Like me, you may have read all about Karatbars going back to 2018, and been convinced they were onto a good thing, because unlike most cryptos, these had something of real value backing them up – gold. Over the months and years, we watched as the incentives to get involved kept coming, including many mouthwatering bonus incentives to get others on board.

There were the state-of-the-art mobile phones working on their own blockchain, tablets, cars to win, it all seemed unstoppable. We had Graham and John flying round the world on their jollies, recording updates and having me jealously watching from the suburbs of South London. It has to be said, though, that I was always dubious about the sheer numbers of coins being released to the community.

Then it all went tits up. There were tales of grand scale theft by a former executive, and interference by the German government, and Twitter was awash with doom and gloom. Inevitably, the value of the coins cascaded downwards, and stayed there.

You may, like me, have written off that particular investment. But then, I reckoned without some particularly determined investors in the community who have come up with a very neat way for us all to at least break even, but the canny ones aren’t going to stop there, but hang around for all five targets which, if achieved, will turn our new coins into a superb profit. I was sceptical, of course, and didn’t want to go through the hours of videos explaining how they are going to do this. But I’m glad I did, because if enough KBC holders play along with the plan (and I certainly pledge that I will), it could work. I thoroughly recommend that you sign up to the Telegram channel and, if you haven’t seen the videos, scroll back to find out what it’s all about. It could be the best thing you’ve done since, well, since you bought them in the first place.

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Hidden Winners

September update

On September 24th I wrote an update on this service shouting how well it was doing since the start of the trial at the beginning of September. It seems I put the mockers on it! Since then, it has experienced a 26 bet losing run on the winners, and the places have hardly fared much better!

Having said that, the service for winners only on Betfair SP -5% commission is still almost 16 points up. The recommended win/place staking is around break even on early bookie prices and BSP, so really it could be just a bad run.

The free trial as originally blogged is now over, and sign-ups are now available which include a built-in 7 day free trial.

You can wait and watch this blog to see how it gets on, or if you want to take a punt, you can sign up here

The Outside Edge

Final review

This guy is good. Over the 3 month review he has made a profit to early advised prices, Betfair SP win and place, and Betfair SP win only. An excellent final month was capped when Majestic Dawn won the Cambridgeshire (advised at 50/1). But that wasn’t a one off bit of luck (though without that excellent winner, Betfair SP win only would have been a loser for the review period). September’s profit of 64 points was a very decent conclusion to the review.
Staking is sensible, usually 1-3 points outlay per bet.

I have monitored this service for the three month period beginning July 1st. With average odds of 10.5 thus far, you can expect long losing runs and losing months too (although all three months of the review showed a decent profit). However, for those punters with patience, the service has averaged 20 points profit per month since proofing began last December. The advised bank of 150 points has never been in any danger.

Any service which can show a fair profit at Betfair SP is always of interest to me. And for those with unconstrained bookie accounts, you would have made some very good money with this service, especially if you got on early at the advised prices.

Here are the headline stats for the 3 month review:

384 bets; 67 winners; 52 placed; 265 losers

ROI: advised prices 18%; Betfair win & place -5% commission 11%; Betfair win only -5% commission 8.7%

Longest losing run: 20 (35 points)

Strike rate: win; 17.44% win & place 30.98%

Points staked: 689

P/L: Advised early prices: +124; Betfair win & place -5% commission +76; Betfair win only -5% commission +60

My own target for a very good service is 20+ points profit a month, and that this was achieved here at win only Betfair SP is impressive. The early advised prices yielded double that. So, were the results skewed by the big winner of the Cambridgeshire? Well, yes and no. Without that win, Betfair win only would have been a losing bet, and I would advise against going down that road. By the way, Betting Gods do not record results from Betfair for this service, this is just my own reference as I know there are many Cash Master subscribers who, like me, do not use bookies.

Without the Majestic Dawn winner, advised prices would still have been 64 points up, so ahead of my 20 point per month target. BSP would have been 25 points up, and even 8 points profit a month would make this service worth considering. And it was no fluke that Majestic Dawn was identified as a bet, there are many other good priced winners, all available for viewing on the Betting Gods website.

This is an APPROVED service from me.

You can try The Outside Edge here

Hidden Winners

I’m not sure why this system is called Hidden Winners. Going through the videos provided on the website, the vendor shows us how he goes about picking his selections according to form using the excellent Geegeez form website. For maiden races and those with little form, again, he looks down the obvious roads of trainer comments and market moves. I wouldn’t consider these avenues as hidden. You would expect winners that are hidden to be runners which have aspects about them in today’s race which are likely to elude market makers.

This is not a method of form reading whereby you’re necessarily likely to arrive at the same selections as vendor Michael, because everybody will spot different signs with different runners. In reviewing this service, therefore, I will treat it as a tipster service with added extras, rather than a system as alluded to when we launched this earlier this month.

