Second Class Racing

I’m often asked what is the “best” tipping service available and that’s impossible to answer because it entirely depends what sort of betting is suitable for the person using it.

What I can answer though is what my personal favourite is, the one that I use and am successful with, and it is Second Class Racing.

This is a service provided by Mel Gee, via the BetChat betting portal, and is simply superb.

It’s a lay betting service, meaning we are betting on a horse to lose its race, and involves receiving tips via a members Telegram group (or via the members website) at around midday. There are, on average, around five selections a day and we simply lay these selections to, say, £20 stakes (or whatever is appropriate for you) to the odds given in the notification on Betfair. The maximum odds we lay at is 6.0, so there are never any large liabilites like you get with some lay services.

What’s important is that we lay at the odds Mel gives us, and Mel actually publishes a screenshot of his own Betfair screen so there can be no doubts, as below… 

What often happens when you place your bets is that the bets are not matched as the odds have drifted beyond the odds we place them at. But that’s ok. It’s important NOT to take higher odds in an attempt to get matched. Since I’ve been a member of this service I’ve seen various discussions in the members Telegram chat channel where some members are wondering whether it’s better to take higher odds or not, in an attempt to get more bets matched and, hopefully, more profits made. But the advice from both Mel and Josh (BetChat owner) is to stick to the rules… the prices we are laying at are “value” prices and it doesn’t matter whether we get matched or not because over the long term it should mean we make a decent profit.

Of course this means that personal results will vary from the “official” results, depending entirely on what you get matched but in my experience, and from what I can see in the members channel, it seems that members appear to be actually doing better than the official results… because they’re not getting matched on losing bets that the service has.

Which brings me neatly on to the results. I’ve been in this service since it launched on 23rd September last year:

Bets: 177
Wins: 152
Lose: 25
S/R : 85.88%
Points Profit: 41.1
Profit to £20 stakes: £823.26

And if you compare this to the official results you’ll see I’ve clearly done better:

Bets: 252
Wins: 210
Lose: 42
S/R : 83.33%
Points Profit: 23.1
Profit to £20 stakes: £462.08

Now I did miss a couple of betting days when I was on flights, and they were losing days for the service, but the rest of the discrepancy simply comes from not getting matched on bets that went on to be losing bets.

So I think the take home from this is to follow the rules, bet at the odds given, and then just see how you get on. The good news is that everyone that has been in this service for a reasonable amount of time has made decent profits and ultimately that’s what it’s all about.

This really is a “set and forget” service. Bets come out around midday, it takes a couple of minutes to place the bets and then you simply forget about it and either check the results at the end of the day or the next day when you get the next bets. Or, if you’re that way inclined, you can join in the banter on the members chat Telegram group which is very friendly and amusing.

I really like this service. It’s simple, effective, profitable and great fun. I have no hesitation in giving this an Approved rating.

There is currently a massive £199.91 discount on the service until midnight tomorrow, Wednesday 31st January, so if this is of interest to you, it’ll be worth joining right now… And a full money back guarantee too!

Full details here

SparkSwap System

I’ve got something really very cool for you today. This is something that ANYONE can quickly learn how to do regardless of age or background. It’s really that good and that simple to follow. 

Below is a link to an interview carried out by my good friend John Duncan with Andrew Lock, the creator of this tool, where everything is explained and, of course, proof is given as to just how good this is.

Andrew has developed a strategy that he teaches via a superb video course. It’s a hands on teaching process delivered in a way that refuses to leave anyone behind. If you finish this (and Andrew makes it a pleasure to go through) it will show you how to get the total cost of purchase back and a handsome profit very quickly and easily.

And that’s not all, so far, Andrew’s past students have an unbelievable (but totally proven) 100% success record.

That’s right! 100% of the people who have gone through the first phase and testing ground for this remarkable product have all made money from the process. This includes a man in his eighties and a 12 year old!

