This week I stopped receiving selections, and a quick email confirmed that the trial had ended. Tad early, I like the trials to be a little longer, but I’ll go with the information I have.

Published by SureWin, Bankers and Jackpots “seeks to give you steady profits through strong win singles bets…whilst pothunting for gold with ingenious multibets”.

The servce costs £39 per month, or just shy of £88 per quarter, and for that you receive an email at around 9 a.m. with the selections and stake plan. Often, there is a “banker bet”, followed by four selections to bet as a Lucky15 accumulator (4 single bets, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 four-fold).

I have been recording the results using the odds advised in the email, without BOG, and for the Banker bets to BSP with 2% commission deducted. In writing this I have just realised that my weekly summaries were wrong as I included the accumulator singles twice, oops!

66 Banker bets, with 19 wins for a profit of 1.09 points, or £10.90 using our standard £10 per point. -21.99 using Betfair (-£219.90) so this appears to be a bookie only service. The accumulators cannot be placed on exchanges anyway, and returned 19.51 points (£195) largely due to a ‘full house’ 284-point win on 27th July.

A £200 profit covers the subscription costs but isn’t enough for me to hand out an approved rating; at 28.8% the performance of the Bankers could have been better too. But profit is profit so a Neutral rating it is then.

You can get Bankers and Jackpots here.