Miles Ahead Racing

I’m starting a new trial of Miles Ahead Racing. A new tipster from the Tipsters Empire stable.

He may be new to Tipsters Empire, but he’s not entirely unknown to us here at Cash-Master. He was part of the extremely good The Syndicate service I reviewed at the back end of 2017. I was extremely impressed by their performance, he did the flat and all weather racing and his colleague covered the jumps season. I was very disappointed when they stopped their service.

But, thankfully, Miles is now all fixed up in his new home at Tipsters Empire and I’m really excited to have him back on my list. I hope he’s still as good as the old days. We will find out over the course of our usual 3 month trial.

Tips arrive via a text message to your phone around 10-11am and are swiftly followed up by an email containing a full write up of exactly why the selection has been made.

A starting bank of 100 points is advised. Subscription costs £34.99 per month, with a 28 day trial available for £2.99, and savings can be made when signing up for longer periods.

If he’s anything like he was 4 years ago, this could be a very decent service to be part of. Tipsters Empire are pretty good when it comes to auditioning potential new services, so he’s over their first hurdle…now let’s see if he clears ours.


P.G.A. Profit

A second consecutive blank weekend in Hawaii made a considerable dent in the bank.

We had our usual Tuesday email with all the selections, we then received a further selection on Sunday morning due to all our existing bets being out of contention. This recommended a 3 point win bet on Matt Kutcher, sadly he went the way of the others.

We’re now 71 points down, but that’s what you have a points based bank for, and at the prices available on golf, a winner or even a couple of places will see us claw loads of that back.

As true as the statement above is….71 points down does make you a little anxious



Slam Dunk Wizard

This service continues along very similar lines to the last update, it meanders around the break even point without ever going too far either way

To be fair, we had a little burst of energy for a couple of day and went to the dizzy heights of 12 points in profit before getting a nose bleed and returning to our happy place of 6 points.

We’re around two thirds of the way through the trial, so if subscription payments were taken into consideration, at £10 a point, we’d be almost exactly where we started.



Banker Bets – Over 1.5

I will be starting a trial of this brand new service on 1st January.

Although it is fiendishly difficult to decipher from the title, this is in fact an Over 1.5 tipping service offered by the long established betting brand, Banker Bets.

They are offering an entirely free trial of the service, right from its launch on 1st of January through to the end of February.

They claim a strike rate north of 85% during the 4 months of testing they conducted before launch.

It’s going to be an interesting ride as the staking plan they suggest is very aggressive. It’s basically just a 10 point bank, and they strongly suggest a ratcheting element, where you increase stakes as the bank increases but do not drop down after a loss, you just stay on the same stake until your bank start to grow again. I’d call it….. brave? I’ll be keeping track to level stakes as well, so we shall see how it pans out.

You can sign up on the link below and receive all the selections free of charge up until the end of February, I’ll be reporting back here every couple of weeks so you can track it that way too if you prefer.


P.G.A. Profit

This, as the name suggests, is a golf focused tipping service.

Offered by the Betting Gods stable of tipsters, subscription costs £47 per month with a 15 day trial available for £1.99 and a 3 month membership is available for a discounted £127. A stating bank of 250 points is advised, meaning a bank of £2,500 for our usual £10 per point format.

Tips arrive on a Tuesday morning, giving you plenty of time to get bets on before that week’s tournament begins on the Thursday. The emails are well put together, easy to understand and come with a really decent write up. Bets have, so far, been each way win bets with the price and number of places you should try to get clearly stated. He also includes a minimum acceptable price for each bet. So far, all prices and places quoted have been easily available.

I know absolutely nothing about golf except for the facts that; every 70s BBC sitcom had the main character’s boss playing golf, the sport seems to encourage the wearing of silly trousers, and I got mildly addicted to Tiger Woods EA Sports game on the PS 2, but that was when he was still content with a hole in one…not fifteen… I digress.

I have been receiving the tips for about a month, I deliberately held back this introductory post as I knew there was a break upcoming and thought there was little point in your joining this and then wasting a few weeks of your trail. We’ve not had the greatest of starts, with only a couple of each way bets earning some place money, but the service had a great year last year and with the bumper prices he targets… I’m not in the least concerned about a slow start. We currently stand on a 35 point loss but, with the new year’s first tournament starting next week I am hopeful we can turn that around fairly quickly