If you’ve ever used a racing service before, you’ll know that it’s doing well if it’s making you 5-10 points profit a month.

Most have up and down months, so some months you win money, other months you lose money, and the hope is that over the course of a year you can make 50 to 60 points profit.

Do your own research and you’ll see this is the norm. In fact most racing services struggle to even make that.

But then there’s Beaumonts Bets.

If there was ever a racing service that could break the mould, it’s this one.

Paul aims to make a profit each month of at least 24 points using just an 80 point bank. That means, if he achieves this, you will get a return of 30% on your bank each and every month. If you were to reinvest part, or all, of your winnings the growth on the bank is staggering.

But Paul hasn’t been achieving 24 points a month. This is what he’s done for the last four months:

August: 88.98 points
September: 95.55 points
October 117.69 points
November: 97.10 points

Total: 399.32 points

As you can see, he’s averaged 100 points a month, on an 80 point bank.

Using his Back/Lay 75% method, where you lay off 75% of each bet before the off, you generally only risk a quarter of one point per bet too.

So if you were betting in £50 stakes (£12.50 at risk), the profit since August is £19,966.

Twenty grand for four months work. And I do mean work too, which is why this won’t be for everyone. Just like having a job, you have to make sure you are ready at your computer every morning from 10.30 until 12.30, with only a couple of tea breaks in that time.

If that’s too much effort then this won’t be for you, and you would be better off getting a job that pays more than that for two hours work a day. (Good luck with that!)

Now for the bad news.

Paul’s service has, understandably, become quite popular. Check out the testimonial page on the site and you will see there are a lot of very happy campers.


There is a downside to becoming too popular and that’s the effect it will have on the bookmaker prices with too many people backing the same horses at the same time.

Paul does this for a living, along with a group of like-minded individuals with the good sense to follow his lead. So he is not going to do anything to jeopardise this for himself and his members.

In light of this, Paul has been keeping a very close eye on the bookmaker prices and feels he may well be coming close to an optimum membership level. Once this level is reached Paul will be closing the service to new members and will set up a waiting list for anyone else wanting to join. From then on, a place will only be offered if and when an existing member leaves, and this will be on a first come, first served basis.

Currently there are a few places left so if you’ve been sitting on the fence wondering if this is for you then now would be a good time to give it a try. The first month’s subscription is fully refundable if you try it and decide it’s not for you.