Target Racing Review

This is a straightforward horse racing service from the BetHub stable. Bets are sent early by email, often the previous day. I have been trialing this since early August, so four months, during which we have had 150 bets. You can see from the graph that it took a few weeks to take off, but was never much in arrears. As it made a profit to quoted prices and also to Betfair SP, it will be of interest to all our subscribers.

Here are the stats

  • Strike rate: 26%
  • Outlay per selection: 1-3 points
  • ROI quoted prices BOG: 20%
  • ROI Betfair SP: 12%
  • Profit Aug-Dec quoted prices BOG: 54 points
  • Profit Aug-Dec Betfair SP: 31 points

So whether you bet with the bookie or on Betfair, this has made a decent profit after subs, and I am happy to recommend the service.

You can try Target Racing here

Greyhound Maestro

When I started this trial back in August, I have to admit to knowing very little about dog racing. If I’m honest, I still don’t know much, but what I do know is that this guy knows his greyhounds. Indeed, he owns and races them, and what I found over the past few months is that the bookmakers tend to rely somewhat on his knowledge, and adjust their prices accordingly.

There are many races every day which are priced by the bookies with over-rounds to make their pockets very full, everything happens very quickly and races are almost over before they’ve started.

There’s no liquidity at all in the early Betfair markets, and just a frantic few minutes of trading before the hare is running.

Greyhound Maestro concentrates on the principal meetings, being Hove, Central Park, Crayford, Romford, Perry Barr, Monmore and a few others.

As you can see from the graph, the service is profitable and consistent, as long as you are able to get on at the early quoted prices. With results like these, I can certainly recommend the service, being nearly 60 points up in four months, with no long downswing.

However, this comes with a warning, that the prices which are quoted in the morning invariably disappear quite quickly and always end up shorter at SP. This is a clear indication that Greyhound Maestro consistently finds value bets, but it can be frustrating following him if you can’t get the odds.

As he says:

it’s getting much harder to eke out any value with early prices, with the bookmakers cutting odds after one or two bets and their restrictions on how much you can actually have on! Also I know that my bets are used by the bookmakers as a guide and to cut the odds.
Basically I’m doing the card for them.
I’m seriously thinking about my future tipping & betting, maybe abandon my early price bets and either wait until 10 minutes before the off to bet & post my selection/s or just play at the best odds available on Betfair.”

So, watch this space. If he does find a way, he’s the man to have on your side.

Quoted price results are:

Strike rate 32%

ROI 31%

Profit 56 points on 180 bets

I’m very happy to approve this service from a tipster who is clearly an expert in his field. BUT this comes with the significant caution that getting on at the early quoted prices is essential to the profitability.

You can try Greyhound Maestro Here

Wight Horse Tips

Wight Horse Tips is run by experienced professional horse racing tipster Sean Brehaut. Sean has been betting on horses for over 14 years now and after finding tremendous success he began to offer tips 7 years ago.

Wight Horse Tips is Sean’s full time job and that along with placing his own bets is his only source of income so as you can imagine it’s imperative he does well from it.. and from the results he certainly does that.

Offering daily tips all year round he is also a festival specialist offering tips on every race at the big festivals such as Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood, York Ebor, Cheltenham Festival etc.

Tips are sent by email each evening between 6 and 8pm.

A Betting Bank of 150 pts is advised for this service.

Looking at the results, I can see that staking is between 1 and 5 points per bet, and the profits are based on early quoted prices. I’ll be keeping a log of results to BSP prices as well over the next three months or so, although there are multiples advised by this tipster, and as Betfair no longer offers multiples, I will use BSP prices as a guide to demonstrate what WOULD have been the outcome.

The ROI looks enticing at 21.17% for 2019 with an average monthly profit of 66 points (independently proofed).

The service is delivered by Tipping Gurus, and has the usual Clickbank safeguards.

You can sign up here

Exponential Bet

Get onto this ASAP!

I reviewed and approved this excellent service over six months ago here. At the time, I was a bit overwhelmed with everything going on, there are so many different aspects to this, and all of them are under constant research, review and development. Ryan works ridiculously hard and has a deep passion for how to make a gradual, constant long-term profit out of betting systems. Now he has teamed up with top of the industry bet bot developer, Nigel Dove, to make the whole experience simple for subscribers to his Remote Dutch Betting service.

Everything is done for you, all you need to do is set up a your stakes in the Cloud Bot, and you’re good to go. This is an update from Graham’s last post when he set his bot up on a VPS server. Because the new bot is Cloud based, a VPS is no longer necessary. So once you’ve set your stakes, you can leave it at that, apart from occasionally taking your winnings from your Betfair account.

Now, here’s the downside. Because the service is dutching at around SP, subscriber numbers have to be restricted until they can properly assess the impact that current levels of membership have on the market. This isn’t the usual FOMO stuff, this is me saying it. As Ryan says in his latest blog,

New members will be invited once we’ve assessed the liquidity after we resume on the 22nd. However, we are expecting to have some limited spaces available due to the decrease in overall exposure per bet. If you’re interested in registering on the waiting list for Remote Dutch Betting, and have not previously registered and received confirmation, drop me an email (at this link). I’ll write to confirm you’re added to the list, and let you know when we have some availability. Subscriptions start at £29.99 per month, with options up to yearly, with the cloud set up access is included in this membership at no extra cost.

I would encourage everyone to get on the website and keep up to date with what they’re doing. Not content with stopping at the systems Ryan has created, they have gone further and teamed up with Keith Eckstein of Focus Ratings fame to create Race Researcher which they’re planning to be the best in the industry, and there will be crowdfunding opportunities to develop this amazing betting tool.

So go over to Exponential and have a look at what’s in the pipeline. It’s very exciting and you won’t want to miss it.

BetHub Free Tips

BetHub is a new tipster management service which currently has four tipsters on their books. Although new, the man behind this agency is known to me as I have followed some of his incredibly successful services over many years, and this certainly makes me interested in the latest project.

What you want from an agency is transparency and fairness, obviously with profitable results at attainable prices. On the website you can find all the results at advised prices BOG, SP and BSP. You also have a 14 day free trial.

Results of all four go back at least a year, and all are profitable to advised prices BOG and BSP, though not all to SP. Apart from greyhounds, which I wouldn’t advise using for early prices on Betfair and you should stick to advised bookies if available, the other three tipsters are horse racing and are profitable to BSP, which keeps me happy.

Stakes vary from 1-3 points.

Tips are emailed and are available in the members’ area on the website. There’s also an app under construction, which will enable you to download and will notify you immediately of any bets from the service(s) you’re subscribed to.

You can go to the website now and join up for the free tips list, whereby you’ll receive regular free bets and general betting advice, as well as a free e-book of horses to follow, which has already proved profitable.

Services cost £33 monthly or £75 quarterly, and you can also join as a VIP member giving you all services, price available on request.

I will be testing these four tipsters for three months to see how they get on.

Click here for more information.