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Update 14/02/2016

Longer term readers of this website may remember I reviewed these services around this time last year and published a Summary as at the end of March when I assessed the service as Neutral because although there was a small profit during the initial review period it was not sufficient to cover the cost of the service assuming a reasonable staking level.  Also the results were distorted by a 67.0 (BSP 149.38!) winner on the last day.

The service actually consists of 3 services, a Win service, an Each-Way service and a Lay service.  Tips are received by an email for each service in the morning with recommended odds available from bookmakers.  As I have only been monitoring the tips and not placing actual bets I cannot vouch for the ease of achieving the recommended odds each time but when I did place bets last year I found their advised odds generally available.  Also I cannot adjust the level of advised odds to account for any Rule4 penalties or bookie ‘deals’ such as paying on 5 places in big races etc.

Win Tips

It’s easy to spot the point in the graph below where the initial review ended, 01/04/15 and a large steep rise in the return because of that near 150.00 odds winner on 31/03/15!  The performance was good for the 2 months after that but since then (June ‘15) there has been a gradual loss of profit except for a brief positive couple of weeks in August ’15.  I have included the BSP return as well as the Advised Odds to show the reliance of the service on achieving the recommended odds.


Each-Way Tips

Since the middle of May last year this service has performed well, nearly 200 points profit despite the recent run of losers since the start of the year.  They do go for large odds runners with odds ranging up to 101.00.  The largest priced race winner was advised at 34.0 (SP 29.0) and the largest priced placed selection was advised at 101.0 (SP 67.0).  I have recorded 677 selections since 01/11/14 of which only 42 have won their race (Strike Rate 6.20%) and 140 placed, including the winners (Strike Rate 20.68).


Note:  BSP return is not shown because it almost exactly mirrors the Advised Odds line.

Lay Tips

Not much to say about this service.  It started well in my initial review but then fell back as fast as it grew and since the end of the review last year has continued a slow decline and is currently just in negative territory over the 15 months I have recorded.



I think the Each-Way service warrants an Approved rating if you can accept the high odds/low strike rate but I cannot recommend the Win and Lay services at this stage.  The 3 services come as a package for £39.99 + VAT per month (or £149.99 + VAT for 6 months), they are not available individually so if you are tempted by the Each-Way service you will also get the Win and Lay services though my advice would be to only monitor them until you are happy they are turning in a profit.Approved2

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Gary’s Tips

Review Summary        Neutral

My apologies for the delay in publishing this summary to end this review but the recent stormy weather exposed roofing problems!

As I said at the start of this review I have been following/monitoring Gary’s Tips since 22/02/2015 and all was going well so we decided to publish Gary’s tips as a free trial open to all and just as with Big Race Bookie Busters (BRBB) that’s when Sod’s Law stepped in and ruined everything!  🙁  The graph shows all …


The blue line is the result of my monitoring before the free trial and the green line the free trial results.  As you can see it all started well but then went into a downturn that it never recovered from.  🙁   But, at the end of the day it has made a profit of +139 points over the period of my monitoring so I couldn’t give it a fail rating.  I’m sure from what I’ve seen from Gary over the longer term since I started to monitor his tips that it will bounce back and I’ve therefore given it a Neutral rating and will continue to monitor it in the hope the results recover (just as they have done with BRBB).  I’ll report back from time to time.

So for now it just leaves me to say:  thanks for following, it was a rocky but interesting ride and thanks to Gary for sharing his tips with us.

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Gary’s Tips

Selections 31/01 Races

Well it’s end of month and tomorrow will be the end of this review so tonight’s tips are the last to be posted.  I will publish my end of review report tomorrow (UK tax return deadline permitting!).  It’s had it’s up’s and down’s but any more than that is for tomorrow.  Gary has 3 for tomorrow.

Tips  Sunday  31st  January

Sedgefield                  14.15  Good Vibration                          3/1

Sedgefield                  15.50  Mwaleshi                                     4/1

Sedgefield                   16.20  Hatton Springs                           3/1

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Gary’s Tips

Selections 30/01 Races

Sorry I’m a little late tonight but only just got in … we had a small profit today with a 6.00 winner 🙂  …  let’s see what tomorrow’s 5 bring  …

Tips Saturday  30th  January

Doncaster           13.30  On Tour                                4/1

Doncaster            15.15  Buywise                               8/1

Cheltenham         13.15  Viva Steve                           9/1

Lingfield                13.40   Summerinthecity             5/1

Uttoxeter               15.30  Bobble Boru                       7/2

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Gary’s Tips

Selections 28/01 Races

OK, not as good as yesterday but still a winner in Kingsley Klarion but the price doesn’t quite cover the other stakes so a very small loss of ½ a point today 🙁  …  let’s see what tomorrow’s 5 bring  …

Tips Thursday  28th January

Fakenham                    15.05  Late Night Lily                      9/2

Southwell                      14.40  Rupert  Boy                           7/2

Southwell                       16.20   Major Rowan                       5/1

Warwick                          14.55   Knight of the Realm           8/1

Chelmsford                     18.40   Jebediah  Shine                  3/1

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