17 wins in a row

Looks like I put the mockers on this, as that winning run came to an end last night when Dortmund could only manage a draw!

Here is a response I’ve given to a reader who has seen that this service has not made a profit to level stakes since July:

Banker Bets has made a level stakes profit of 68.5% this year. That’s to level stakes. My bank account has made a profit of 0.01% this year. Of course the risk is higher, but it’s never a huge risk. And John has improved the service since November by dropping all sports other than football bets, which have been by far the most successful.
Banker Bets has a substantial level of pro bettors on its client list, and these are the people who realise what a great return 68.5% actually is.
So I would respectfully suggest that the reason you’re not a pro and they are, is that you are like me and most people: you look at the bad news rather than the whole picture. I know one of the most successful pros in the country, and I can tell you losing an account over two years doesn’t bother him at all as long as he believes in the reasoning behind it. I have blogged many services, and for me this is the one where I feel the safest.

I gave a 15 month update on this service a couple of weeks ago, and since then it has been flying, with 24 wins from the last 25 bets. Normally when you see that sort of result you assume it is a laying service, but not so here. As the name implies, the bets are banker wins on football match outcomes, and usually with a price of around 1.3. I have very often heard it said that you don’t need to pay a tipster to tell you that a 1.3 shot is going to win. If you think so, you should try backing 17 winners in a row. The reason John gets value out of these banker bets is that he does plenty of research – on player availability, head-to-head stats, weather conditions, meaningfulness of the game to the team in question, and much more besides. He also sometimes outlines why he is not backing a team that appears to be an obvious banker.

And if you think the 17 winners in a row is unusual, I can tell you he’s done it plenty of times. Every day he provides selections by email nice and early with all the reasoning behind the pick. And he gives his results to average odds available, which are almost always achievable. The service is as transparent and efficient as it can be.

Having said all that, this will not be for everybody. You can’t sign up today and assume you’ll hit another 17 winners in a row. Because he has losers too. In fact at the beginning of the month, we had a short run of four losers from six bets. This is a long term venture. But if you stick with it and opt for the compounded staking choice, I am confident it will continue in the same vein.

I would encourage Cash Master subscribers to consider adding Banker Bets to their portfolios.

You can try Banker Bets here:Approved2