Miles Ahead Racing

He may be new to Tipsters Empire, but he’s not entirely unknown to us here at Cash-Master. He was part of the extremely good The Syndicate service I reviewed at the back end of 2017. I was extremely impressed by their performance, he did the flat and all weather racing and his colleague covered the jumps season. I was very disappointed when they stopped their service.

But Miles is now all fixed up in his new home at Tipsters Empire and I was really excited to have him back on my list. I hoped he’d still be as good as the old days.

Tips arrive via a text message to your phone around 10-11am and are swiftly followed up by an email containing a full write up of exactly why the selection has been made.

A starting bank of 100 points is advised. Subscription costs £34.99 per month, with a 28 day trial available for £2.99, and savings can be made when signing up for longer periods.

I must apologise to readers and to Miles Ahead Racing for the delay in getting this trial wrapped up, this was down to some health issues, thankfully we’re all caught up now.

This means they have had almost 6 months on trial rather than our standard 3 months.

If you remember, way back in January, when I started this, I was very keen to get going as I had approved this tipster’s previous service. I was disappointed when that service disappeared, so was delighted to see him se up shop with Tipsters’ Empire.

Sadly his previous performance has not traveled with him. we’re never really managed to get in profit at any point in the trial.

February was the only month to show any sort of profit, 5 points were made during the month, but all other months returned losses and we ended the trial a disappointing 46 Points down, almost half the bank.

Sadly, Miles Ahead Racing must be filed under FAILED, a pity as I was really keen on this one.



PGA Profit

This, as the name suggests, is a golf focused tipping service.

Offered by the Betting Gods stable of tipsters, subscription costs £47 per month with a 15 day trial available for £1.99 and a 3 month membership is available for a discounted £127. A stating bank of 250 points is advised, meaning a bank of £2,500 for our usual £10 per point format.

Tips arrive on a Tuesday morning, giving you plenty of time to get bets on before that week’s tournament begins on the Thursday. The emails are well put together, easy to understand and come with a really decent write up. Bets have, so far, been each way win bets with the price and number of places you should try to get clearly stated. He also includes a minimum acceptable price for each bet. So far, all prices and places quoted have been easily available.

I know absolutely nothing about golf except for the facts that; every 70s BBC sitcom had the main character’s boss playing golf, the sport seems to encourage the wearing of silly trousers, and I got mildly addicted to Tiger Woods EA Sports game on the PS 2, but that was when he was still content with a hole in one…not fifteen… I digress.

Due to the nature of golf betting and the big prices available, we decided to give this a 6 month trial rather than the usual 3 months.

They had an extremely profitable tine last year but, sadly, we have caught them during a fallow period.

We didn’t hit an outright winner until the start of this month when Max Homa brought us a 84 point win.

It’s the fact that we remain another 86 points down that knocks all the fizz out of the champagne.

We’ve had a few decent priced Each Ways but nowhere near enough to warrant extending this any further.



Double Betting Tips

This service has been put on hold while the owner is having some health issues.

They got off to a reasonably good start, but a run of losses brought about a change.

From just a straight Double bet, they changed to most days being two singles and an Each Way double.

They then added a few days of more exotic bets. like Lucky 15, Trixy, Patents, etc.

They landed a monster of a Patent bet and won around 220 points in the one day.

Not long after that the selections stopped coming and I was informed the service was on hold.

I was slightly surprised to see this service being recommended in an email from one of the other betting information sites. Please be wary of signing up to this one as it stands, the email I received made much of the big winning day but failed to mention it was on hiatus, nor did they mention that there were very few winning days other than that biggie.

We’ll give our verdict once the service resumes

Banker Bets Over 1.5

Although it is fiendishly difficult to decipher from the title, this is in fact an Over 1.5 tipping service offered by the long established betting brand, Banker Bets.

They claim a strike rate north of 85% during the 4 months of testing they conducted before launch.

It was an interesting ride as the staking plan they suggest is very aggressive. It’s basically just a 10 point bank, and they strongly suggest a ratcheting element, where you increase stakes as the bank increases but do not drop down after a loss, you just stay on the same stake until your bank start to grow again. I’d call it….. brave?

I’m sad to say Banker Bets Over 1.5 hit a very bad run of results and its starting bank was lost.

To his credit, the owner fully acknowledged the fact and, having gone back over all his results, decided to start again but this time aiming at First Half goals.

Sadly, this didn’t work out either and the bank was lost again.

The service has returned to its roots as a 1.5 angle, but I think it’s time we bow out.

I may well revisit it in the future to see if they have turned it around but for now this must be filed as a FAILED trial


Slam Dunk Wizard

I must apologise for being a bit late wrapping this one up. I finished recording selections at the end of February, meaning that we’ve been running the trial for around 4 months.

To recap, this is a Basketball tipping service focusing on European Basketball leagues and competitions for both men and women. It is not aimed at the NBA/WNBA.

Selections are obtained via email and arrive early morning and late in the evening, UK times. They are extremely easy to read and understand, the prices quoted are obtainable.

UK members would need to be aware that they often quote prices from Pinnacle and a few other betting firms not available to UK market, I have found that Marathon are almost always at least a match for their prices and cover all the leagues too.

Subscription costs £27 per month, although there are a number of promotional deals on their website, best of which appears to be £40 for 3 months, followed by £80 rebil for the next period.

When it comes to performance, well it was a bit strange….. we went absolutely ages with very little movement, the bank bobbed along never moving more than 6 points into profit, nor below 6 points of loss. Then, in January, we had a sudden rush of profit that shot us up to over 30 points in profit. Since then it has returned to bobbing up and down around the same level, again just going up and down similar amounts.

Earlier in the trial I pointed out that we had an extremely long run of only Home Wins beings selected, there were close to 150 in a row leading up to Christmas time, very strange for a service that is supposed to tip both Home and Away. The return to tipping either way coincided with the big run of profits.

They ended the trial with a total profit of 27.74 points. Which should mean an automatic APPROVED rating, there’s more than enough to cover the subscription price, even if just betting at £10 per point, but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

All the profit was made in that one mad month, January made 33 points on its own, and yet the end figure is 27. For a service to get APPROVED I’d have to be willing to pay for it and follow the selections with my own money, and I’m afraid that’s just not the case here. I’m only ever going to be comfortable with filing this one under NEUTRAL, despite it making an overall profit.