I will be starting a trial of this brand new service on 1st January.

Although it is fiendishly difficult to decipher from the title, this is in fact an Over 1.5 tipping service offered by the long established betting brand, Banker Bets.

They are offering an entirely free trial of the service, right from its launch on 1st of January through to the end of February.

They claim a strike rate north of 85% during the 4 months of testing they conducted before launch.

It’s going to be an interesting ride as the staking plan they suggest is very aggressive. It’s basically just a 10 point bank, and they strongly suggest a ratcheting element, where you increase stakes as the bank increases but do not drop down after a loss, you just stay on the same stake until your bank start to grow again. I’d call it….. brave? I’ll be keeping track to level stakes as well, so we shall see how it pans out.

You can sign up on the link below and receive all the selections free of charge up until the end of February, I’ll be reporting back here every couple of weeks so you can track it that way too if you prefer.