Value Racing Tips – Final Update

Another month of tips has gone by and this will be the final update for Value racing tips. How have I got on?  Well, the month of June was the best month under test by far.  For the month of June we had 83 bets and 22 winners giving us a strike rate of 26% with just over 35 points profit. There were some good winners which has really pulled it back for us.

Unfortunately we haven’t quite ended back in positive territory, but we are just a few points out.  Our bank stands at 197.58. Over the whole test period we have had 297 bets and 58 have been winners which is just a shade under 20% strike rate.

So how do I rate this service.  Well, I do think it is a good genuine service and the tips come regularly at around the same time early evening.  Unfortunately, I started this test just as there was a dip in form and our bank dropped down around 60 points.  I think it says a lot that this service was able to recover almost fully, during the test period, but our bank is still slightly in the red.  Given that this also doesn’t include the subscription cost, which could be £40 or £50 per month (depending on payment options), I don’t feel I can give this an approved status.  But since it has recovered almost all its losses, it clearly is showing signs of moving into profit, so I will give Value Racing Tips a Neutral rating.

Note that a history of tips is published on the value racing tips website and from what I could tell, is updated every day. So you can check out all the tips.

You can get Value Racing Tips here:Approved2


UPDATE November 2016

In the 16 months since we finished reviewing this service on Cash Master, it’s gone on to produce a further 152pts of profit with simple 1pt win bets. This is a solid, reliable service and therefore I’m now happy to approve it.

Value Racing Tips – Update 2

Well, another month has gone by, how has Value Racing Tips been getting on?

Well, I’m pleased to say I have had my first winning month.  Since my last update a month ago, we are up +9.5 points. That is a good sign. Unfortunately it isn’t a huge profit, and the bank is still down overall, at -37.75 points, but, it is a step in the right direction. As of yesterday (31st May), my bank is at 162.25.

In terms of the number of bets, I’ve had a total of 214 bets and 36 winners which is a total strike rate of just under 17%. If I look at May on its own, I had 85 bets with 16 winners and that is a strike rate of just under 19%.

So, we’ve started to move back in the right direction.  There are a couple more weeks of this test left, so lets hope we continue to move in the right direction.

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Value Racing Tips – Update 1

So it has been about 3 weeks since my first post on this system, time for the first update.  How has this service continued since the first post?  Well, we’ve had some winners, but unfortunately not enough and our bank is further down.  As of yesterday (2nd May), my bank is now down -47.25 points.  I’ve had a total of 135 bets since 13th March, but only 20 winners. That’s a total strike rate of 15%.

The website does reflect the same results as my own, and in fact you can see a full archive of all the bets. April appears to be the first month in a long time that has been a losing month, so lets hope this gets back into winning form in May.

I’ll post back again at the end of May with another update.

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Value Plus Soccer – Update 2

Ok, so its been a couple of weeks since the last post, I thought it was time for another update.

Unfortunately the news is not good. I have had a consistent stream of losing days.  I did get actually 3 days on the trot that were winning days and this did make a big difference.  The reason being, because of the way the bets are placed, when the predictions are good, you win big (relatively speaking).  You always place 3 bets and the combination of potential wins are, zero wins, 1 win or 3 wins. What is supposed to happen is that when you get one winning bet (which happens regularly) it offsets the other losing bets, and then when you get the 3 wins you make the money.  Unfortunately it looks like the odds have not been high enough for that one winning bet to make enough of a difference. So three winning days made quite a difference but my bank is still way down.

So where is my bank at? With the 200 point starting bank we are now down to 182.6 points which is nearly 18 points. The result of the 3 staking plans and a £200 bank are:

£10 Bank £26.42
2% Bank £136.95
5% Bank £66.27

Out of 26 days, 25 had matching bets, but we have had just 6 days that returned positive results. That’s a strike rate of 24%.

So, not looking good at this stage. However as I have seen, it is still possible to turn this around with a string of winning days. Lets see how we get on.

You can get Value Plus Soccer here:

Value Racing Tips

I’m going to be reviewing “Value Racing Tips” from There are a number of different tipping services from and “Value Racing Tips” is one of them.  The headline claim is “Average £169.55 profit every month”.

It is a very simple service, you receive an email in the evening with up to 3 tips for the following day.  The service costs initially £4.95 for the first 30 days and then £49.95 per month or £119.95 per quarter, and the website claims a strike rate of 22.67%.

I’ve been receiving tips since 13th March, so just about 4 weeks. How has it been going? Well, I’ve had a total of 78 tips, but unfortunately of those 78 bets, I’ve had a very disappointing 10 winners. That is a strike rate of just 12%. I am already down 30.25 points!

It is really quite a poor start. However, the results listed on their website for the last year are quite good, so lets hope this is just a blip in form and that the service will start to increase its win rate. I’ll report back at the end of April.

You can get Value Racing Tips here: