Exponential Bet

Get onto this ASAP!

I reviewed and approved this excellent service over six months ago here. At the time, I was a bit overwhelmed with everything going on, there are so many different aspects to this, and all of them are under constant research, review and development. Ryan works ridiculously hard and has a deep passion for how to make a gradual, constant long-term profit out of betting systems. Now he has teamed up with top of the industry bet bot developer, Nigel Dove, to make the whole experience simple for subscribers to his Remote Dutch Betting service.

Everything is done for you, all you need to do is set up a your stakes in the Cloud Bot, and you’re good to go. This is an update from Graham’s last post when he set his bot up on a VPS server. Because the new bot is Cloud based, a VPS is no longer necessary. So once you’ve set your stakes, you can leave it at that, apart from occasionally taking your winnings from your Betfair account.

Now, here’s the downside. Because the service is dutching at around SP, subscriber numbers have to be restricted until they can properly assess the impact that current levels of membership have on the market. This isn’t the usual FOMO stuff, this is me saying it. As Ryan says in his latest blog,

New members will be invited once we’ve assessed the liquidity after we resume on the 22nd. However, we are expecting to have some limited spaces available due to the decrease in overall exposure per bet. If you’re interested in registering on the waiting list for Remote Dutch Betting, and have not previously registered and received confirmation, drop me an email (at this link). I’ll write to confirm you’re added to the list, and let you know when we have some availability. Subscriptions start at £29.99 per month, with options up to yearly, with the cloud set up access is included in this membership at no extra cost.

I would encourage everyone to get on the website and keep up to date with what they’re doing. Not content with stopping at the systems Ryan has created, they have gone further and teamed up with Keith Eckstein of Focus Ratings fame to create Race Researcher which they’re planning to be the best in the industry, and there will be crowdfunding opportunities to develop this amazing betting tool.

So go over to Exponential and have a look at what’s in the pipeline. It’s very exciting and you won’t want to miss it.

BetHub Free Tips

BetHub is a new tipster management service which currently has four tipsters on their books. Although new, the man behind this agency is known to me as I have followed some of his incredibly successful services over many years, and this certainly makes me interested in the latest project.

What you want from an agency is transparency and fairness, obviously with profitable results at attainable prices. On the website you can find all the results at advised prices BOG, SP and BSP. You also have a 14 day free trial.

Results of all four go back at least a year, and all are profitable to advised prices BOG and BSP, though not all to SP. Apart from greyhounds, which I wouldn’t advise using for early prices on Betfair and you should stick to advised bookies if available, the other three tipsters are horse racing and are profitable to BSP, which keeps me happy.

Stakes vary from 1-3 points.

Tips are emailed and are available in the members’ area on the website. There’s also an app under construction, which will enable you to download and will notify you immediately of any bets from the service(s) you’re subscribed to.

You can go to the website now and join up for the free tips list, whereby you’ll receive regular free bets and general betting advice, as well as a free e-book of horses to follow, which has already proved profitable.

Services cost £33 monthly or £75 quarterly, and you can also join as a VIP member giving you all services, price available on request.

I will be testing these four tipsters for three months to see how they get on.

Click here for more information.

Easy Horse Race Lays

I’ve been given access to this horse lay service and will be reporting back on progress during the trial.

Called Easy by the vendor, and it really is. So much so that you could call it a passive income. You sign into the software via your Betfair account in the cloud (developed by the master of gambling software, Nigel Dove)… and that’s it. If all goes according to plan (and follows past trends), just siphon off some winnings from time to time.

Easy Horse Race Lays targets all UK racing and applies specially developed ratings along with other filters to derive the daily selections. In order to make sure the latest possible information is used in the process the final choices are made late on the morning of racing and then loaded to the Betfair approved betting bot directly. No need for emails or logging in to the website – your daily bets are placed just before the off. All you need to do is to ensure your Betfair account is funded to cover the betting and even here it is simple as there will only ever be one selection live.

Odds for the selections range from 3.00 up to 9.99. Thus far the system has seen a longest losing run of 3 and the most successful sequence is 24. Full results are detailed on the website and these are updated regularly. The system is successful with either flat rate or liability staking. And because the selections tend to be at the top of the market, liquidity is not usually a problem, the bets being placed by the bot when activity is at its peak.

Between January 2016 and March 2019 an average profit of 8.82 points per month has been achieved with a strike rate of 84.27%.

A betting bank of 100 points is recommended with level staking at 1 point per selection.

The cost of this service is £39.95 per month – and they offer a 14 day free trial to allow you to see how it all works.

Check Out Easy Horse Race Lays Here

Inform Racing

Recently I wrote praising this comprehensive ratings service and the development of its fantastic new System Builder. As mentioned, it’s the number one supplier of UK Horse Racing Speed Ratings which has been running since 2003, and which we approved in September 2017. The System Builder allows you to quickly research your ideas for backing and laying, and will show you the profit or loss you would have made had you run those filters previously.

