I approached Graham and offered to post an additional one-off review of Auto Bank Builder, herewith.

I offered to do this brief review because I have been using ABB (an automated bot for laying horses) since it’s launch.  It is an excellent piece of kit that does what it says on the tin.  On top of that John Duncan, the service provider, works tirelessly on behalf of his subscribers.  His blog posts are excellent and very informative and have definitely helped me refine the settings on my bot to maximise profits and find the settings I’m happiest with.  If the weather is dodgy he gives his opinion on whether there is cause for concern and from this quality information each subscriber can make an informed decision.

I cannot think of anyone who puts as much effort into providing a (high quality) service as John.  Even if the service only broke even he would deserve a plug for his diligence and sheer hard work.  As it is, the service does much more than just break even and provides consistent, steady profits.

Finally, I shouldn’t neglect Steve who works away in the background to find the selections on which the service is built, nor should I neglect my fellow subscribers who contribute to the blog and give a good sense of community.

Thanks guys!

For anyone who wants a quality laying service, with a good community spirit and a real sense of “not being out there on my own”,  I certainly recommend this one.

If you haven’t tried this bot then I recommend giving it a go here: