Global Soccer Goals

It’s still fairly early in the season so trends for the UK are still being formed. Recent selections are more focused on European games.

Tuesday 19 Aug

1 game = -5 points

Thursday 21 Aug

1 game = +4 points

Friday 22 Aug

1 game = -5 points

Saturday 23 Aug

1 game = +4.5 points

Tuesday 26 Aug

2 games = 0 points

Wednesday 27 Aug

1 game = +9 points

Thursday 28 Aug

4 games = +10.5 points

Sunday 07 September

2 games = -10 points

Period Total = +7 points

Running Total = 61.5 points

Three Key Football

My time has been limited on identifying games over the last couple of weeks so there hasn’t been that much to report back on. As a reminder the method for selecting games is very subjective and not everyone will get the same results. I’m hoping that in the near future the number of qualifying games will increase.

Thursday 28 August

3 games, odds 3.89 – loss = -1 point

Weekly total -1 point

Bank 52.34 points

Three Key Football

Most of the European leagues are starting up again now so it is time to resume my review of Three Keys Football. As a reminder the aim is to find two or three games whose odds when combined fall within a given range. Previously we had a bank of 51.87 points so I will stick with that going forward.

Friday 08 August

3 games, odds 3.86 – loss = -1 point

Sunday 10 August

3 games, odds 3.28 – won = +2.28 points

Monday 11 August

2 games, odds 3.33 – lost = -1 point

Tuesday 12 August

2 games, odds 3.19 – won = +2.19 points

Saturday 16 August

3 games, odds 4.16 – lost = -1 point

Weekly total +1.47 points

Bank 53.34 points

Global Soccer Goals

As the football season is getting in to its stride again I’m starting the review of this service again. As a reminder it is a service based on correct scores and one team likely to end up with a clean sheet. When I had a break from reviewing earlier we had a bank of 52 points so I will resume with that.

Thursday 07 August

3 games, 2 winners, 1 loser = +7 points

Saturday 09 August

1 game, 1 loser = -5 points

Saturday 16 August

4 games, 2 winners, 2 losers = – 3 points

Sunday 17 August

1 game, 1 winner = +3.5 points

Weekly total +2.5 points

Bank 54.5 points


Global Soccer Goals

It appears that football is taking a rest for the summer and sitting on the sidelines as the World Cup wends its merry way through July. As I mentioned in a previous post the system author did say that World Cup games would be eligible under Global Soccer Goals. Unfortunately very few of the games meet the minimum criteria to qualify for consideration so there has been little point in proofing the service.

It seems sensible to wait a short while until there are more matches scheduled and the potential to find eligible games increases. I will still monitor the markets but my experience to date suggests that there will be little to report on in the short term.