Player Profits – Review

This is a new service being offered by Max, the man behind the popular Sports Spread Betting.

Subscription costs £25 per month and is processed through Clickbank, so you can safely manage your membership through them.

A starting bank of 50 points is advised and bets will be for between 1-3 points each.

Markets covered are for a named player to have Over/Under x number of shots/passes/tackles etc.

These markets are offered by most of the big firms, but can be tricky to find on their coupons. Thankfully, Max does include the price and the bookie he has used in his email, which at least gives you a good starting point. Most bets seem to be found at Bet365, but we’ve had a few from Ladbrokes too. Must admit, I struggled to find the Ladbrokes ones at first and had to ask Max where they were. I had tracked them down to the #GetAQuote page myself but had been unable to find the exact player & stat advised, I had to scroll further down & expand a drop down menu to find it.

Obviously, that is not a criticism of the service, it’s a moan about poor web design by the bookies and a warning to any new members to have a full scout about when looking for selections.

I ran the review right through until the end of last season. It’s fair to say it was an up and down season for the service, we went on some great winning runs but sadly, those were matched by some pretty bad losing runs.

The bets arrive by email and nearly always follow the format of player’s name followed by Under or Over X amount of tackles/passes/shots etc. The service is very well run from an admin point of and Max comes across as a knowledgable and honest guy. Prices quoted are always available or can be bettered by shopping around. You don’t need specialist bookies for this, they all offer this sort of bet and Max usually quotes Bet365 or Ladbrokes.

I really wanted this service to succeed as it’s an interesting type of betting that I’d not really explored before, but I’m affraid that the season panned out to be a long road that ended up pretty much where we started. The overall bottom line figure was a loss of just under 1 point. Bearing in mind you have to deduct subscription fees from that, there’s no rating available other than FAILED


This service is no longer available.


This is the final write up and verdict on the Bank Builder service.

First, I must apologise for the lack of updates over the last month, this was in part due to the nature of the system meaning that I was very limited in what I could actually say in public about it, and partly due to my being unwell for most of December.

There’s not an awful lot to say about it really, the idea is to bet aggressively on lower priced odds football matches using a set staking plan until you double your starting bank. You then either withdraw all profit & start again, or you can keep some back as a larger starting bank for the next cycle.

When Graham first asked me to take on the review, I told him I expected it to fall over within the first few weeks. But, to my surprise, it actually took off and ran well. The first bank cycle duly doubled up, with 10 straight winning bets.

I was really quite impressed with this first cycle, as they avoided several “Dead Cert” type fixtures that suffered unexpected defeats. I thought that maybe I’d been a bit quick off the mark in giving it the “Pfft” before we got going and that they had some sort of selection criteria that’d help dodge some of the shockers.

Sadly, Cycle 2 proved to be far more in line with my initial fears. The very first bet lost, a recovery period ensued and we’d got back to around 38% profit when the next loss happened. Again, a rebuild started, but this time the losses came more frequently. They used their “Wildcard” which was basically a bank top-up to try and keep it going long enough to ride out flurry of losses.

To be fair, they did use an International Break period to go back over their results & previous models to try and find a reason for the major downturn. They did say they’d identified some factors and they added extra services for members to “try and recoup some of the losses while Bank Builder gets back to normal service.” I did say on an update on here that I hoped people didn’t use them as they seemed rather unwise to me. I certainly wouldn’t change that opinion now.

On 1st December, the decision was made to start Cycle 3 with a new full starting bank and run Cycle 2 in the background using the same selections but sticking to its own staking level using its own (massively reduced) balance. Since then, Cycle 3 has done quite well and is, at the time of writing, just over 75% of the way to its target of doubling through its bank.

I really don’t think I can, or need, to add much more. I’m afraid Bank Builder must be placed in the FAILED section. They may well go on decent recovery run for the next little while as a large part of the problems encountered involved the domestic fixtures of Champions Lge qualified teams. Although it must be kept in mind that a lot of the European leagues will now go on winter break and, no doubt, the restart will throw up a few dodgy results as team get back into the swing of things. But, that’s speculation, what is hard fact is that we haven’t made any actual profit yet, and what we did make wasn’t made with anywhere near the the confidence needed to recommend taking this further forward. IF Cycle 3 lands its next couple of bets and completes its target of doubling up the starting bank, we’ll show roughly £500 profit (before membership fees) based on the £1000 starting bank model. That’s £1000 profit for Cycle 1, £1000 for Cycle 3 and a £1500 loss on Cycle 2. IF Cycle 3 suffers a loss in any of its next few bets, it’ll knock us back a fair bit and we’ll have to rebuild that again Not something I’m willing to put my name to after 5 months of testing.

You can try Bank Builder HERE

Player Profits

Pretty dreadful week that has all but halved our profit since the start of the trial. Unlucky on a couple occaisions as we were literally a pass or two the wrong side of the line, but even so, it’s been a stinker of a week. Hopefuly it will return to its usual level of performance before we call a halt to the trial later this month.



S/R 50.32%

P/L +14.48 POINTS