Football Index Investor

We’ve had quite a decent time since the last update.

We’ve continued to build some dividends and we’ve also started to see a few players’ share price move the right way for us.

There was news yesterday that the structure of dividend payments is changing, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t understand a fair bit of the press release the Index issued so I’m looking forward to next week’s F.I.I. newsletter. I did get the overall gist of what’s happening, but in terms of what it means for our portfolio, this service does have a good way of putting everything in plain English for us.

So far I have spent £1947.91 on my portfolio. it is currently valued at £1960.60 and I have been paid £24.08 in divdends, meaning that I current stand around £35 up. The first time we’ve been in positive territory.

I’m quite enjoying this trial so far, as mentioned in the initial introductory post, it does have a whiff of Championship/Foootball Manager to it. I like that sort of whiff, and I’m a man who knows his whiffs!

You can sign up to Football Index Investor HERE

Lay To 5K

I’m going to be recording results for Lay To 5K. It’s a little bit of a late decision as the service closes its doors tonight (Wednesday) and the trial should last the 3 months in which they plan to complete the massive tasks of turning a £50 starting bank into a £5000 end target.

They are going to be using Lay bets only, covering both football and horse racing.

I’m sure we’ve all seen these sort of claims before, but not that many of them are willing to let us run the rule over them and report our findings in full, fewer still will offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee backed up by Clickbank, so I’m willing to give it a go. Nothing ventured etc…

The Owner, Daniel, says he’s made this journey several times in the past and sees no reason why he can’t do it again.

If you want to try this out, you have until midnight to sign up as the first day selections will go out early tomorrow. The sign up fee is a one off payment of £47 (+VAT)

If you’d rather wait and see how we get on over the next few months, then fine, I’m sure that if he makes the target he’ll be anxious to go again sometime in the future.

Either way, it should be an interesting ride.

You can sign up for LAY TO 5K HERE

Treble Tips

This is a football tipping service run by Steve Hudson that specialises in trebles. Bets are sent on a Friday afternoon via email and are extremely easy to understand and find via your chosen bookie.

A starting bank of 100 points is recommended and so far all bets have quoted easily achievable odds and have been for either 5 or 2.5 points.

Bets have been a mix of Outright Win, Double Chance, and Over 1.5 selections.

A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is offered and subs are £14.95 per month, or a £79 one off payment for a year long membership

We started the review of Treble Tips way back in the “…BEFORE… ” time and were heading toward a conclusion when all football ceased. They did restart sending tips when the Bundesliga returned but I haven’t received any for a few weeks now.

The service started out quite well and built a fairly healthy profit, climbing to a high point of almost 30 points, but then the tide turned and performance tailed off quite quickly. A very poor run toward the end of the trial left the bank at just over half its starting value.

I had been willing to extend the trial to see if they could regain their earlier decent form but I think we’ve been more than generous now and I feel the only place for this is in our FAILED list.

Nice try though, the admin and professional behaviour cannot be faulted, but the bottom line speaks loudest



Football Index Investor

It’s been two weeks since I posted my introduction to this service.

As expected, not an awful lot has happened but we have added another player to the portfolio. The overall value of our stable has fallen a bit, they say this is partly due to us having quite a few German based players where the season is nearing its end. They expect it all to pick back up in the near future and it is true to say that Football Index do seem to have big plans in place for a very big marketting push for next season.

We’ve done OK on dividends since the last update, we’ve earned £17.92 in total.

From my £2000 budget, I’ve spent £1,789.39 on building my portfolio. As of yesterday it’s currently worth £1,755.85 (using the Bid price, not the Sell Now price) so I’m around £15 down.

The serice are starting to (try) to sell off a few of their Short Term picks, this won’t afftect me as I didn’t buy any of the ones advised before I joined.

Football Index Investor

I have had access to, and have been following the advice of, Football Index Investor for the last few weeks.

As covered in Graham’s introduction here, this service provides advice on which players to buy and sell on Football Index, a website that allows you trade shares in football players.

Players’ values rise and fall based on demand for their shares, exactly the same as per any stock market index.

With football now coming back across most of the popular leagues, it seems the right time to give this a go.

It’s going to be a little different to the usual trial, as I think returns will take longer to accrue. There’s no “Bet” to win or lose, so we’re waiting on the price to move over the medium to longer term.

You also make some profit by getting paid dividends. You get Match Day Dividends, based on how well your player did according to a raft of Opta Stats when compared to others in his position. These can get as high a 8p per share.

Media Dividends are awarded to players who garner the best coverage in the UK media, these can go as high as 5p per share on non match days. Finally, you have In Play Dividends for the first 30 days that you own shares in a player, these pay out 1p-2p per shot/goal/assist/clean sheet depending on the player’s position.

Players are bought either for the long term potential profit of their (hopefully) increasing price, or for potential short term gain via In Play dividends. I started wading through all the instructions on the 26th May and followed the rules to buy all the Long Term players listed in the service’s portfolio (except a couple that had been marked as “Hold Off Buying”), but I only bought the Short Term players on that day.

Each newsletter gives exact details of which players to buy, the reason for the pick, whether they are Short or Long term buys, and finally what percent of your bank you should use.

I initially intended using £1000 as a starting bank, but I’m not sure that’s going to be enough to generate a profit after taking account of £29.97 per month membership fee. So I’m going to use £2000 as a starter.

As I said earlier, I’m not expecting this to pay out rolling profits every month, I expect a drip feed of funds earned from dividends, and then a decent profit to be made when we sell our shares a while down the line.

As of last Tuesday (newsletters arrive on Tuesday, so that’s when I revalue my portfolio) I own shares in 60 different players, and my purchases so far have cost £1,725.47 of my £2000 starting bank. They are currently worth £1724.24 and I’ve been paid a total of £5.11 in dividends, so I’m basically about £4 up. But bear in mind that we’re only just coming back to football after the “Lurgy-Lull” (it’s taken me the whole 3 months to think up that gem, and it’s yours to use as you see fit, as a free gift!) and Football Index are just bedding in a new Matching Book system thanks to their teaming up with NASDAQ technology.

I think there’s the possibility the Index could explode in popularity once people get the hang of it. It’s been around a good while, I had a play with it a few years ago and I’ve got two mates that have done very well indeed on it. I think if you’re a Fantasy Football fan, or Football Manager computer game veteran (my first version of that was the Kevin Toms one on a Commodore Vic20) I think you’d probably really enjoy doing your own research and building your own portfolio. In the meantime joining this service for a month or so to see if you like it seems a pretty good idea. We’ll see how we go. I’ll report back every few weeks.

Don’t forget you get a 30 day money back guarantee for a bit of peace of mind

More about Football Index Investor here