4ex Pip System

Firstly apologies for the delay in any update but there have been some very valid reasons and work has been ongoing in the background.

The purpose of this test was to see if the system is still working and is still profitable, well the answer to both those questions is yes.

The downside for me has been the fact that it is necessary to be sat at the computer for at least three hours a day; six if you want to do both sessions which is something I simply can’t and don’t want to do.

The original test explained that the optimum times for trading this system is between 07:00 – 10:00 and again between 13:00-16:00. There is good reason for this and is connected with the opening hours of the markets for the currency pairs.

The upside is that the system is very mechanical so if you follow the rules as written then there is no ambiguity in entering a trade. This means it has been possible to look at the historical performance the details of which are below:

January – April

Month       Total Trades     Winners      Losers     Strike Rate         Profit

January          173                    129               44           74.5%               20.5%

February        140                    102               38            73%                  13%

March             173                    127               46            73%                  17.5%

April                 87                      64                23            73.5%                 9%

So as you can see a consistent strike rate if you took all the trades between 07:00 – 19:00. However as previously outlined this performs best during two specific windows so lets look at the performance at different times of the day:

Winners               Losers                Strike Rate                Profit


0700 – 10:00              34                          9                           79%                         8%
10:00 -13:00              18                        10                           64%                       -1%
13:00 -16:00              41                         7                            85%                        13.5%
16:00 -19:00              35                        18                           66%                       – 0.5%


0700 – 10:00              31                          8                           79%                         7.5%
10:00 -13:00              17                         11                          60%                        -2.5%
13:00 -16:00              33                          6                           84%                         10.5%
16:00 -19:00              21                         13                          61%                         -2.5%


0700 – 10:00              32                          9                           78%                         7.1%
10:00 -13:00              36                         10                          78%                         8.1%
13:00 -16:00              28                         15                          65.1%                     -1.1%
16:00 -19:00              31                         12                           72%                        3.5%


0700 – 10:00               12                         4                           75%                            2%
10:00 -13:00               13                         6                           68%                           0.5%
13:00 -16:00               17                         7                           70%                          1.5%
16:00 -19:00               22                         6                           78%                           5%

So to bring those monthly stats together the performance difference can be seen:

January – April            Winners         Losers             Strike Rate               Profit

07:00 – 10:00                      112               30                        78.8%                    26%
10:00 – 13:00                        84               37                        69.4%                     5%
13:00 – 16:00                      119               35                         77.2%                  24.5%
16:00 – 19:00                      109               49                         69.9%                    5.5%

So its quite obvious that the system works best between 07:00 – 10:00 and 13:00 – 16:00 and significant profits can be made despite a very quiet April.

The issue for me then was how to make best use of these six hours a day so I have been put in touch with Arthur and am working with him to hopefully create a bot which can work with a spread betting account (we both use IG ) to place trades without the need to sit at a screen which could be game changer as far as this is concerned. Now when I say “working with “… Arthur is mostly definitely doing all the heavy lifting so I can’t take any credit for whatever he comes up with, nor can I take credit for all the lengthy painstaking back testing which has been done by my son who has a masters in finance and investment and actually loves price action / candlestick charts and who is starting up his own trading product very soon which I hope will be trialled here on Cashmaster.

So to sum up, 4ex Pip System remains profitable but at the moment does require a fair bit of user input, if you can / want or are prepared to give it the time then you can see double digit profits can be made.

I will keep you updated with the progress of automation.

You can get The 4ex Pip System here

4 ex pip system

Apologies for the delay in any update I have had a few issues which have delayed me reporting back.

I will be posting a full update this week and the research in respect of the last 3 months performance has also now been completed so this will be included and is very interesting.

My first observations are that this can certainly make a very good profit the only downside is the fact that you need to be sat in front of a screen for three hours whilst you watch the price action. I have struggled to do this with other commitments but the back performance will give you an idea of how good this can be. If anyone knows a way of automating how to place trades on a spread betting platform through a bot then this would be the way to go. More detail to come when I get back from Easter

4ex pip system

Having seen the review of this system undertaken by Arthur in 2013 I was interested to know if it was still performing therefore I have agreed to review this once again.

Having spend a few days reading the manual and testing the signals I will begin recording actual results from Monday.

I will be testing this on the following markets:


I am also looking back over markets to see how often these signals and entries happen although that back tracking will take a while to complete.

The system is well written and fairly mechanical so everyone should see the same signal and entry candles. You will need to have an understanding of a candle chart and be able open and trade a spread betting account. I am using IG for this test.

