We are now 10 weeks into this trial and I think the results are testament to a system that, whilst rather ‘plodding’ in pace does fairly consistently produce winning lay bets which was the original claim for the system.

Herewith, this weeks losing (winning bets) lays :

4/11/2011  +£27.71

6/11/2011  +£58.05 (2 selections)

START BANK : £500 / Current balance : £669.14

LAY Strike Rate : 87.5% (48 selections / 6 winning)

The PDF Proof for this system that was made available just prior to  general release of this system – shows strike rates as follows :

Year / Wins/Runs/Strike Rate

2003 31 152 80
2004 23 154 85
2005 34 170 80
2006 18 118 85
2007 39 168 77
2008 26 150 83
2009 21 136 85
2010 24 153 84

As you will see from my earlier postings for this trial  – the strike rate has remained pretty consistent throughout and is in keeping with the historical results shown above.

For those of you wanting frequent daily betting opportunities, sadly this is not the option for you. If you want something to run in the background of your portolio I would recommend this as a sound investment.

There are few laying systems that I have come across that offer a strike rate in excess of 80% (where the stake liabilities are not sky high).

If the trends continue, (and from what we have seen from these results thus far), there is no reason at all why they shouldn’t – this will be a system that will be worth running as a ‘backstop’ to some of your other systems , the 5% rolling staking plan  building the bank reserves at a reasonably steady pace.

However you will have to add your name to the waiting list when more places come available as Sam McCallion closed the doors not long after the initial release of his system and shut they have remained, whilst he evaluates whether the additional numbers using this system affect market pricing and liquidity. If you add your name to this list he will send you a Simple Laying System (free of chrage) for your trouble, you cant say fairer than that.

The system was available initially for a one off payment of £57 – but there is no telling what the pricing will be when and if the system comes back onto the market. The system rules, such as they are pretty basic, with no in depth form analysis required  at all.  For this price, perhaps you may feel a little cheated but I am sure most would see this as a drop in the ocean when you figure that the price of the system could be covered in your first few bets.

In summary, I have no trouble in giving this system, a solid ranking thumbs up  (which is a first for me!).  If this review has captured your interest I strongly suggest that you pop over to the website now and get your name down on the list for the next wave of places  if/when they become available.

You can get Beaten Females here: