I’m very happy with the way this bot is going.

I started exactly four weeks ago on the default settings, with a 1% per day profit target. Despite three or four losing days within that period, which apparently is entirely normal, it’s managed to take the bank from £300 up to £359.82, which represents a 20% return in the first month.

Now, of course, £60 profit doesn’t sound much but on a £300 bank, that’s loads. Especially as it’s all automatic. Obviously on a £3000 bank that would be £600 which is what we should be aiming to achieve. I will not be withdrawing any profits at all until my £300 bank has grown past £5000. Let’s see how it does!

Also, today I thought I would run a second bot at the same time, using John’s Fixed Liability plan which he seems to enthuse about. All you have to do is make a copy of your existing ProBet_USR file and double click on the .exe icon in the copied folder. Then you’re running two versions of the bot!

So for this second one I’m starting with a £500 bank and I’m staking to a fixed Liability of 5%, again aiming for just 1% per day. Here’s what the settings look like:

I’ll report on my progress with this one too.

For now though, based on my experience with this bot, I am happy to give this a thumbs up. It is doing exactly what it was advertised to do, namely bringing in a very healthy return with no progressive staking and no big liabilities on losing days. John’s support is second to none too (literally… he makes my e-mail response time seem slow!).

If you haven’t tried this bot then I recommend giving it a go here: