This is a horse racing backing service that targets value bets so should, by definition, be a profitable long term service.

Membership costs £39 per month with cheaper options for quarterly and annual subscriptions. Selections are posted in the members’ area at 10.20am-10.30am each morning, and averages 8-10 bets per day, 6 days per week with Sundays off.

It’s recommended to place the bets as soon as they are posted, using BOG bookies, in order to get the best value prices. Placing the bets takes about 10-15 minutes and you’re done for the day.

Since the service targets high priced winners, losing runs are to be expected and therefore a betting bank of 200 points is advised. The average strike rate is 16%.

The website is very clear and easy to use, and there is a handy video for newbies showing you how to get set up. I also found that their responses to questions was prompt and helpful.

As usual I’ve run this as a three month trial initially but due to the nature of this type of betting I’ll probably run it for at least a year to give it a fair innings, as backing long shots can, and does, produce losing months so a long term view has to be taken.

And so, on to the results.

Here’s the profit betting to £10 level stakes since Nov 15th:

Bets: 1119
Successful : 198
Unsuccessful: 921
Strike Rate: 21.5%
Avg Odds: 8.43
Profit: £1,262.70

As expected, this is a profitable service. Looking back at the results since the service started twenty months ago, it’s returned £4,239.40 to £10 level stakes with an average profit of £210 per month betting tenners.

Be aware that the recommended 200 point bank is not an arbitrary figure. The longest losing run the service has had is 36 so if you joined at the start of a losing run like that you could be forgiven for thinking something is wrong… it’s not. Stick with it and you will reap the rewards.

I experienced a higher strike rate during my trial period so it was pretty smooth sailing.

It goes without saying that this service has to be Approved. It targets value bets so it WILL always make a profit over the long term. That, combined with the exceptional customer service and great value price tag, makes this a winner and definitely one you should add to your portfolio.

You can try Back Lucrative here:Approved2