I will be using a £20,000 bank which I know is quite large but the risk per trade is 1% looking to gain 0.5% so I will be trading at £10 per point, to achieve this a £20000 bank would be required. Obviously you can use these results on a £2000 bank if you divide everything by 10.

I am looking to profit £100 per successful trade risking £200 each time so the strike rate needs to be good.

Will report back at the end of next week with my first week results.

You can try the 4X Pip System here.

Whale Trading Update

Apologies for the delay since my last update but office moves ran into Christmas, blah, blah, but here is an update for Nov and Dec and my conclusions as I think I have given it a fair run for you to judge if this is for you,

As usual I will begin with the official results from Mark and Cameron:


FTSE 6 successful trades from 8 +3.45%
DAX 2 from 2 +1.42%
ASX 6 from 9 +3.00%
Nasdaq 0 trades 0
Nikkei 1 from 1 +0.87%

Total from November +8.74%

Another good month if you were able to execute all trades perfectly.

My month is quite different and this is due to a number of personal factors which prevented me from watching the ASX at open or taking the expiry, a decision I made some months ago to concentrate only on the higher probability trades and a poor decision coming out of a trade way to early and missing some profit. A lesson for me to trust the high probability trades that I undertake and not to let feelings get in the way.

My November

FTSE 3 successful trades from 3 +0.94
DAX 1 from 1 +0.89%
ASX 0 trades 0
Nasdaq 0 trades 0
Nikkei 0 trades 0

My Total for November + 1.83%

Magnetic Trading Official results December

FTSE 3 successful trades from 4 +3.29%
DAX 2 from 3 +0.46%
ASX 6 from 8 +5.20%
Nasdaq 0 trades 0
Nikkei 0 from 1 -0.88%

Total from December +8.07%

So another good month for the system should you get on everything which of course you likely will not be able to do but still solid returns from the FTSE and the reliable ASX.

My December

FTSE 3 successful trades from 3 +3.58%
DAX 0 trades 0
ASX 2 from 2 +2.00%
Nasdaq 0 trades 0
Nikkei 0 trades 0

My Total for November + 5.58%

So there you have it. Since June/July when I stated this journey I have made 16% profit so I hope to return something well over 20% by June /July,

This has not been easily achieved and there have been mistakes along the way but once you decide how you are going to work the system, what works best for you bearing in mind your acceptance of risk and your lifestyle, I can’t see any way you can not make money with this.

Mark and Cameron are showing profits of 56% since the Whale started in June, now I don’t suggest you will mirror this amount of return, at least not in the first 6 months, if you can then well done but certainly with patience and work this will make you money. There are trades in this that you don’t need alerts for and they are the most reliable trades in the package so once you have bought into it there should be no need to sign up for any year-on commitment. I have not received any information regarding next year and if they intend to charge for the alerts that you get. Depending on the cost will determine if I sign up.

That said we had an alert for the second best trade in the system yesterday which netted 2% profit and I would not have known about it without the alert so we shall see what they decide to do.

Despite the cost this has to be approved because it does work and, like most things, the more effort you put in the more you will get out.

You can get The Whale HERE

Whale Programme

October Results

Once again let me start with the official results provided by Mark and Cameron:

FTSE 5 Trades : 4 wins, 1 loss      +3.8%
DAX 1 Trade : 1 loss                        -1%
ASX 6 Trades : 5 wins, 1 losses   +4.67%
Nikkei 0 Trades
Nasdaq 2 Trades: 2 losses            -0.56%

Total Profit for Oct +6.91%

My results are somewhat different:

FTSE 1 Trade 1Win + 1.25%
DAX 1 Trade 1 Loss – 1.2%
ASX 1 Trade 1 Win +1.98%
Nikkei 0 Trades
Nasdaq 2 Trades 2 Losses -2%

Total for Oct Nil Return

The biggest reason for the difference is the staking on the two failed Nasdaq trades.

I have reviewed the manual provided and think that I overstaked pre market which is an error on my part    ( it would have been a nice win if the trade had worked however )

So my monthly results are at breakeven instead of plus a couple of %age points profit.

This does go to show that some of these trades do not come round very often and when they do it is essential you refer back to the manual to ensure you are operating the trade in accordance with the rules of that trade as they are all different.

Once again both expiry trades on the FTSE and ASX were profitable and they are sitting at 100% strike rate for me since this started.

Nov for me has already started with a winning trade and the ASX and FTSE expiries are this week so hopefully I will add to the profits and Nov will return the 3-5 % I hope for.

I will keep you posted next month. I will continue to post results until the end of Dec by which time I think this will have had a good run for you to decide if you are interested or not and for this to be given a rating.