I’m starting a trial of Banker Bet Value Picks, a new service being offered by the same people behind Banker Bets. That service was reviewed by, and received a glowing report from, my colleague Dave, you can find his review of their main service here

Value Picks is a service they intend launching as a subscription based business at the end of October. The reason for my posting this introduction so early is that it is a trial you can all participate in, completely free of charge.

They have decided to offer a Free Trial of their new service until the end of October. All you need do is sign up via the link below. They also say that being part of that trial will automatically give you access to the next free trial of Banker Bets. As Dave’s long term review shows, that will be worth having a serious look at.

The trial started today, so you’ve only missed out on one day of selections so far.

You can sign up for the FREE TRIAL HERE

All you need do is click the Free Trial tab at the tiop of their webpage and enter your contact details and you’ll get 3 months of selections completely free. Obviously, I’m recommending you join the trial and I am NOT advising you to back these with real money. Paper trade until you’ve made your mind up about whether you rate their tips or not, it costs nothing to note down the selections & check the results later.