Today I have received an update from Ian at Inform, which I feel is worth passing on:

Another ten year trend winner – now 59 points profit in under a month

Our Ten Year Trend guru Jerry found us 4 bets yesterday for the ten year trends feature and they gave us two nice winners at 5/1 and 11/4 plus a 14/1 second making it another successful day.

Using the Inform Racing system builder to look back at past races, subscriber Jerry has been in banging form recently, finding some excellent winners that he is very kindly sharing with subscribers. In under a month he has given us 13 winners from 54 bets, a whacking 24% strike rate and a profit betting win and place on Betfair of over 59 points. Today he selected two in the 4.55 Nottingham and came up with the 6/1 winner and the 9/1 3rd.

These trends are posted free for all subscribers and whilst there isn’t one every day, there is another at Beverley this afternoon and the highlighted horse for this one is currently at double figure odds.

To find out more about this and to read the blog post in full, hit the link below now.

Last Time Out Rating System – 400 Points Profit In 4 Months

Unlike the free card, the full subscription means you can access the cards before 5pm the evening before, often earlier, plus you get unlimited access to the system builder and declarations builder too.

If you are not a full member, don’t you think you should seriously take a look now? Click here

The King of Profit


After 125 accas, and a little over two months of tips, the 200 point bank is gone. That’s if you bet with a BOG bookie. If you bet at advised odds, the bank went out of the door at the end of April.

I’ve been going through the motions on this one, but I’ve always had serious doubts about it. It really hasn’t been any surprise that the results do not reflect those on the sales page, and the fact that there was one very profitable treble just delayed the inevitable.

Of the winners, there was one double early enough in the trial to give false promise. A huge 95 point profit on a treble a month in left the bank a ‘mere’ 59 points down, and there was one more treble winner which hardly made a dent because there were two non runners in it.

Stakes were 5 points for the trebles, 2 points for the doubles.

Bank allocation = 200 points.
Bets = 29 doubles, 97 trebles
If all picks had been singles = 49 winners, 252 losers, 10 non runners
Longest losing run of single runners = 48
P/L advised prices = -260 points
P/L BOG bookies = -210 points

Shame this wasn’t a lay service, I would be heaping praise on it as in just over two months at one point x odds it would have been 112 points in profit. That really would have been the king of profit, but as it turned out, he is the king of losses.

Now a bit of a rant
I was always dubious about this service. Let’s face it, it’s hard enough to find single winners but an accumulator service based on one tranche accas (like trebles and doubles, as opposed to grouped accas like Yankee and Canadian) must be nigh on impossible. When you look at the February results from the sales page, you think maybe this guy is just incredible at finding horse racing winners. But those results were never repeated in the trial, and I feel that the three winners that we did have were probably sheer luck. I mean, if you randomly picked a treble every day from three different tipsters in a newspaper, you’re going to get one up now and again.

What I do know is that the emails of respondents have been used to saturate their inboxes with other probably equally dubious services in the prospecting of affiliate fees. Most of you know how this works, but for those of you who don’t, somebody sets up a service which sounds like you’ll pay off your mortgage in a year and then farm it out to all takers for the promise of a hefty share of the sign up spoils. These services appear and disappear as frequently as Britain’s Got Talent contestants.

On the back of signing up to The King of Profit, I have received offers from 7bets4free, The 5/1 Method, Daily Tipping Point, The Big Odds Tipster, Almighty Four, Daily Bet Winners, and Slow Horse Luke. All from different names, but all from the same source. As an example, he has sent out links to a soccer betting bot called Daddy Bot. I haven’t seen this myself, but it has been reviewed on Make Money Forum thus:

The vendor who is selling Daddy Bot has released 12 different products since 2011. These have been predominantly horse racing; however there have also been football bets. The problem that I have is that they appear to have been launched, closed down ASAP and a new product released. This tells me that this pattern is likely to happen with Daddy Bot as well.

I said a little earlier that it has been a long time since I have looked at something as bad as Daddy Bot. All of this only cements it for me. There is always an air with any online marketing that the truth may have been stretched a little. It is all a part of the game. In the case of Daddy Bot however, I can’t see any truth, or reason to recommend this rather confused service.

Doesn’t Cash Master take affiliate fees, I hear you ask? Yes, but it’s different, and I will explain how. The owner of Cash Master reviews services and receives affiliate fees from said services when subscribers sign up. He also has a number of completely independent bloggers, myself included, whose reward is temporary free access to the services. He never interferes or changes anything which we write. The vast majority of services fail, and that’s because making money through gambling is tough, whatever anyone tells you. I should know, I’ve been doing it long enough.

So what we’re doing here is recording results of a service so that you, the subscriber, can make a prudent decision about whether or not to get involved.

We do try to avoid blogging the services which are clearly affiliate chaff, but occasionally we get caught. I am sorry for anybody who has lost money following this service. Having said that, our very strong advice is not to get involved until we have concluded our review. Yes, we do put the affiliate link should you want to get involved early on, or to seek further information. But our advice is, as Tony Blair once said, Caution; caution; caution.

Rant over.

You can try King of Profit (perhaps as a lay service?) here