Final review

Basketball Geek is run by the Betting Gods stable, and of all the betting agencies this is one I’m most comfortable with because of the excellent way it is run; efficiently and transparently.

That, of course, doesn’t always mean that the services within the stable would be recommended on Cash Master, they also need to be consistently profitable.

Basketball Geek has been producing tips to Betting Gods since November 2019, and has averaged a profit of 18+ points per month since then. I have been following the service for three months, beginning in June, to see if he can maintain that success.

The tips are sent through in the early morning in the UK for games played around the world. It must be noted that several of the bookies quoted prices are unavailable if you live in the UK, and no doubt in some other countries as well. A lot of them are the newer internet-based bookies who only accept deposits from some of the e-money transfer companies like Neteller and Skrill, and punters using these services would have to factor in the additional costs involved. Also, I couldn’t get the odds, or even the markets sometimes, on Betfair. Having reported this in the blog, however, I received this useful advice from Cash Master subscriber Gerry:

If you wait say half hour before the game starts and check on Betfair, often things change. Sometimes the over points drop with the same odds, which of course is in your favour. It gives you an idea of how the game might go. Betfair are obviously getting updated info on the teams. I think Betfair have the most efficient odds compared to bookies. I know for a fact a lot of bookies wait till they see what Betfair odds are.

Bet365, Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral are oft cited bookies for the required prices.

August did not fare so well as the first two months of the three month review, but still ten points profit which at £10 stakes is not to be sniffed at. There was an uncharacteristic and frustrating downturn which began at the end of July, shown clearly in the graph. However, this 20 point losing run recovered impressively enough that the trial showed a profit in all three months. The ROI is not huge but at around 120 bets a month you are kept interested.

The three month trial finished as follows:

Bets: 515 (discounting void bets)

Strike rate: 47.56%

ROI: 8.462%

Profit: 44 points

I have plenty of confidence that this tipster knows his basketball, and he often doesn’t go for the obvious short priced bets, with average odds above evens. If you decide to sign up, I reckon you’ll be in safe hands. Happy to approve this service.

You can try it here