Scottish Football Income Booster

We’ve had an email from Matthew at S.F.I.B. advising us that he’s planning on shutting the doors to this service soon. Although we’ve yet to be given an official date, I’d be surprised if any new members were allowed to join after the new year.

After a fallow period, this service had a good start to December and the profit made since the start of the trial stands at 28.86 points, with a strike rate of 53.85%. With your first month’s sub having a money back guarantee, I think this service is well a trying out.



Scottish Football Income Booster

This is something I’ve been wanting and waiting on for ages. Well, it’s the first part of a double act I want.

I’ve long thought, and discussed with punting pals, that if you could find genuinely dedicated to their patch tipsters, specialising in Scottish lower league and/or English non-league betting, you would never look over your shoulder again. Niche areas where actual knowledge or nouse outweighs stats.

Well, I know it’s dreadfully early days into our trial, but I think we may have unearthed just the man for the first part of the job. I just hope I’m not jinxing him.

Subscription costs £47(+vat) per month and the first month’s subs come with a money back guarantee.

The first email of the week tends to arrive around Tuesday, others usually follow on a Thursday & Friday. They are very clearly written out but do contain acronyms which you can easily decode by looking at your welcome pack email. That lays everything out very clearly indeed. The price available at the time of sending is given along with the bookie offering it, you are also advised the price that “The Scotsman” has decided is the true value of the bet, so make sure you get above that mark. So far, I’ve either got the main price advised or very close to it and you can always look back at odds traces to make sure it was available at the time.

They say that you should have “an absolute minimum of 25 points” in your betting bank, so to be on the safe side I decided to make it a £1000 and to start with 50 points.

The first two months of the service were absolutely great but October and November have been a little disappointing in comparison. I think there’s a very clear reason for that, the number of international breaks and domestic cup competitions has limited the number of suitable bets.

Given the whole idea of this service is one of gaining value from bets incorrectly priced by the bookies, it makes sense that there are only going to be a few bets per week when the leagues are in full swing. The service is currently 27.5 points up since the start of the season. A strike rate of 53% with average odd of 2.55 is very encouraging.

As stated in all my previous updates on this service, you have to move quickly to get the prices given in the emails. I always check and they have always been available but they shift really fast. That’s why it’s such a good idea that the service give what they calculate the value price to be in the email. It allows you to make a decsion as to whether you want to take the bet.

Subscription costs £56 per month payable by credit card or Paypal and the first month comes with a money back guarantee.

I think this deserves its place on our APPROVED list, but I will be keep an eye over the next few months and will have no hesitation in changing that if need be, I really don’t think it will be though. The fact that you can check it out risk free for the first month is very reassuring, as is the ease of contact and support available from the service.

Full Results HERE



The Syndicate

This is a long overdue update on The Syndicate service.

The summer flat racing part of the service has now finished and we’ve now moved on to the National Hunt season being supplemented by the Winter All Weather Flat service.

I did ask about how to work the change over with regards to betting bank. They say that they use the same bank for all the services, so I have kept it going as the one main bank but I’ve also produced a complete record sheet for our time with the summer flat selections and have now started ones for the Jumps and for the All Weather services.

With regards to performance, if I were just judging the service on what we’ve seen so far, ie the Summer Flat season, it’d be a no brainer of an Approved rating. It made 61 points of profit during our test period from the latter part of July through to the very start of November. I have, as usual, made sure that I’ve taken note of all applicable R4 deductions and have always applied the correct Each Way terms.

The only difficulty in writing this up is that the service I can attest to has now finished. The National Hunt service has got off to a quite rocky start and is yet to unearth a winner, it’s currently around 11 points down. The All Weather service has been much more successful in its first week or so, it’s recorded a profit of almost 7 points already. It should also be pointed out that while the summer season saw lots of selections and around 100 bets per month on average, both the National Hunt and the All Weather are less intense and less action on the cards.

So, the flat service gets APPROVED but the rest of the service remains on trial as we’ve only just started. With a full 30 day Free Trial available and then monthly subs of £50, this is a service that I’m very keen on and look forward to seeing how we get on over the winter.

Flat results HERE

Overall results HERE

You can get a free trial HERE

Footy Doubles

It is now time to call a hault to our trial of this service.

The service provides selections that, surprise-surprise, are football based and placed as win doubles.

Selections arrive the night before the games are due to be played and bets are extremely easy to understand and place. I’ve always found prices to be accurate and usually beatable via Oddschecker/Oddsportal,

A starting bank of 100 points is advised and bets range from 1 to 5 point doubles and subscription costs £39.95 per month after your introductory £1 for the first month, cheaper deals are available for longer term periods.

Performance has been really impressive. The only losing period we’ve encountered was right at the start of the trial, when the last week to ten days of July prooved to be tough going. Other than that, there was a bit of a sticky period toward the end of October but not enough to stop a monthly profit being made.

Last weekend an email was sent out saying that they intended to cut back selections a little and to concentrate on the very best quality selections generated by their system as a result of the poor run towards the end of October. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with a Quality over Quantity approach to betting (and always will, it’s obvious best practice), I honestly didn’t think the performance was particularly bad during that period. Maybe they should have a look at some of the other absolute stinkers I’ve reviewed and binned over the years?

I have recorded an overall profit of 64.19 points since the start of the trial, with a strike rate of near 48% and average odds of over 2.5.

I’m more than happy to file this excellent service under APPROVED



We Bet You Win

We’ve now come to the end of our 3 month trial.

This Asian Handicap based service provides tips via email. They are mainly focused on the big European leagues and a betting bank of 50 points is advised, meaning a starting bank of £1000 would use stakes of £20.

Almost all bets are advised to 1.5 points, with a small numberof 1 & 2 point bets making up the remainder. All prices quoted have been available or beatable at the time of checking. Subscription costs £5.95 for the first month, followed by monthly payments of £29

Sadly things haven’t gone very well since we started. August saw a loss of around 8 points, the problems continued through September with further another 10 points lost. October saw a bit of a rally and a profit of around 1/2 was made.

I’m afraid this service has to be filed under FAILED and our search for a longer term profitable Asian Handicap service continues.