Following my first post on Beat The Market I’ve had some feedback from the programme owner that I think is worth commenting on here. Firstly, the website at Beat The Market does not provide monthly performance results as he believes that users are discouraged when (and of course this does happen) there is a loss in a specific month. The point made though is that if the market is down 10% on the month and Beat The Market is down just 5% over the same period then the actual system performance has been good. And I agree that this approach should be the way investors need to view any system performance.

Secondly, the point was made that no stock is chosen because a dividend payment is due and performance figures do not include any of these figures. I was perhaps a little unclear on this point in my post so am glad to make clear that dividend payments are an additional return that do not figure in the reported returns for any individual stock.

So, on to the weeks performance. Things have been fairly quiet since I made the initial report and the current balance on the account has decreased by $146.90. The performance mirrors the weakness in the S&P 500 over the recent period as trading has been fairly light.  As the main holiday season is coming to an end I’m expecting things to become busier soon.

Date: Ticker Symbol: No. of shares: Buy price: Sell price: profit/loss: running bank: %increase/decrease in bank

Thu 15-Aug: CCL: 20 shares: $732.80: $737.80: $5.00: $7455.13: 6.50%
Wed 21-Aug: AMGN: 7 shares: $787.70: $737.78: $-49.92: $7405.21: 5.79%
Wed 21-Aug: CELG: 5 shares: $687.90: $674.20: $-13.70: $7391.51: 5.59%
Wed 21-Aug: GILD: 12 shares: $712.60: $692.12: $-20.48: $7371.03: 5.30%
Wed 21-Aug: OKE: 14 shares: $704.50: $709.50: $5.00: $7376.03: 5.37%
Thu 22-Aug: ALXN: 7 shares: $771.84: $734.56: $-37.28: $7338.75: 4.84%
Fri 23-Aug: AMZN: 2 shares: $594.82: $581.42: $-13.40: $7325.35: 4.65%
Fri 23-Aug: CSX: 29 shares: $734.70: $731.83: $-2.87: $7322.48: 4.61%
Fri 23-Aug: MET: 15 shares: $747.40: $728.15: $-19.25: $7303.23: 4.33%

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