There is some discussion on the website about staking, and how different bettor types should bet within their comfort zones. He has produced results based on 2 points win for odds of 7.0 and below, and 1 point each way for higher odds. These are based on 10am prices as available on Oddschecker.

There are two sets of (unverified) results on the website going back to October 2019, and these look very interesting. 424 points profit to BSP, and 538 points for early prices, to the 2pt win/1pt ew system. The second system is simply 1 pt win all bets, showing +300 points for early prices and 237 points to BSP. These win only results are better than the each way option, if you double the stake so it is equivalent.

I have been monitoring the bets since the beginning of the month. Using 1 point win stakes or half each way, I have recorded 19 points profit at early prices, and 26 points profit at BSP. I haven’t recorded the early prices for BOG bookies but it will be better than the 19 points. I am very impressed with this return, but like the pre-trial results, I have found that single win bets are even more profitable, showing a very impressive 41 point profit to BSP.

Based on pre-trial and my own monitoring since the start of this month, I reckon this service deserves your attention, and my recommendation is that you bet to one point win only stakes.

You can sign up to the waiting list here

Exponential Bet

It’s time for another update on this service, given that it has been relaunched yet again. Since my initial review of this in 2018, it has seen more changes than the government’s pandemic strategy, but I believe it is finally settled now, having metamorphosed into a hands off series of betting investment systems on horse racing in the UK.

The portal for these four systems is Cloud Bet Bot, a third party service that provides automated cloud betting solutions for tipsters and service providers, it is a free service for clients following services that use the platform. Only one account is required to follow multiple independent services and systems.

Once the service provider has authorised your access; you login, go to the service providers ‘bot page’, set your stake and activate it – that’s it. You can change your stake or stop the bot placing the bets at any time. You don’t need to keep the web page open, the cloud engines order the bets for you.

Services utilising Cloud Bet Bot are not rated, ranked or in a league, are not cross promoted, have no adverts on bot pages. Its a simple ‘set and forget’ platform to alleviate having to manually order bets that tipsters send you.

Bets are placed via the bot on the Betfair exchange, and there is some flexibility as to timing of placement. What’s really neat about the Exponential suite is the various options of choosing your own risk liability.

The four strategies are:


Sure Favs

This bets on race favourites using filters determined over the past few years, most recently using live rather than back fitted results, which, as anyone who has been following any of the many systems which adopt this latter tactic, know it to be fraught with instability. The same is true for all of the strategies.

The low risk profit prediction over the next year using recent live results is 120 points. Medium risk is estimated at 200 points. High risk, 220 points. The cost of signing up to Sure Favs is £29.99 monthly, £62.98 quarterly (saving 30%), £116.96 six monthly (saving 35%), £215.93 annually (saving 53%).

You can sign up to Sure Favs here


Bet Advantage

This looks for value bets, again using filters developed and tweaked during live results.

The low risk profit prediction over the next year using recent live results is 200 points. Medium risk is estimated at 300 points. High risk, 500 points. The cost of signing up to Bet Advantage is £29.99 monthly, £62.98 quarterly (saving 30%), £116.96 six monthly (saving 35%), £215.93 annually (saving 53%).

You can sign up for Bet Advantage here


Racing Lays

Again, this is a strategy developed and tweaked over the past couple of years adjusting filters to live results going forward.

You can choose between standard (main) risk, or high risk, and also between fixed liability or fixed stake, the latter risking much higher liability but reaping much higher rewards. The cost of signing up to Racing Lays is £29.99 monthly, £62.98 quarterly (saving 30%), £116.96 six monthly (saving 35%), £215.93 annually (saving 53%).

You can sign up for Racing Lays here


Lay Dutching

This service started out as a back dutching system until Betfair decided to move the goalposts with Betfair Multiples, and has metamorphosed into a lay dutching system which is essentially the same thing. As with Racing Lays, you can choose between standard (main) risk, or high risk, and also between fixed liability or fixed stake, the latter risking much higher liability but reaping much higher rewards. The cost of signing up to Lay Dutching is £29.99 monthly, £62.98 quarterly (saving 30%), £116.96 six monthly (saving 35%), £215.93 annually (saving 53%).

You can sign up for Lay Dutching here.


One Subscription

Or, you can sign up for all four services which includes Sure Favs, Bet Advantage, Racing Lays, Lay Dutching, and The Trading Service once available, with all future releases added automatically. Monthly is £49.99 (saving 58.33% on joining all 4), £126 quarterly (saving £64.99%) or an annual subscription at £399.99 (72.21%).

You can join One Subscription here


I would strongly recommend that subscribers should go and look at the actual results which are available on the website rather than blindly looking at estimated profits. Ryan, who runs the service, is very loquacious and articulate, and he has gone to great pains to discourage anyone from signing up if they don’t understand the peaks and troughs necessary to go on this journey. Now that these systems are settled, I am very keen to see how the results pan out over the next year and onwards. If the predicted profits materialise, those membership fees are going to look a snip.