Sports Predictor – Football

As with the Golf service from this stable, the first month of the trial has been very tough. At least it’s a fair bit more reasonable on subscription price.

The admin side is all fine, emails arrive in plenty of time, are very easy to follow and are easily beatable on price, but performance has been pretty woeful.

To be fair, they don’t often go for favourites and the average odds are well above evens, so a lower strike rate is to be expected but losing around a third of your bank in the first month isn’t ideal. We still have plenty of time left to turn this around, so let’s hope that improvement starts this weekend.


Sports Predictor – Golf

A really very torrid first month of our trial.

Selections are received via email from Wednesday, when the initial pre-tournament bets are given, through to Sunday morning when any last round win bets are advised.

Bets have been on many different markets, from outright winner (both win & each way) to Top 5, 10, 20 finishes, via Top European/African etc. Stakes have been kept small, with a lot of 0.25 – 0.50pt  each ways and a few 1 point wins added in.

Sadly, results have been pretty disappointing so far. I know I’m fond of a moan and, I suppose, there is the fact that we’d only need a couple of the bigger priced pre-tournament each ways to land to be back in business but it does feel quite a task at the moment.

We’ve had near 60 bets so far and have only had any return at all from 6 of them. The bank currently stands at -27.61 points.

As this is a particularly expensive service (£97 a month) you would hope for better, with at least some near misses at bigger prices.

We do still have plenty of time to turn this round during our trial, but it could do with bucking up sooner rather than later.


The Syndicate

It’s been a month since my last update of this service.

We’re coming towards the end of our usual 3 month trial period, which is awkward timing as they’ll be changing over to their Nationall Hunt season service soon. Hopefully, we’ll be able to trial that too,

As for the Flat service that we have been using, it’s been really good so far. Selections are now obtained by logging into the website rather than by email. They are available from 7pm the night before racing, apart from on Mondays, when you can get them from 11.30am.

It is a busy service with most days providing several selections, staking is kept low & steady. The biggest bet we’ve had has been 1.5 points and there have only been two of those.

Most bets are for 0.5 or 0.375 of a point e/w, with win bets more like to be 0.75 or 1 whole point. We’ve had the odd trixie throw in too, not very successfully so far but when one does land it’ll be a bumper payday.

My bank shows 47 points profit made since late July and, as usual for racing, I’ve made sure I have recorded figures after all Rule 4 deductions applicable have been made. They really are a pain in the neck for punters taking a price the night before and often go unreported by services.

At £50 per month fee, with a 30 day money back guarantee availble for the 1st month, I think this service is proving itself very worthwhile, so far.



A.H. Edge

I am currently reviewing the performance of A.H. EDGE football tipping service.

Selections are received via email each morning, including No Bet days. Subscription costs £45 per month with cheaper deals available for longer term commitments, it is sold through the Secret Betting Club stable.

The A.H in the name stands for Asian Handicap, which caused a slight narrrowing of the eyes from me at first, but Secret Betting Club do come with a reputation of being very honest with the results they claim and this has proven itself to them as a profitable service, so we’ll give it a go and see how we get on. A bank of 40 points is suggested.

I’ve been following selections for the last couple of weeks and it’s been a bit of a slow start with a loss of 3 points showing at the moment but we’ve barely started the trial and we’ve been stuck in another International break. Hopefully it’ll kick into gear when the proper football returns at the weekend,



Banker Bets – Value Picks

A strange set of results for this service so far.

We seem to have quite a decent number of bets provided but don’t seem to make or lose much money overall.

The emails arrive everday, with bets easy to read and understand. The prices quoted are, generally speaking, quite easily beatable. The OFFICIAL figures quoted on their own result spreadsheet are at least 3 points worse off than my version. I’ve looked back the differences and it is down to lots of smallish amounts over many bets where I have obtained a better price than they have recorded. That’s always a reassuring sign, I do like to see straight forward honesty.

All that being said, we’re still just over 2 points down since the start of the trial, so we could do with an upturn soon.