Beat The Binaries will be closing on Tuesday so I’ve got some FAQ’s for you today.

11 Tricky Questions About the Beat the Binaries Forex Trading Strategy

If you’ve already secured access to Neil Leitch’s Beat the Binaries – congratulations!

But if you haven’t had a chance to take up the risk-free trial, I just thought I’d give you some extra information to help you come to a decision before the deadline for applications on Tuesday.

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Remember, with Neil’s strategy you don’t have to watch trades live or worry about stop losses. Instead you can follow a very simple 2 minute process at times that suit you – to find and place a trade. After that you just walk away and get on with things.

Inevitably, for something that has proved so popular I’ve also had a lot of emails from people wanting more details.

So what follows is a collection of the most frequently asked questions along with my answers. (If I have missed one of your questions, feel free to email me).

“I’m new to trading, would this suit me?”

Yes! What makes Binary Options and the Beat the Binaries strategy so exciting is they simplify the way you find and place trades. Because there are no complex indicators, stop losses or profit targets, you can quickly learn the strategy (a few hours at most) even if you have never traded before.

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“I work during the day, can I still trade?”

Absolutely! Another great benefit of Binary Options is the markets can be traded from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday. And because you only have to spend around 2 minutes to find and place each trade it doesn’t take up much of your time.

“I don’t want to sit at my PC for hours watch charts!”

I don’t blame you! Beat the Binaries was designed exactly for people – like you – who want the thrill of trading but don’t have the time or patience to be at their PC for hours. Using the ‘relaxed’ approach set out in the strategy, you only need to check the charts for around 2 minutes to find and place a trade.

Here’s how it works:

On the hour (at any time between 8am and 9pm), you go online and check a VERY simple chart for a certain signal.

This signal will simply indicate whether the market is likely to move UP or DOWN over the next hour.

If it appears, you enter a trade. It’s very quick and takes minutes. You can then forget about the trade, as it will close automatically.

If the signal isn’t there you simply walk away and come back when you have time to check for another.

There are plenty of opportunities every day. And because it only takes minutes to check, it never demands much of your time.

You don’t even have to check the chart precisely on the hour – the magic of this type of trading means you have plenty of time to take action.

(If you fancy a more active approach and want to trade more opportunities, Beat the Binaries can also be used on the 5-minute charts.)

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“What size trading bank can I start with?”

With Beat the Binaries you can start with as little as £24 and stakes of just £1. Of course it will take you some time to see your overall bank grow to a decent size, but if you are ultra cautious this is a great way to build your confidence.

The recommended bank is just £200 – far lower than you would need if you were spread betting Forex.

And the great news is that the recommended broker is offering to match up to £200 of your initial deposit.

“How much will I risk?”

First off, by following the Beat the Binaries strategy you never risk more than 5% of your total bank.

The great thing about using Binary Options is that your maximum risk is your stake. So if you stake £20, then all you can lose is that £20 and no more. Compare that to spread betting where your risk can be unlimited or is triggered by a stop loss.

“What kind of returns can I expect?”

Before you enter a trade you’ll see exactly how much you stand to make – this can be anywhere from 90% all the way up to a 200% return. And your risk is never more than what you stake.

Yes, some binary brokers do offer lower returns, but the broker we recommend is highly competitive and currently offers the best odds we’ve seen.

Beat the Binaries

“What’s the strategy’s strike rate?”

The strike rate has been independently audited and showed a 63.56% win to loss ratio over the testing period. Based on these audited results and an average return of 105% per winning trade, a £200 bank would have grown to £411.50 – a net tax-free profit of £211.50 in just 6 weeks.

Even better, you can actually get the binary betting company to match that £200 and so take your starting bank to £400. And so, with a bigger bank you can increase your stakes.

While you still only invested £200, your bank would have grown to £823 – a pure profit of £423 (and that’s excluding the bonus).

To find out how you can use the power of compounding to increase your bank quickly, click here

“Do you make money from broker commissions?”

Unlike some system creators we do not make a penny in affiliate commissions from recommending any Binary Options brokers.

Why? Because the only way to make a commission is if you lose!

To me that’s just plain wrong – our aim is to help you make money, not lose it. And that’s why we do not have any affiliate relationship with the brokers recommended in the strategy.

“What is the refund policy?”

We feel strongly that you should have enough time to trial the strategy without committing yourself. So you have a full 30 days in which to try out the strategy. If for any reason you are unhappy with the strategy you can notify us and receive a full refund.

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Now please don’t laugh at the next question. It’s genuine and several people have asked me this:

“What happens if I start making so much money that the broker closes my account?”

What a wonderful problem to have! Call me cynical, but that does seem to me to be a glass half empty kind of attitude.

First off, don’t you think it might actually feel quite good to be banned from a broker for winning? It would mean that you are consistently making big returns – the kind of gains that would make most people very happy indeed!

And ultimately, this wouldn’t stop you making money from Beat the Binaries: for those people who do find themselves in this kind of enviable position, Neil has alternative platforms you can use that are just as good.

Beat the Binaries

“Will this strategy always work?”

And the answer to that is – I haven’t a clue!

To be honest, if anyone knew when a certain strategy was about to stop working (or indeed when a strategy would definitely work), they would have great understanding of the market than anyone else in the financial world.

So all I can say with confidence is that right now Neil’s Beat the Binaries strategy is working exactly as predicted, with the audited strike rate being matched and in some cases exceeded by users. Just take a look at some of the testimonials below by users.

Remember, you have a 30-day risk-free trial and ability to paper trade at times that suit you, so don’t you think it is worth proving to yourself?

I hope so and am extremely confident that you could see the same kind of returns enjoyed by current users.

Beat the Binaries

There is one BIG drawback: Beat the Binaries will be closed to new students after Tuesday 21st May. So to guarantee your risk free trial just click on any of the links in this email.

Here are just a few of the recent Beat the Binaries ‘fan emails’:

“I’ve only recently started to trade….and am amazed at the results so far. It’s only been a week and my win rate is over 70%” Phil Young 14/5/2013

“Beat the Binaries is the only Forex system I have come across that actually works. In the 6 weeks or so that I have been using it I have been successful in 60-70% of trades, just like Neil said I would. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and support from Neil is second to none. I highly recommend it.” Vernon 03/05/13

“7 out of 7 winners yesterday and 6 out of 8 today. Really love the 5 minute binaries, but as you say the 1 hourly is more relaxed. Really enjoying the system, keep up the good work.” Samuel Fry 11/04/13

“…following your great advice, a steady improvement last week has been followed with a 76% strike rate so far in this and I’m currently on a 10/10 consecutive win rate!” Martin Simmons 12/04/13

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