Houghton’s Hot Bets Final review

Final Review

For 4 months I have been testing this football service by Matt Houghton. You are sent bets every Tuesday and Thursday with bets to place and the email also contains previous results. Once set up the emails are always sent to you on time without fail.

On to results for 4 months to £10 level stakes the £500 starting bank finishes at £363.10 a total loss over the last 4 months of £136.90. As the majority of bets are odds on you need a high strike rate but this system fails to hit that mark.

After 4 months of testing this will have to go down as failed.

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Houghton’s Hot Bets

Over the last few week there has been a total of 14 bets with 7 winners and 7 loser meaning a small loss to level stakes.

2 week loss= -£10.30

£500 starting bank now stands at £363.10

After 4 months of testing I will be writing a final review on the service shortly.

Houghton’s Hot Bets

Over the last 2 weeks we there have been 10 bets with 4 winning and 6 losers meaning a total loss in 2 weeks of  just £3.25 to £10 level stakes.

2 Weeks loss =-£3.25

£500 starting bank =£373.40

A poor start to the season for this service and would take a huge turnaround to even get the bank level again at £500 but time will tell.

Houghton’s Hot Bets

This week we have had 4 selections with 2 winning and 2 losing. The winners were both odds on which means with the 2 losers we had a losing week.

Weekly Loss -£ 3.34

£500 Staring bank = £376.66

Houghton’s Hot Bets

Over the last week or so there have been 13 bets with 8 winning.

Weekly profit + £29.34

£500 starting bank now stands at £380