Two weeks on since my last update and not much has changed. My balance has gone back into positive territory, in fact this morning it is at a new high of $272.75, from a starting bank of $200, but as we saw two weeks ago, that could easily reverse any time soon.

I applied for a withdrawal exactly 13 days ago and it’s still showing as ‘pending’ in my account.

I sent them two e-mails via the sites contact form and have received no replies at all. I tried the ‘live chat’ feature two days in a row and it was constantly showing ‘all operators are busy, please try later’.

Then I had an idea… I logged out of my account and tried the Live Chat feature again and immediately got in contact with an operator. My thinking was that they are probably more interested in talking to potential new clients than existing ones… or is that just me being sceptical?

Anyway, I asked about my withdrawal and the operator said that is takes 5-7 ‘working’ days but that she would send an e-mail to accounts to try to speed it up. It’s been at least eight working days now so I’ll let you know if anything comes through.

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