters and strategies they used to turn a profit last year, including one free tipster that made over 700 points profit!

The guys at SBC also bet heavily on golf themselves and you can also read a full rundown from each of Pete, Alex and Rowan on how they fared with their own personal golf betting in 2021. They reveal who they followed, how much they made and their advice on how you can do the same in 2022.

There’s a ton more as well with the guide totalling 34 pages of great golf betting info.

And it’s completely free to download via the link below:

Download Here

SC Sports

Over 450 points profit in 11 months!

This service from the reliable BetHub agency concentrates on basketball and cricket. The consistency of the win/bet ratio is mouth-watering, with every month a winning one for both sports with the exception of cricket in December for a tiny loss (still overall +23 points in December with basketball profits) – and even the most extreme pessimist could probably not have predicted England’s Ashes capitulation!

In the basketball, many of the odds quoted are very skinny, but combined into accumulators have shown consistent profitability and staking can vary between half a point and five points. The staking does actually reflect conviction, and I am happy that the strategy is to maximise the confidence with each bet.

The essential stats:

Basketball 257 bets 562 points invested 2.17 av points per bet
Cricket 367 bets 1030.75 points invested 2.72 av points per bet
Overall 637 bets 1592.75 points invested 2.5 av points per bet

Cricket 194 wins 158 losses 13 scratch 52% strike rate
Basketball 124 wins 133 losses 48% strike rate
Overall 318 wins 291 losses 13 scratch 51% strike rate

Cricket 191 points
Basketball 282 points
Overall 473 points

Cricket 18%
Basketball 50%
Overall 29%

I have had to calculate the basketball ROI several times to make sure I haven’t made a mistake. 50% ROI is absurd. Really, it just shows the enthusiasm and knowledge of the sports and betting markets of the man behind this service is very successful.

So – downsides. It would be easy for me to sign off this review and say go and make yourself 400+ points a year. However, these markets are often very niche, often serviced by only one bookie, and that does make it hard to follow for some of us. Many of the bets aren’t available on Betfair or other exchanges, and maybe (I haven’t delved into this) the ones which are, maybe not as profitable. You can do your own diligence because the results are available on the website.

However, the fact is that much of the most profitable betting comes from niche markets and professional bettors find a way to get on. There’s plenty of activity, so the 14 day free trial on offer will give you the chance to get a feel of whether you can make this work. For those who can, this is an excellent service and I have no hesitation in giving it a hearty thumbs up.

You can try SC Sports HERE

Daisy Trading Update – Uplift Token Swap

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The Value Machine

It’s been a very busy few days over at The Value Machine and Kieran (the man who invented The Value Machine) has been getting a mountain of questions. He sent me the answers to those questions this afternoon and I thought I’d pass them on to you so here goes:

Q.Will it work if I only have Betfair?
A. Yes. If you run The Value Machine during the day and take advised price or near to it in the live Betfair markets, you will make decent profits in the long term. It won’t be as profitable as betting with Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers but it will make money! These selections will break even at Betfair SP after commission because pretty much all of the value has disappeared by race off time – except at higher prices (20/1+), where a decent profit can be made at Betfair SP.

Q. I’ve only got a few bookmakers accounts. Will I be able to make it pay?
A. Absolutely. It can be done with a very restricted number of bookmaker accounts. Kieran told me of a customer who made more than £16,000 profit in 6 months just following the selections at Bet365!

Q. How many bets does The Value Machine find a day on average?
A. It depends very much on how often you run it and the settings you use. You can easily customise it to find you just 2 or 3 bets a day at very short prices with a high win strike rate. Or you can leave all the settings loose and run The Value Machine multiple times a day to find very large numbers of selections and get your turnover right up. Basically, you can set it up to fit your betting style exactly. And don’t forget, whatever you do, you can get the selections delivered automatically via Telegram alert!

Q. When is the optimum time to run The Value Machine to get the best results?
A. Whenever you are free! The Value Machine will find value bets from around 6am through to half an hour before the last race.

Q. Will it win everyday?
A. No – sadly, nothing does! If you are looking for something that wins everyday in the betting world – you are destined to be disappointed. It won’t win every week either (but it will most weeks!). However, looked at over the long term, these type of value selections will always make a profit – close to 15,000 bets in the last 5 months more than prove the case!

Kieran is monitoring the user numbers carefully to ensure that the system can cope and that he himself can cope with the level of customer service required. It’s getting close to the optimum number of users now and on current projections Kieran won’t be able to keep this offer open any later than this weekend.

He may even have to close it sooner than that.

If you have any interest at all in trying this out, you will need to be quick.

You can try it for just £8 here

The Value Machine

£2966 per month.

That’s what you would have averaged in clear profit each month over the last 5 months backing the Value Machine selections to £10 level stakes.

The Value Machine is the (sort of) new offering from Kieran Ward over at Make Your Betting Pay.

It’s the first time he’s made new spaces on The Value Machine generally available in a good few years – and his decision has been prompted by some game changing upgrades and improvements to the software

It is a super simple web based software with nothing to download and it finds ultra-profitable value bets literally at the click of a button.

You can set it up to find exactly the kind of bets that fit your risk profile and you can even get it to automatically send those selections direct to your phone via the Telegram app.

If you feel like being cautious, you can even paper trade the selections it finds for 30 days, safe in the knowledge that if you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever, Kieran will give you every penny back.

And you can ‘suck it and see’ at a massive discount with a 14 day trial

These spaces will not last long so…

Find out more here