This is a new software from the Winning More stable that runs completely automatically betting on soccer games. This software is a bit different in that it uses progressive staking BUT runs it over ten different tabs to allow for the fact that so many games kick off at the same time. So it’ll bet and if the bet loses it’ll place another bet to recover the lost stake and still aim for a set profit, £1 in my case, in the next available place. If a game is still in play or not settled in one tab it moves onto the next tab and so on, in a Mexican wave style, until it finds a tab with a settled game waiting for the next bet.

The idea seems to be that not only does it allow for betting on multiple games concurrently whilst still running a progressive staking plan, but with the fact that the bets are spread out over ten different ‘cycles’, a losing run on any one cycle should be a lot less likely. There is the ability to move funds from one winning cycle over to a losing cycle too if required by just clicking a button and even though you are only ever using one Betfair account and one bank, the software calculates it all automatically and places bets accordingly.

Well, that’s the idea anyway.

There are plenty of different markets available to bet on and it’s up to you to choose whatever strategy you like to determine a bet. Some suggestions are made of strategies they have tried that have worked well, so for the purposes of this trial I am going to run two separate instances of the bot and try two different strategies to see how I get on.

The first is the ‘Both teams to score, backing the Favourite’ market. I’m backing the favourite only if the odds are between 1.5 and 1.9, five minutes before kick off, with a minimum amount matched on Matched Odds of £3750, and a minimum amount matched on the BTTS market of £500. I’m aiming for £1 profit per game using a £500 bank.

The second strategy is the Over/Under 2.5 market, backing the Favourite with the same odds range and minimum matched on the Matched Odds of the first strategy, again going for £1 profit per game with a separate £500 bank.

If you watch the videos on the web page you can see there are a ton of different options you can test out, including laying too; although I hate progressive staking and laying so I won’t be trying any of those.

I ran these bots on my VPS so there was nothing further to do other than report my results.

Unfortunately both of the suggested strategies I tested broke the bank. After a positive start the Over/Under 2.5 market quickly bombed and I stopped betting after losing 200+ points. The BTTS strategy seemed to be going well at the time so I continued with that one until that too gave back all the winnings plus went into the red to the tune of -245 points before I called a halt to that one.

So how would I rate this bot?

Well, it works very well indeed, betting according to whatever strategy you tell it to bet. The problem, of course, is finding a winning strategy and the two advised that I tested cost me over 450 points.

Based on the results of the advised strategies this would have to be a FAIL, however, I’m aware that you may be able to discover a strategy through experimentation and experience that works well for you and the bot could well be very useful in that case. So if you are the type of person that likes to experiment then this could be for you, but if you want to buy this, set it running to the two advised strategies that I tried and expect to make a profit, I couldn’t recommend it.

I’ll give this one a Neutral rating.

You can find out more here:Neutral