BUT… there’s a slight catch. And I know this is going to sound like marketing hype but it really isn’t. This product has been promoted recently by John on a special launch price for his subscribers and that deal was due to come to an end this weekend just gone. The deal is ridiculously good. Seriously this sort of product is usually sold as a high ticket item for a few grand but when you see the price you’ll see why it’s only for a very limited time.

I asked John if he could ask Andrew to extend this deal just for a few more days so that my subscribers could at least have a look and see if it’s of interest to them. He said yes, but this deal will end this week at which point it will be sold at the more realistic price in line with similar products. So have a look as soon as you can!

You’ll Receive Instant Access to:

10 x Module Video Training.
Step-by-Step Guides.
Foundation Training for Complete Beginners.
Full Transcripts and Audio Recordings of Every Lesson.

And all of it explained simply and step-by-step, in plain english, Guaranteed. And if you implement what you learn, you WILL be earning a daily passive income, fast!

Got Questions?

Watch the video interview first!

Seriously, please actually watch the interview before asking questions about this because it’s almost certain that your question is answered in the video. If it isn’t, then by all means let me know.

Check it out here

The Master Speed Formula

I’ve got a really, really special offer for you today.

Ian over at Inform Racing contacted me to let me know of a ridiculously good strategy one of his subscribers developed using his speed ratings.

I’ve always been a fan of Ian’s speed ratings but check out what this strategy has produced…

  • It can be used all year around on the all weather, flat turf racing, chase races and hurdles.
  • You will be backing horses NOT laying them
  • It provides a rough average of around 5 or 6 bets per day
  • It has made over 1,300 pts level stakes profit for win bets using Betfair Starting Price
  • And a further 700 pts level stakes profit from place bets using Betfair Place Odds
  • Using the staking plan James uses, you could have made over £375,000 from the win bets and a £500 starting bank 
  • Using the same plan and bank for place bets would have made you a further £128,000
  • That’s over half a million pounds profit in 6 years, just copying what James is already doing!
  • The average strike rate for win bets is an incredible 30%. (As I write this the strike rate stands at 31.4%)
  • You would normally associate short priced favourites with a 30% strike rate, not runners at big odds
  • ….yet there have been dozens of double figure odds winners up to 200/1
  • And the average BSP has been close to 7.5, so around 6/1
  • Longest losing run for win bets has been just 20 in 6 years of betting – with a longest winning run of 7 on the bounce
  • Longest losing run for place bets has been just 11 – and a longest run of 19 successful placed horses in a row!
  • The average strike rate for place bets is also very high at over 60%
  • You can copy James’s staking plan, which isn’t level stakes, percentage staking or any dangerous recovery type plan
  • All results and profit claims can be fully verified by you with your downloaded copy
  • And remember, that strike rate of 30% and big odds winners = something very unique, or probably unheard of before!

You can purchase this strategy for a one off fee and it includes a settings file to load into the System Builder tool at Inform Racing that will allow you to get all past results as well as to get any selections for the day at the click of a button.

You will need an active subscription to Inform Racing to use the System Builder tool but this is where it gets even better…

With your purchase you get a special link included in the PDF that gives you £10 off your first months subscription to Inform Racing… but DON’T use that!

No, if you use THIS LINK you’ll get £20 off your first months subscription which means you pay only £15 instead of £35.

Given the profits you’ll be making, and on Betfair too so no worries about gubbed bookie accounts, the monthly subscription to the speed ratings will pay for itself.

So what’s the downside?

This offer is only available until midnight on Sunday, so get on it now or forever regret missing out.

You can get The Master Speed Formula here

VC Crowd – How to double your money by Christmas

I’ve been a member of VC Crowd for a number of years now and have made very significant returns on my money. It’s a completely passive opportunity where you simply pay a monthly membership fee and each month you get given shares to the value of your membership fee (less a small admin fee) in exciting business start ups that are accelerated by the VC Crowd team.

Recently my good friend Paul Hardingham took over the role of General Manager at VC Crowd and I caught up with him for a quick chat about the latest updates and developments there, including an offer available before the end of this month that will effectively double your money by Christmas.

Have a look here:

Join VC Crowd Here