I reviewed this service 15 months ago, and it was one of the few I have recommended. I have been subscribing ever since, and have had no reason to change that view. When I reviewed it last, the bets were placed in the win markets for football, tennis, American football and basketball. However, John has been dropping some of these sports recently as it became clear that the soccer bets were outperforming the other sports. So now it is a soccer only service.

John operates from some exotic location in Asia. The bets are sent through by email, always with plenty of notice and usually in the morning for those of us in the UK. What you get with the selection is the reasoning behind the picks. Occasionally you will get a win double. As banker bets the odds are always skinny, and so when a losing bet is encountered, it will take 3 or 4 bets to recover.

There is much to admire about the service. It is as transparent as it can be, results are recorded to average available odds – there aren’t many services I know of which do that – and winning runs can be very long indeed (a few around 20).

Cards on the table – in 2016 there have been four losing months on the football-only bets. But that means there have been seven winning months, and overall a 140% increase on the bank. When the losing months do happen, it isn’t too painful because losing runs are short. And this is declared to level stakes. If you use compounded stakes you’ll do better. I know John has some clients who are proper professionals, so 140% of my £1k bank is very nice. 140% of a £20k bank is a very decent tax free income. And the subscription rates are very reasonable indeed.

I would encourage Cash Master subscribers to consider adding Banker Bets to their portfolios.

You can try Banker Bets here:Approved2