Festival Winners Circle

Three festivals were covered by FWC in August:

Goodwood: Selections: 35; Wins: 9; Points: -7.03; At £10 per point: -£70.30

Galway: Selections: 52; Wins:18; Points: 9.22: At £10 per point: £92.20

York: Selections: 28; Wins: 12; Points: 3.93: At £10 per point: £39.30

Overall (24 festivals this year) : Selections: 491; Wins: 168; Points: 108.35: At £10 per point: £1083.50

Festival Winners Circle

I have been following this service since March, during which time there have been 21 GB and Irish festivals. I was planning to update before, but for various reasons was unable to do so. Therefore, to keep it simple, I have added up the total for all the festivals so far, and then I will update regularly over the next three months. Results of all 21 festivals are available on request. The Ascot King George Weekend is coming up on the 26th July, Galway Races Summer Festival starts on 29 July, and then Goodwood follows, so I will report back after those.

Results for 21 festivals between March-July 2019:

Bets: 376; Winners: 129; Points: 102.23; at £10 per point: £1022.23

Festival Winners Circle

Festival Winners Circle is a horse betting service created by Mathew O’Malley and hosted by Best Systems Bets. Mathew’s approach is quite novel in that he bets on every race at major festivals. The service has been around for four years and has attracted a small but loyal following. 

I joined a free trial just before the Cheltenham Festival and since then Mathew has made 93 points over 10 festivals, making a profit in 8 of them. It goes without saying that I am delighted with the results. I asked Mathew if he was interested in a service trial and he jumped at the chance.

Therefore, I will put Festival Winners Circle to the test over the next three months to see if Mathew can keep up the good work and build on the points already accumulated. The next festivals are at Epsom (2 days) on 31 May and Ascot on 18 June, so I will report back after each one.

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Racing Exchange

Final Review

Racing Exchange is horse betting service which is part of the very reliable Tipster Street stable. I was interested in testing the service mainly due to the high number of points gained (nearly 3000) since January 2017 when the service started.  I followed them over a 3-month period, and here are the results:

Overall: Selections: 902; Winners: 238; Points: -27.4; at £10 per point: – £274.40  

Unfortunately, Racing Exchange hit a very lean period during the trial, at one stage going 82 points (£820 at £10 per point) down. I was putting small bets on myself at this stage but got cold feet. On some days there were up to 26 bets a day- although far less recently- which to me is an awful lot. Another issue is that If you subscribe to this service you must be prepared for some long losing runs (17,14,11,15,16), although there was a change in strategy halfway through the trial which resulted in more winners at lower odds. All of this will test your resolve. After some extraordinary gains in the first year, it’s fair to say that the service has plateaued since last June. However, since the trial stopped there has been an improvement and the losses registered above have been more than regained. Could it be about to take off again?

In conclusion, looking at past results as well as the trial, this is a good, reliable service which will more than likely be very profitable in the long run, but you will need strong nerves and will have to be prepared for some potentially tough times. It seems to be one of those services where it is so important to get off to a good start. I will classify it as neutral for now, but I will keep an eye on future results and report back in 3 months.

You can try Racing Exchange here                                                             

Racing Exchange


Week 9: Selections:114; Wins 35; Points: -14.29; at £10 per point: -£142.9 0

Week 10: Selections: 106; Wins 23; Points: 9.87; at £10 per point: £98.70

Overall: Selections: 799; Wins 214; Points: -58.98; at £10 per point -£589.80