My name is Shawn Michaels. I am a new reviewer so thanks to Graham for making me a part of the cash master team. For my first review I have been looking at Auto Bet System X for around a fortnight. The ebook itself is 72 pages long so, compared to most systems, its fairly long. There is no fluff or filler on how to use Betfair which is pleasing.

The system itself is well presented, and is a good educational tool for someone just starting in backing. However unfortunately that is where the plaudits end. The mechanics of the system in itself are sound and aim to win 10% of the bank daily. Where it becomes slightly confusing is with the various selection methods employed. There is an upgrade available to the system called the “Machine” which rates certain races according their suitability to play in. Certainly this is useful in itself, however an experienced horse racing backer would not necessarily need this. It bears noting that the selections need to be monitored at racetime and are starting price dependent, so this would not suit those with work or other commitments.

Had the ebook been the basic system itself I would have had no hesitation in recommending the system as approved, however the selection methods (of which there are upwards of three) are slightly confusing. I have also been guided by the author, Grey Samuels, advices in making selections and have found these differing from the selections I have used myself and indeed from the results published.

In conclusion the mechanics, presentation and concept that the system is based on are reasonable and would certainly provide an excellent starting point into those looking to expand their betting into horse racing. However the confusion over which selection methods to employ and the clear manipulation of selections by the author make this a neutral rating at the moment.

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