The web page states “Probably the most profitable tips you’ll ever use”.

The reality is “Definitely the most profitable tips you’ll ever use!”.

Since my last update it’s had two more profitable months making it one whole year with an astonishing profit of 786.45 points on the Back/Lay75% method which works on an 80 point bank.

Here’s the totals with the monthly percentage profits in brackets:

August: 88.98 (111%)
September: 95.55 (119%)
October 117.69 (147%)
November: 97.10 (121%)
December: 55.10 (69%)
January: 23.10 (29%)
February: 45.37 (57%)
March: 36.39 (45%)
April: 40.91 (51%)
May: 69.82 (87%)
June: 62.34 (78%)
July: 54.10 (68%)

Total: 786.45 points profit using an 80 point bank.

That’s a 983% return in one year and an incredible £39,322 profit at £50 stakes.

The back lay 75% system has very low draw downs meaning that a small bank of only 80 points is needed and that was never stretched at all during the year.

Those that prefer even higher profits simply back each selection without laying it off. A higher bank of 200 points is required to do this and it’s been known to have a loss of 100 points in one week, so it’s more of a roller-coaster ride but certainly more profitable too.

Results for the year, backing only, were 1341.12 points which is a clear profit of:

£67,056 to £50 level stakes.

In March Paul introduced a new variation to the Back/Lay75% method which is proving even more profitable as it can be operated on just a 50 point bank. That variation made 34.88 points (70% return)in March, in April it made 33.78 points (68% return), in May it made 72.87 points (146% return!), June was 36.71 points (73%) and July 27.7 points (55%).

If you ever wondered if it were really possible to make a living from horse racing, then here’s the answer. £67,000 profit, tax free, for working from 10.30am – 12.30pm, and then taking the rest of the day off.

Can’t be bad can it?

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