Graham has already posted an update on the nuts & bolts of Bank Builder, so I thought I’d add in my early thoughts as someone receiving the bets directly.

So far, it has all worked exactly as per the sales pages and Graham’s posts on here.

The problem I have with reviewing it is that the staking etc is part of the system as it is sold, so I can’t report in the minute detail I usually like to,

We’re on Cycle 1 at the moment, we’ll stay on that until the intial bank has doubled. The way they work it is to only take on new customers at the start of a new cycle, so if you decide you want to give it a try you need to pre-register your interest to join at the start of the next cycle. You pay £39.95 to join that cycle, and that’s all you pay until the cycle is complete and your bank has been doubled.

They provide the bets via email, you get the selection, the odds available & bookie where they were taken from, and the stake to place based on either £100 or £1000 starting bank. As you are all in the same position at the same point of the cycle (well, within a few quid depending on the odds you could get when you placed your bet) they are able to advise you the exact stake.

We’ve had 100% success so far, all the bets have won and the bank is over 80% up on it’s starting balance. Bets are at the lower end of the price spectrum.

As previously stated, I can’t go into details about the staking method but it’s obvious, from the figures & facts quoted, that it’s quite an aggressive strategy. It is definitely NOT a loss chasing or doubling up after a loss type thing. Losses will hurt, but won’t be fatal. It’ll extend the length of time taken to complete the cycle but they really do seem to be being very selective with bets, we’ve had about 4-5 bets per week so far.

It’s awkward that I can’t publish my usual chapter & verse on everything but I’ll be giving a 100% honest overview of the customer experience with this service.

Initial opinion? Before it started, deep suspicion of the figures quoted. A couple of weeks in and my eyes are slightly less narrowed, it’s all been going swimmingly well and, as a reviewer, I’d quite like to see the real recovery time need after a loss or two, but I’m a happier with it than I thought I was going to be before they started.

I’ll report back every week or so, especially toward, and at, the end of each cycle