Gaffa Tips

Gaffa Tips is a sports betting tips service specialising in golf and football.
Golf tips are match bets and top 10 finish bets, while football bets are staight back bets, both teams to score bets, draw/no bet bets and accumulators.
I will report the summary results

Matchday Profits

All bets are on football, across various markets, from corners to number of goals scored.

Each bet is given to 10 points.

To save my time and yours, and I am not even going to bother listing all the bets since I last posted about this.

We had a loss of -2.47 points from trial starting to end of January

Feb lost a further 5 points, March went on to lose 42 points, and April is -1 point to date.

Wins are talked up, losses glossed over, and the tips range over a whole host of leagues and markets (overs, corners, handicap bets multi bets etc)

I am afraid this has to be a failed service.

You can try Match Day Profits here:

The Bet Plan

A final update for this.

The level stakes now stands at -34.22 points and it is now finally time to knock this one on the head.

last year it made a good profit, turned £200 into £25,000. or did it? The results stopped at 11th december on the website, as after this the whole £25,000 would have gone in the remaining days of december.

So to this year. We started with a £200 ratchet bank and a level stakes bank. The ratchet bank went by the 22nd of January! We battled on to level stakes thinking it would turn around, yet the losses continued.

A couple of other things bother me about this service :

no results update for this year since 2nd Jan as we have never been in profit

each day a comment after the previous day, like ‘1 out of 2 yesterday, onto today’. But it is still a loss when the winner was odds on!!

I have given this more than long enough to turn it around but now it has to be filed under Failed.

You can try The Bet Plan here:

The Bet Plan

still no improvement yet, small loss of 3 more points

-28.28 points running total

will follow a bit longer

The Bet Plan

The slide continues, a 7 point loss since the last update. new bank :

-25.02 points

I will give this until the end of February, update and re-assess