I have some good AND bad news for you today…

We recently recommended Neil Leitch’s Beat the Binaries – a trading strategy that took a very different approach to profiting from Forex.

It proved incredibly popular with readers. And more importantly, the profits enjoyed by those using the strategy have been consistently impressive.

Here are just a few of the recent ‘fan emails’:

“Beat the Binaries is the only Forex system I have come across that actually works. In the 6 weeks or so that I have been using it I have been successful in 60-70% of trades, just like Neil said I would. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and support from Neil is second to none. I highly recommend it.” Vernon 03/05/13

“7 out of 7 winners yesterday and 6 out of 8 today. Really love the 5 minute binaries, but as you say the 1 hourly is more relaxed. Really enjoying the system, keep up the good work.” Samuel Fry 11/04/13

“…following your great advice, a steady improvement last week has been followed with a 76% strike rate so far in this and I’m currently on a 10/10 consecutive win rate!” Martin Simmons 12/04/13

With Neil’s strategy you can use binary options (rather than the traditional spread betting) to make a great tax-free income in just minutes per day.

Take a look at Neil’s online report and you’ll discover:

• Why it only takes 2 minutes to find and place a trade and you know in advance EXACTLY how much you stand to make (and how much you risk)

• How you can use it ANY time from 8am to 9pm, Monday to Friday – you can dip in and out at times that suit you

• Why your winning trades will pay out a minimum 90% return (although you’ll find the most between 100 – 200%!)

• Audited proof of how you could have turned a £200 starting bank into £823 in just 6 weeks.

• How, within 3 months of reinvesting your profits, you could start to pull out £2,000 per month tax-free!

• Plus a way to automatically double a £200 starting bank

Full details here along with loads of the latest testimonials PLUS independent audited results.


Now for the bad news…

Due to a serious family illness, Neil has been forced to limit the number of people he can take on and train to use his strategy.

It means Neil will no longer take any new students after 21st May and for the foreseeable future.

If you want to guarantee you get a place make sure you click on the following link in this email to secure your risk-free trial.


Now let me explain why in more detail because I think it’s important you understand the decision.

Anyone who has worked with Neil knows he’s obsessed with over delivering when it comes to support and customer service.

He goes way beyond what most of his peers offer.

This has given him an enviable reputation as one of the ‘good guys’ in Forex trading circles – so not only does he have a strategy that works, he genuinely cares about helping you to become a successful trader.

But now, he has been forced to by circumstances beyond his control …

Neil’s brother-in-law (a tetraplegic) has become seriously ill after a heat attack and has been hospitalised. The upshot is that Neil’s wife has to spend a lot of time supporting her brother during his recovery.

This leaves Neil to take over parenting duties with his 2 pre-school children.

Now anyone who has looked after small children will know that it is challenging to juggle a full time job AND family. And this is why Neil has decided to – temporarily at least – close the doors to new students from 21st May.

Of course, Neil continues to support his existing students but due to the huge popularity of his Beat the Binaries strategy, he knows that he can’t take on much more hence his reluctant but necessary decision to stop training new people after 21st May .

To make sue you can try out this proven (and extremely easy to use) Forex strategy, risk-free, just click on the link:


As ever, I am personally underwriting the 30 day guarantee which will give you more than enough time to try out the strategy – especially as you can trade at any time between 8am and 9pm (Monday to Friday) and only have to spend 2 minutes finding and placing each trade.

Remember, the doors to Beat the Binaries are closing at midnight on 21st May. After that any applicants will have to go onto a waiting list.

So to avoid missing out click here now: