I have completed my three month testing of this service which, we’ll see, had a grim first month but picked up half way through. Significantly, the improvement came after tactics changed from doubles bets to singles. Presumably this means that the results before the service was launched didn’t go back very far.

Let’s have a look at the claims:

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Well I’m not convinced about the ‘football genius’ aspect, and I’m not sure there’s a system in place, as opposed to an individual reading through the stats to come up with a few weekend bets. But it does only take 10 minutes at the weekend, and the suggested odds are usually attainable at the bookies or on the exchanges.

You’ll see from the graph that this test began very badly, month one yielding three losing weekends and one break even. The average odds in that first month were 2.37 for the doubles. Many of the bets were double chance (ie, away or draw) and, occasionally, Away win (draw no bet). The average odds for months two and three were 1.77 for the singles, which obviously yielded a better strike rate, but the p/l did dip to further lows in month two before recovering in month three. The effect of this was that month one showed a loss of 11.5 points, months two and three broke even, so the test ended with an overall loss of 11.5 points. However, if we wanted to put a politician’s spin on this, we could point out that the final seven weekends of the test showed a profit of ten points and, indeed, six of the seven weekends were winning weekends. Even so, making £12,043 in 9 months as claimed for the previous nine months looks overoptimistic to say the least (and take into consideration this is a service which used results based on 5 points for every bet until it suddenly changed to 2.5 points per bet in December and the £12k figure is based on £100 a point, so that’s £500 or £250 staked per bet, slightly higher than the £10 we test at!). 

As all stakes were the same points (although they changed those in December, the strategy is not variable staking), I have based my test on one point per bet so that it is comparable to  other services. Really, the only reason we mention an amount staked per point (£10) is only to see if the service is profitable after subscriptions, and since this was an overall loser, that doesn’t apply anyway.

From a practical point of view, number of bets each weekend (most games are Sat/Sun/Mon but occasionally other days) are usually eight (obviously four when they were doubled up) and are sent by email the day before the first game, so no problems getting on, all selections being liquid on the exchanges.

Here are the essential stats from the three month test period.

Profit/loss: -11.52 points @ 1 point per bet

Number of bets: 92

Number of wins: 45

Number of losses: 45

Number scratched: 2

Strike rate: 50%

ROI: -12.521

Average winning odds: 0.74

Longest winning run: 7

Longest losing run: 8

I think the fact that this service changed tactics twice (once on staking, then on moving from doubles to singles) indicates that it had not been given a long enough test before going ‘live’. As an overall losing service, it would normally be easy for me to fail this service. However, if I had started my test seven weeks ago, I would be 10 points in profit, with six out of seven winning weeks, and this puts a different perspective on it; especially since the change from doubles to singles appears to be working. And because there’s a 30 day money back guarantee for subscribers, you could paper trade or use very low staking to see how you get on. Also, the cost is, in my opinion, a very reasonable £15 a month (two pints of pale ale in London!) or a big discount if you plump for a year – and if you’d done that 7 weeks ago and staked £10 a bet, you would now be in profit – I’m going to classify this as neutral. And I would never have thought I’d be doing that after those  first few weeks!

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