I have a free trial offer for you today from an excellent, low-risk football betting service that I think you’re going to love.

Founder John Baker recently made some significant changes to his award-winning Banker-Bets service, which was relaunched as Banker-Bets 2.0 at the beginning of November.

Initial results have been outstanding with a 25.55% increase to starting bank and 6.83% ROI over the first 2 months since the restructuring, and beginning on February 1st John will be offering his service for free for a full month!

To register for the trial just follow the link below, then click through to the “free trial” page.

So other than the excellent recent results, why do I recommend you try Banker-Bets 2.0?

It’s a highly regarded service that’s been around since 2014 and has been tried, tested and approved by 8 independent review sites, including right here at CashMaster back in 2015.

A detailed written analysis is provided explaining the reasoning behind every single bet, so you’ll know exactly why it’s recommended.

All bets are recorded at the average odds available, not best, so many members are actually able to take in a bigger profit than that quoted in their “official” published results!

And should you decide you want to become a member when the trial finishes, subscriptions are very reasonably priced.

No need to take my word for it though, just follow the link below then click through to the free trial page to try out Banker-Bets 2.0 free for a full month and see for yourself.

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